They Weren’t Kidding About That Flood Warning

There’s a flood warning in effect until late on Sunday, and for good reason. On 97th and Riverside on Sunday afternoon, some drivers made literal waves as they drove down the block, as seen in this slo-mo video by Gimo Nasiff.

Be careful out there!

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    1. Judy Harris says:

      This happens every time there is heay rain or snow melt, but no one ever goes after the source, which is the sewer drains. Are they never cleared out?

      • your neighbor says:

        Spot on Judy.
        Yesterday’s rain didn’t create any havoc anywhere in the neighborhood except in the spots where rain always causes problems.

        Incredible that nobody can actually repair these very few spots.

    2. Cyrus says:

      I went through this intersection as well and there was a small white Smart car parked at the end of the block around that corner on the right. Wheels completely hidden, water up to the doors. I’m sure the owner had quite a surprise when they came out to their car. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t any water damage to it.

    3. Via says:

      I’ve lived on that corner for 45 years. It’s been happening since I moved in. No amount of work done has any effect.