A giant inflatable balloon landed on 72nd Street and Riverside Drive on Sunday, drawing gawkers to the block. The spot where the balloon was placed is around the corner from the Riverside Boulevard buildings that Trump started developing decades ago (some of have since taken his name off the front).

This appears to be the handiwork of John Post Lee, a New York gallery owner who worked on the design with artist Jeffrey Beebe. It has also been placed in front of Trump Tower and in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC. It was funded through a Kickstarter and Lee has gotten permission to place it on public land before, according to the Washington Post.

“Lee says that Trump Rat arrives strictly as tall satirical commentary of a president whom the gallery owner calls ‘the ridiculer in chief’ — a man he believes exploits racism and science denial for self-serving political gain.”

Priscilla Greene, who took the photos above and below, says she talked to the man who was setting  the balloon up.

“I asked the guy why he put it on this intersection and he said it was convenient,” Priscilla wrote. “He wasn’t able to get a permit from the Parks Dept to put it on the other side, near Eleanor Roosevelt so he put it there because in the street or sidewalk he said you don’t need a permit.”

The neighborhood has seen pro-Trump displays too, including a truck that drove through the UWS in March.

We’ll update this if we hear more…

Correction: We initially had the wrong first name for the creator of the balloon.

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    1. Look forward to this new entry to the Macy’s parade!

    2. Brie Hoffman says:

      What a bunch of fools and hypocrites.

    3. Jean says:

      So it’s convenient to block streets and sidewalks, like they’re not congested enough?

      • Bootes says:

        Do you live here? This is not really street nor sidewalk, it’s former street which was narrowed to slow cars down. It’s mainly used nowadays by illegally parked taxis whose drivers are visiting the mosque right there.

        The display is not impairing anyone’s ability to get around.

        • Mitchell Hall says:

          It was Trump who outraged the neighborhood in 2004 when he got the city to permanently close the 72nd Street ramp from 9A (AKA Westside Highway) closed to accommodate his building plans.

          • Woody says:

            Losing that exit ramp was an insignificant event and nothing to be outraged about. Only four cars per minute used it during rush hour according to studies that were done at the time.

          • robert says:

            Actually no.
            As part of the deal to put up those buildings he was required to connect the new parkland south of 72nd street to the existing riverside park. To do so the crumbling 70 + year old ramp needed to be replaced so that access could be made under it. Self appointed community activist sued he to stop him from replacing the existing ramp as they like the way it looked. The courts and the city sided with Trump. And use there is now a new modern metal and concrete ramp there in use today in place of a ruble stone, in bad repair and functional obsolete one.

    4. LaAndre says:

      This is disgusting. What if someone did the same thing 6, 7 or 8 years ago with Obama with a fro, wide nose, big white eyes, fat lips,
      Fake gold jewelry (40 or 50 lbs just around his neck), in a cheap matching jogging suit and a pimp hat? Take it down you ignorant moron you are insulting all white men with your bullshit!

    5. Chris says:

      How would everyone like a Obama rat ?
      Have respect he is president if you like it or not. Senator Schumer is about to raise everyone’s taxs and take your city and state tax deduction away so a rat looking like him would be more like it.

    6. barb says:

      The mosque doesn’t care?

    7. Camille says:

      Love it!!!! Trump has shown only poor judgement and no respect for the majority of the people he’s supposed to be representing. 👍 Thumbs up to the artist!

    8. Wendy says:

      it doesn’t really look like Trump (facially speaking) but I love it anyway. That’s a very quiet intersection, so only people who live around there are going to see it. To the person who asked what if someone had done the same thing when Obama was President? ~ well, agree with his policies or not, Obama treated everyone with respect; something our current Rat-in-Chief doesn’t feel a responsibility to do. Show no respect, get no respect… hence balloons like this… on your home turf. (Trump is reviled by most New Yorkers).

      • Scott says:

        I guess letting in millions of undocumented, many with criminal records, bugging everyone inside and outside of government, siccing the IRS on political opponents and drone bombing weddings and funerals across the Middle East = treating everyone with respect. Interesting.

