Morning Bulletin: Monument Questionnaire, Famed Arts School in Turmoil, ‘Stranger Things’ Marketing

Photo by Lynn Austin on Broadway and 107th Street.

October 30, 2017 Weather: Windy and sunny with a high of 57 degrees.

“An Activist History of the Upper West Side” at St. Agnes Library and more local events are on our calendar.

Have an opinion about monuments in the city? Everyone seems to! The mayor’s task force is soliciting opinions from the public.

The NYPD is hiring part-time crossing guards.

La Guardia High School
on 65th Street, which is famous for music and arts programs, is shifting too much focus to academics and cutting art programs, some music teachers say in a petition. “Piano and guitar classes have been slashed, and courses on jazz, Bach, and orchestration and conducting have been lost, teachers say. Once boasting five full symphony orchestras and three symphonic bands, LaGuardia is down to two of each. A flute ensemble no longer exists. The DOE countered that Mars has added courses such as audition prep, pit orchestra and music recording.

A couple loved the apartment in an (unnamed) Upper West Side building, but were freaked out by the overwhelming mothball smell in the hallway. What to do? “‘Walk away,’ said Daniela Sassoun, an associate broker at Douglas Elliman. ‘Even if it’s a great apartment, it’s just not worth it.’ Consider yourself blessed: You still have all your money in your pocket. You’re not writing me after you’ve spent six months holding your breath while you wait for the elevator.”

And the show Stranger Things appears to be doing a viral marketing campaign in the neighborhood. Photo by Rob Kudyba:

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    1. olskool says:

      Dept. of Soulless

    2. Samantha says:

      I know that dog. That’s Baa Baa. (At least, I’m pretty sure…) Adorable photo!

    3. Bobby says:

      loved how Stranger Things handled the Barb story line in season 2. Bravo

    4. adami says:

      the real problem at La Guardia HS is CLASS SIZE. Every class has 30 plus kids.