nypd 24th
The 24th Precinct.

By Pam Yoder

A top official at the 24th precinct detailed recent crimes in the precinct, which stretches from 86th Street to 110th, at a community council meeting last week. But first he had to explain a sudden change in command.

In a surprise turn of events, the Commanding Officer of the 24th Precinct, Capt. William Burke, took early retirement and is no longer the CO, said Lt. Matthew Bases, the long-time Operations Coordinator for the precinct.

Lt. Bases told the attendees at the monthly community meeting that there should not be cause for concern. “Simply because we don’t have a commanding officer at this time does not mean that we are not functioning properly. On top of having a full staff of supervisors in regards to Lieutenants and Sergeants, this is the Boro, so they are the parent command for all the commands within Manhattan North, so we have an Inspector, who is overseeing our precinct now, and was at one point in time, he was actually the C.O. of the 20th, so he’s very familiar with the precinct functions so it’s not as if we’re a ship without a rudder.”

Deputy Inspector Michael Falcon, formerly the commander of the 20th precinct, is overseeing the 24th Precinct in the interim.

“Like I said there’s a couple of names in the hopper, so we’re ready to go at any moment.” said Lt. Bases, who then went into the details of the latest statistics:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 6.08.25 PM
Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 6.08.35 PM


A District 3 Transit Police Community Affairs officer updated the council on activity at the stations in the district: 103rd , 96th & Bwy, 110 St & CPW, 103rd & CPW, 96th & CPW.

In the 28 day period: 1 crime – pickpocket 110 St on B and C train, approval in the room: “That’s great… That’s a miracle…”

Grand Larcenies – YTD 5, Cellphones mostly at 96th. So far great work, we have a new C.O. his name is Kenny Perez. (


Police Officer Guzman reported on 3 major issues in 28 day period:

  1. There’s been a rise in criminal mischief in vehicles from CPW to Manhattan Ave, 96th to 100th Street. Don’t leave info like driver’s license, tax documents, credit cards. “Their whole apartment is almost in their vehicle!”
  2. Make sure to get your bike registered. There’s been an uptick in thefts on Columbus Ave 97th to 100th St.
  3. Mail fishing is a Boro-wide problem. Use a Uniball 207 pen which does not was off the check. More crime prevention tips here:

24th Precinct Community Council
President: Tom Burnett
Vice President: Oscar Rios
Recording Secretary: Lois Hoffman
Treasurer: Robert Josman
Corresponding Secretary: Lucille Michele Donte

Meetings: The precinct council meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the 24th precinct station house. The 24th Precinct Community Council has 370 members and regularly features a guest speaker who addresses different community concerns. The 24th Precinct Community Council has been very successful in bridging the gap between the Police and the community.

151 West 100th Street
New York, NY  10025
Tel:  (212) 678-1811
Fax: (212) 678- 1839 

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    1. john says:

      It is only going to get worse with all the protest on the west side.

      • Christina says:

        John… Hate to break it to you… Protests have gone on for many, many years on the Upper West Side and has little or no effect on crime! So please don’t blame the protesters right to freedom of speech and the right to congregate!

    2. Bruce Bernstein says:

      no murders in 2016 or 2017 to date in the 24th precinct! We live in one of the safest areas of any large city in the country.

      does the Mayor deserve any credit for this outstanding result? if this happened under Giuliani (and i doubt it ever did), some of our regular commenters would want to make him Emperor.

      • saul says:

        het bruce ,you sound like bull deblasios agent

      • lynn says:

        So getting beaten and robbed is ok as long as we’re grateful to the mayor not to be murdered, lol?

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          no crime is ok, especially to the victim.

          but you live in one of the safest areas of any large city in the US. i just want you to realize that.

          the UWS is much safer today than it was in the Giuliani era.

          would you know that from reading the comments on WSR?

    3. Maryjane says:

      I don’t remember the last time I saw a cop car cruising my block, used to see them all the time…but then a gain that was way back in circa 2016.

