A city Department of Environmental Protection truck fell into a hole near the intersection of 96th Street and Central Park West on Saturday morning. We’re awaiting word from the department on whether anyone was injured and how the incident happened.

Thanks to Susan Brodie for the photos.

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    1. Erica says:


    2. EricaC says:

      It will be hard for the City to claim they don’t know about that pothole now.

      • Upper West Side Wally says:

        The roadbed just gave way, creating a hole. There was no pothole for the city to claim they nothing about.
        But let’s blame BdB anyway, for good measure.

        • EricaC says:

          Sorry, I was being facetious. Years ago, I broke my ankle in a pothole on fifth avenue at rush hour. I still remember looking up and seeing the headlights of the cats poised to start up and run me over, before a crowd of young teenagers came over and helped me to the sidewalk. I was amused to learn that you can apparently sue the city for your injuries – but only if they have previously been notified of the existence of the pothole. And there was apparently a website you could go to in order to list the potholes you see so the city would have to be considered to have been notified. So, I was thinking, this one wouldn’t have to go on any website because the city would have to be aware of it now.

          (I didn’t sue, btw, or find out whether that website actually existed.)

    3. Pedestrian says:

      But we need that money for developer’s tax breaks! Or to fly the mayor to his gym!

    4. Phoebe says:

      BTW Does anyone out there know what was up with the ambulances and the bus blocking the road near the 72nd and B’way subway station Friday evening?

    5. ScooterStan says:

      Q. How many NYC D.E.P. workers does it take to move their truck out of a hole?

      A. 22…2 to move the truck and 20 to stand around and watch.

    6. Ground Control says:

      It was another major water main break that weakened the ground very quickly, and the truck which was there in an attempt to find the break literally just sunk into the road when it collapsed under it. The road around it heaved up in parts where it rose up to meet the level of the sidewalk. Water main break around the corner on 97th Street less than 6 months ago.Crumbling infrastructure or what??
      But Mr. Mayor keep those 60 and 70 story towers coming cause its good for the city-just not for its residents!

    7. Mark Moore says:

      They were probably investigating a leak, and they found it.

    8. Ira Gershenhorn says:

      Ah. The finger pointing! If the hole was caused by a water main break its a DEP issue. Potholes are normally DOT issues. So after DEP fixes the water issue. DOT will have to repair the roadway. Will the two agencies be able to coordinate this?