Scott Matthews shared with us his photos of Cathedralhenge, the phenomenon where the rising sun lines up perfectly with the statue of the Archangel Gabriel at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine when viewed from Scott’s apartment. Thursday would have been the best and most perfect day, Scott said, but it was overcast; he got shots on Wednesday and Friday that worked pretty well too.

Unlike Manhattanhenge, you only see this phenomenon on this day from Scott’s apartment. They are in reverse chronological order starting from Friday.

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    1. How very, very beautiful! Thanks very much to Scott and the WSR.

    2. Phoebe says:

      Wow! I remember the one from last year; I even recall forwarding it to someone who lives over on the LOWER EAST side!

    3. Upperwestsider says:

      Beautiful photos; thank you for sharing, Scott and WSR.

    4. Carol says:

      Fabulous and uplifting!