    9. Bob Lamm says:

      Do we really need to take time to explain why one member of the U.S. Senate can’t raise taxes? Especially when that senator is a Democrat yet Republicans control the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House. Can the West Side Rag give out U.S. government textbooks to readers? 🙂

    10. UWSHebrew says:

      Arrogant liberal losers. So low-class, such vile filth. I have my issues with this POTUS but the lack of respect is gross.

      • OriginalMark says:

        If you insist on respect, you need to give respect.
        Your double standards never cease to amaze.

      • UWSLiberalandProud says:

        You’re obviously living in the wrong neighborhood if you think liberals are “vile,” “arrogant,” and too “low class” for you.
        Personally, I find Donald Trump more tacky and low class than any liberal I’ve ever met living in this great neighborhood! And far more arrogant than any other person on earth….

        • UWSHebrew says:

          you’re projecting UWSLiberalandProud, as I obviously was directing my derision at the people who put up this balloon. But thanks for telling me the neighborhood is not for me AS IF I CARE what YOU have say regarding where I choose to live. Quick Rachel Maddow is on, go and watch your favorite “newscaster”!

          • Chris says:

            The west side was much nicer before all the open boarder liberals moved from the east side. My building has gone from friendly to folks that’s can’t even say good morning over the past 20 years. I am sure they did not vote for Trump like I did. He is a flawed candidate by HRC was even more of a joke.

    11. Patricia says:

      There should be more rat Trumps placed everywhere possible tomorrow to the UN

    12. Mel Stone says:

      Those of you saying have respect, as if he has respect for others, get over yourselves. Besides, Obama NEVER behaved like an infant.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Yes, all Obama did was racially inflame the country “That could of been my son”, inviting Sharpton and BLM to the White House numerous times, calling ISIS the “JV team”, and making numerous “red lines” statements that made the USA appear weak, and releasing $Billions$ to Iran. Worst. President. Ever.

        • OriginalMark says:

          You have a point.
          Trump’s twitter habits make America appear strong. Good thing we are regaining our respect around the world.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          UWSHebrew: Biggest. Racist. Ever.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Oh gee Bernie called me a racist for loathing Obama. Shocker. “Liberal”. HA!

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              UWSHebrew: it is impossible to read your postings without concluding that you harbor an obsessive, almost compulsive and phobic hatred towards Blacks and Hispanics as a class of people. And you can’t seem to go more than a day or two without expressing this bias in your comments.

              I suppose it’s possible that your contempt for Obama has nothing to do with your race prejudice. But it’s very unlikely.

        • Zulu says:

          Everybody is entitled to their wrong opinion.

        • GG says:

          Oh right, I forgot, it was Obama in the wrong there…not the cop that wrongfully shot and killed an unarmed black kid.

          Once again you have shown us the way, UWSHebrew.:) You got some chutzpah, amigo!!!

          And by the way, your boy Trump just pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio and has had dudes worse than Rev. Al over to the White House. And Rev. Sharpton is as despicable as it gets.

    13. Lyri Clark says:

      This is Trump. The truth hurts and so does he. Until he goes we suffer humiliation around the world and indignities here at home. His election was a sham and we have a non-functioning government.a linguist has said “he gets a narcotic enjoyment out of belittlement”…our country has never looked more ignorant ….he must be impeached.

      • Independent says:

        a linguist has said “he gets a narcotic enjoyment out of belittlement”

        And just who would this linguist be? Is there a reason you did not name him?

        If it’s Noam Chomsky, then I have to wonder whether you’ve ever quoted any of the MANY scathing criticisms that Prof. Chomsky has made of Democrats, including Barack Obama and both Hillary as well as Bill Clinton.

    14. AC says:

      An offensive or disrespectful remark at either a Democratic or Republican President, is an attack on the Presidency of the United States. Nothing wrong with disagreeing on principle, but one’s voice is best heard come election times.

      Country before Party!

    15. Christina says:

      LOL! Love it! Don Rat!!!

    16. Independent says:

      What an eyesore! How much longer will this visual affront deface the area? (The dogs, trees and sky in the photos provide a much-needed antidote of beauty.)

