maoz smashed
Workers examine a smashed window at Maoz (the photo mostly shows the pizza restaurant next door).

Mother Nature was angry today and sent vicious wind gusts of over 60 mph to punish humans. It appears that the wind was so nasty, it smashed a glass window at the Maoz falafel restaurant on 71st Street and Broadway.

A manager there said that employees were in the restaurant when they heard the window smash. None of them saw what happened, but the only apparent explanation was that the wind caused the damage (perhaps because an object hit the door).


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    1. zeus says:

      Sorry for the monetary damage.
      Am sure it’s insured.
      What I am more sorry about is the low quality of the falafel sold there.

      • geoff says:

        Unless you meant to write “Saddened to read about the monetary damage.” and “I hope it’s insured.”, it appears as if you caused it!

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      thanks de Blasio

    3. HarrySnapperOrgans says:

      We never had winds like this under Giuliani or Bloomberg.

    4. Bob Lamm says:

      The falafel also got worse once de Blasio became mayor. In fact, falafel all over New York City became worse once de Blasio became mayor. 🙂

    5. Jerry says:

      But look how difficult it is to enter the pizza place with the lowest prices on the upper west side (and don’t say it’s bad pizza – you get what you pay for [including free refills on your soda], and there are no dollar slices in the neighborhood). True fans will walk over hot coals (or shard glass).

    6. Sherman says:

      The picture is very misleading. It looks like the pizzeria had the smashed window, not Maoz.

    7. NYYgirl says:

      Was very scary outside! So glad everyone was ok in this store above! I was on a bus going up 3rd Ave around 10:30 am yesterday & I was astonished to see a scaffold up on the back of a building (since it was halfway up I’m assuming that there were workers on it) whose front was on the south side of 79th st off 3rd towards Lex. Who does one report this to? 311? DOB? My 1st instinct was 911 with those kind of wind gusts! Unbelievable!

      • Diane says:

        Any idea what time this happened?
        I was walking by that strip of stores at about 2:30PM yesterday and it was dangerous. With the slightest of wind, there are always dust devils of litter on that wide sidewalk. Yesterday we had tornados… really bad,…got hit in the forehead (no damage to me!) with a large soda cup (probably from the pizza place). By the way….love that pizza…thin crisp crust, not too much tomato sauce, could sometimes use more cheese. What I hate about it is how loud it gets…the guys behind the counter are yellers!

        • UWSHebrew says:

          You should know this pizza store “Little Italy Pizza” is a chain — they have one in Penn station, one just outside Penn station, and another on 92nd and Broadway. I like the pizza too, the bread is very chewy and they put breadcrumbs under the crust. Not enough cheese though sometimes. All the workers are Egyptian (at every location), so the yelling is left over from the Middle East. The garlic knots are good too, as is the spinach slice.

    8. Candice says:

      wish there was a like button for some of these comments