    4. PT says:

      did not hear any info on the missing children in the 90’s. I have a young daughter and would like to know the outcome of the missing children.

    5. che says:

      Wondering about what happened with perp #11?

      11 individuals
      7 arrested
      3 at-large
      1 ??????????

      “The 28 day period is up in felony assaults, +266%, which in real numbers is 11 vs 3. To-date 7 of these 11 individuals have been arrested, 3 are still at-large”

    6. Jimbo says:

      As a former cop in this city do not be concerned about the number of murders.It’s the robberies and burglaries you should be worried about.

    7. Jimbo says:

      Maryjane–you do not see police because most cops are afraid to take action.They have a mayor,Ms Melissa Mark-whatever and others in city hall who are all anti-police.Most cops want to do their 8 hrs, and go home in one piece.CAN YOU BLAME THEM.Take it from someone who knows.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        we see this kind of posting frequently, usually from right wingers.

        You think you are insulting and attacking De Blasio and Mark-Viverito. You are not. You are actually insulting and attacking the NYPD and the rank and file cops.

        what you are saying is that most NYPD cops are incredibly unprofessional, and not into doing the job they were hired to do.

        From my interaction with rank and file cops, I don’t believe that this is true. I believe most — the vast majority — are professional and are dedicated to their jobs.

    8. Howard Freeman says:

      Crime complaints up; arrests down.

    9. jimbo says:

      Hey Bruce–I am not saying cops do want to do their job—THEY CAN’T DO THEIR JOB—take it from me–it does not take long before you realize that for the most part you are ON YOUR OWN—you are walking on egg shells–and that was years ago–the present NYC higher ups will hang a cop out to dry in a NEW YORK MINUTE.

      • GG says:

        Yup, former LEO here. 100% correct.

        Bruce just wants to believe his version of the facts sooooo badly. He is zealous…i’ll give him that.

        Abandoning cops seems like the go-to PR move of all these politicians in NYC and that has repercussions on the streets and in our communities.

        • Ben David says:

          Bruce Bernstein: false. He doesn’t talk to cops. He doesn’t work with cops. What the department stats don’t show is how many crimes are NO LONGER reported, because the cops don’t want to bother with chasing shoplifters and “minor muggings.” This is the legacy of de Blasio, including taking away the right of police to stop + question suspects. No more. Not worth the cops’ jobs to be accused of profiling. Bad and getting worse.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            Ben David and some of the others just repeat falsehoods over and over again. And this is dangerous, as people start to believe these falsehoods.

            Ben David said:

            “This is the legacy of de Blasio, including taking away the right of police to stop + question suspects.”

            Seriously? the cops don’t have the right to stop and question suspects? this is ludicrous and not even close to the truth. in fact, it is a childish slander.

            Ben David said:

            “What the department stats don’t show is how many crimes are NO LONGER reported, because the cops don’t want to bother with chasing shoplifters and “minor muggings.””

            What you are doing again here is attacking the police force. it is their JOB to catch shoplifters and muggers. any cop who “doesn’t want to be bothered” with this is unprofessional and should be off the force.

            maybe there are some small percentage of cops who take that attitude. i don’t believe it is more than a very small percentage.

            it is interesting that those people above who are intent on slamming De Blasio — because they just can’t stand that he ended the overt racial profiling — end up making the rank and file cops look unprofessional.

            racial profiling was a disgusting practice, a blight on NYPD, something reminiscent of the Jim Crow South. While there still are problems with race on the force, we should be glad that this is gone. As New Yorkers, racial profiling in police work does not reflect our values.

            • GG says:

              So, we are all racists and you speak for all New Yorkers?

              Got it. Thanks Bruce. And you guys wonder why people put that orange menace in the White House.

    10. Jimbo says:

      My final word—DO NOT PRETEND that you know the deal on this issue until you walked in my shoes—500 felony arrests & 2 shootouts—