      Artistically, it’s an atrocity. Politically, we already know what such types think of the President. Does anyone think that an inane display such as this is going to influence anyone’s view of the President?

      Note that even in cases where the subject of ridicule is someone I have no use or respect for, I have little patience for this type of self-indulgent shtick.

      The Confederate Flag image on the sleeve is just too stupid to warrant anything beyond pointing-out its stupidity.


      • alice swan says:

        This is what immature children do when they don’t get their way. Meanwhile, these are most likely the same UWSers whose stock market balances continue to increase at a rapid rate since the President took office.

    17. alice swan says:

      Why did they give him Barack Obama’s ears? And why Hillary’s two front teeth.

    18. OriginalMark says:

      Trump tweeted a doctored video of him swinging a golf club and hitting Hillary Clinton, knocking her over.
      But the Trump Tribe of Victims and Whiners will continue to insist that he be paid the respect consistent with his office.

    19. GG says:

      Regardless of who is in power, Democrats or Republicans, there will always be idiots who act like children and do stupid and offensive things that the overwhelming majority of people disagree with.

      I never thought one of those idiots would actually BE IN the Oval Office though.:) God help us!!

    20. Kathleen Treat says:

      How Ab Fab! Looks just like him. Thank you!

    21. Kindly Dr. Dave says:

      The positioning of this Trump rump is very appropriate. This intersection is exactly opposite one of Donny’s debacles. He deliberately blocked the windows of the westernmost (non-Trump) apartment building on 72nd St. by getting as close as his attorneys would allow to the building when he put up his MacStronsity immediately west of it on 72nd. Neighbors remember his contempt for the area and for their health and civilization. Sort of a precursor of his current universal contempt for all that is not ME?

    22. Smithe says:

      More immature and divisive behavior by a group of people who didn’t get their way. Your first mistake is thinking the rest of the country sees things like the “enlightened and intellectual New Yorkers” you think you are. You live in a bubble and are vastly outnumbered as the election clearly proved. Start trying to unite people; or would you rather continue to play this game for another 4 (or 8) years? To what end?

    23. drg says:

      I thought WSR had a moratorium on comments on political news pieces…
      Seems like a pointless exercise for all concerned.

    24. Cintra says:

      Comical, lol

    25. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      Probably the only people who appreciated this grotesque creation were Progressives, who already hated Trump to begin with. Though I wonder if even Progressives are getting sick of the incessant whining and complaining about Trump? After the election, they acted like the world was coming to an end. And they were completely wrong.

      If the Republicans stay focused on jobs, regulatory and tax reform, economic growth, national security, and rule of law, they will coast to victory in 2020. The only downside is that we’ll have to listen to the whining from the “resistance” for 8 years.

      • Mark says:

        I agree with you!
        And he had a point when he said that there were good Nazis. Liberals will admit this in private.

        • Independent says:

          That’s pure libel. The President said no such thing, ever.

          There were some individuals with Nazi symbols at the Charlottesville event that you are obviously referring-to. We don’t know how many and last I checked, it remains an open question as to whether or not they were planted by Leftists with the intent to discredit the Right.

          To say that the Official Narrative on all of these topics is terribly tendentious and distorted would be an understatement. For getting some balance to it, this page would be a good place to start.

          Kindly Take Note:
          – By no means are all White Nationalists or White identitarians Nazis. (Nor even “White Supremacists”, at least not in the sense that the term is commonly used, to refer-to whites who would oppress and persecute non-whites).

          – Accusations and smears from the usual suspects notwithstanding, none of the Dissident Right views I embrace amount-to wishing harm upon anyone merely on the basis of such accidents of birth as race or national, ethnic or religious background.

          • Mark says:

            I agree with you Independent!
            Those Nazis and white supremacists and KKK people were probably planted by the Left.

    26. Sean says:

      The rat should be insulted. Only a deplorable would be offended by this.

    27. Hillary4Prison says:

      Right in front of a mosque.

      Ps. He is your president.

    28. Howard Freeman says:

      Was this balloon made with sustainable or locally CL sourced materials, and what’s its carbon footprint?

      Just curious.