Private school applicants all over New York City – including those to newcomer BASIS Independent Manhattan – are facing a busy February as admissions notifications are shared and a child’s next school is decided upon.

If you’re still thinking about what’s next for your child, there is good news. While BASIS Independent Manhattan is busy getting ready for a landmark year, hiring teachers and hosting community events for new families to get to know one another, the school will continue to accept applicants for its inaugural class for grades K-8.

Why consider the new Upper West Side School? BASIS Independent Manhattan is distinct from other private schools in more ways than their well-rounded, enriched liberal arts and STEM curriculum (or their lower tuition).

Both teachers and students are held accountable for a child’s academic progress. Students even help evaluate teaching candidates. Why go to such extent to ensure the students and teachers are compatible? Because of their challenging curriculum, they only recruit teachers who love teaching and have deep content knowledge—those who can inspire students to become creative problem solvers.

Students at BASIS Independent Schools are encouraged to “own” their own education. The supportive culture lets students flourish and surmount challenges previously thought unreachable, and BASIS.ed students outpace U.S. peers by 3 years in math and 4 years in science. Even better? Their students develop a love for the process of learning, of trying, even failing, and learning how to pick yourself back up again.

BASIS Independent Manhattan joins the family of BASIS Independent Schools campuses – in Brooklyn, Silicon Valley, and in Northern Virginia – this coming fall with grades K-8. Learn more about upcoming events and online application at

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