The runway in the backyard of 51 West 83rd Street, used in America’s Next Top Model.

Neighbors were shocked when a catwalk showed up in the backyard of a townhouse on West 83rd Street last year. And a model has now acknowledged the story we first broke: that TV show America’s Next Top Model was filming on the otherwise quiet block near Central Park — and sometimes keeping the neighbors up.

“We were rowdy,” said Paige Mobley, a model from America’s Next Top Model. “We were partying, we were walking. It was so much fun.”

When it was being filmed, staffers on the set wouldn’t talk to us about what was going on, and the production manager never got back to us. But Mobley talked more openly last week with Ralphie Aversa, a radio host and entertainment reporter (also an Upper West Sider) about those wild nights.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      fascinating, hard-hitting, and important reporting.

    2. wombatnyc says:

      why is this news

    3. Mark says:

      It’s New York, there’s noise. Moving on now.

    4. john says:

      What’s not news about a brownstone full of young hot models?
      This is more of a eastside anomaly so its a big deal on the Westside.

    5. Niccolo says:

      Well I found this interesting, as a fan of the show. Thanks!

    6. Ralphie says:

      Thanks Westside Rag! This will probably go down as my favorite comments section ever lol.

    7. Mal Evolente says:

      That wasn’t the place with the acute and recurrent bedbug infestations, was it?

    8. Bea Serious says:

      Because the topic has a significant impact on world economies and peace throughout the known world, I am surprised it was not picked up by The New York Times, CNN Breaking News, Reuters, etc.

      • Yaka Tori says:

        Yes, but what about the “unknown” world? Doesn’t this important story apply to all worlds? Why would you not think the unknown world would want to know?

    9. Laura says:

      That’s one damn tiny catwalk.

    10. Me says:

      There goes the neighborhood