silver moon
A sign at Silver Moon Bakery. Photo by Jimmy Taber.

A bakery and two restaurants will close on Thursday in solidarity with immigrants who want to send a message to the Trump administration about its stance on immigration.

Silver Moon Bakery on 105th and Broadway let customers know with a sign on the register that it will be closed as part of the nationwide “Day Without Immigrants” strike scheduled for Thursday. Jin Ramen at 82nd and Amsterdam posted on Twitter that it too would be closed.

Land Thai Kitchen at 81st and Amsterdam is also closing.

And the Blue Ribbon restaurant company, which owns The Ribbon on 72nd Street near Central Park West will be closing all some of its restaurants, company partner Eric Bromberg told Eater. Update: Not all Blue Ribbon restaurants will close. The Ribbon is actually going to be open, a company rep told us.

“This is not a casual decision,” Bromberg says of the closings, citing the financial impact it will have on the company and staff. “But there are times in life when money isn’t the most important thing.”

Staff started discussions on Monday to assess how many employees would not be going to work. Those absences, as well as the company’s support of the cause, led them to the decision to close. “We stand 100% behind our employees — whether they are immigrants or born in America, back of house or front of house,” reads the group’s statement. “When employees who haven’t missed a day of work in nearly 25 years come to you and ask for a day off to march against injustice, the answer is easy.”

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency arrested 41 people last week in raids in New York City; ICE said 38 of them had criminal convictions, although the agency did not detail the nature of those convictions, according to Politico.

A study (using data from more than a decade ago) indicated that more than half of dishwashers and one-third of chefs were undocumented.

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    1. Tim says:

      “undocumented” = illegal and “enhanced interrogation” = torture. When we start using the appropriate (albeit un-pc) language, then we can address issues more pragmatically.

    2. David says:

      Illegal aliens are those who come to this country ILLEGALLY! That means that they are in this country, contrary to the laws of this country. The United States welcomes immigrants, and always has, IF they follow the rules of entry, and come here according to the law! What is so difficult to understand here?? Either we are a country of laws…..or we are not! Isn’t THAT what we were told over and over and over again by these very same liberals supporting legal aliens during the Watergate crisis?? They were soooooo in favor of following the law then……..but not now apparently!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        THANK YOU David!

      • Zulu says:

        Maybe in your world everything is as simple as black and white.

        • H says:

          For the most part it is black and white. The one caveat is when children are brought here by their parents as they are often in a state of limbo through no fault of their own. Or children born here of illegal immigrants. Those two issues are the only particulars that would warrant a debate and are not so black and white. But as David stated, we are a nation of laws or we are not. I’d perhaps disagree with the need to build a wall. The better options are to enforce laws against employers fro hiring illegal immigrants and cut off any social programs and stop providing free health and education. Remove the benefits that bring illegal immigrants here and you solve the problem. Streamline the legal path to entry for law abiding people and that is how we continue to be open to immigrants.

          • Zulu says:

            Streamline the legal path you say? There are basically only two ways to immigrate into the US through a legal process:
            1. Immigration based on family: spouse, son, brother/sister, parent.
            2. Employment basis: a company has to file for you. Normally these visas go to professionals and college degree holders.

            There is a third way and it’s related to asylum seekers, and as such you have to proove that your physical integrity or life is at risk in your country of origin. Also, once you’re awarded asylum you may NEVER go back to your country of origin or you will risk loosing your legal standing.

            So if you’re an uneducated, unskilled and poor immigrant looking to make a better life in the US through hard work you’re SOL if you’re going about it the legal way.

            Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:

            • H says:

              That very well may be true and perhaps we need to add other options for entry that is manageable and sustainable. But to continue the status quo like it is not a problem is just obtuse thinking and what has created the Brexit situation and Trump becoming President. That is what happens when people deny for too long that problems exist and immigration is not even the biggest problem this nation faces but it is an easy target but to do nothing about it or push it down the road for the last4 decades is asinine.

            • Independent says:

              NOTE TO ALL READERS: In the quotes below, I have highlighted misspelled words by placing them in bold-text. Please read on to understand my reason for pointing-out these misspellings. Thank you.

              Also, once you’re awarded asylum you may NEVER go back to your country of origin or you will risk loosing your legal standing.

              In a subsequent comment in this thread, Zulu wrote,

              Much like the coal miners getting upset about loosing their jobs,

              That’s twice, so far, in one thread that Zulu has misspelled losing. I point this out not because it actually affects any of Zulu’s arguments (which it does not) but rather because of a recent comment in a different thread by “Ish Kabibble”. In response to a comment by a different poster that contained merely one instance of the same misspelling (“loose” for lose) but was otherwise no less well-written, substantive, civil and on-topic and appropriate for the thread it was made in than Zulu’s comments were in this thread, Mr. Kabibble wrote,

              when you cannot even spell “lose”, it’s difficult to take you seriously. In other words, don’t be a LOOSER.

              I don’t know whether or not Mr. Kabibble has followed this thread but I have to wonder whether, if he had, he would single-out Zulu for censure over the very same misspelling– two instances of it, no less– that Mr. Kabibble had so singled-out the other poster for a single instance of.

              The apparent difference, of course, being that by all appearances, Mr. Kabibble in all likelihood agrees with Zulu or at least finds Zulu’s comments considerably less objectionable than the individual who had the honor of being singled-out for censure by Mr. Kabibble. Unfortunately, as countless examples attest, this kind of double-standard (along with any number of others) is hardly unique to “Ish Kabibble” nor has it been at all rare here.

            • Zulu says:

              In spite of the slight embarrassment for being called out for misspelling ‘losing’ I appreciate your posting. This is mostly because I will unlikely misspell that word again.

              There is certainly a double-standard when it comes to these hot issues. It appears the offenders are most definitely on both sides of the argument. As someone said in a post a few threads back, if we were talking face to face we would all choose a much more civil and polite language.

    3. Bruce Bernstein says:

      how come you are willing to refer to undocumented workers as “illegal aliens” but you are not willing to refer to the employers who hire them as “illegal employers”?

      which includes a very large percentage of UWS residents who hire cleaning ladies, or who have workers do repairs and construction on our apartments?

      i guess we all should be “illegals.” or most of us.

      • mc says:

        Bruce, you hit on a great point. There are no real penalties for employers. Up until recently, both democrats AND republicans have both loved illegal immigration. Republicans because of cheap labor and the business lobby (especially construction and home building) and the democrats because of the votes. Heck, Deblasio actually implemented an ID card for NYC residents so that illegals could vote. I am sympathetic to those immigrants who are here already. We allowed them in, incentivized them actually, for our own selfish interests. Even though they are here illegally, they should be allowed to remain in my opinion. But maybe we should have a conversation about whether allowing more to come is a good idea. Let’s focus on getting inner city youth employed in meaningful jobs first. What is going on in the inner city poor makes me sick. They get no help whatsoever, and I can’t imagine that inflows of illegal immigrants willing to work for so little is helping their cause.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          fyim the ID card was not so undocumented could vote. they cannot. Why do people buy into such myths?

          it is so they can establish banks accounts and do other similar things.. and have an ID card to show if they are stopped by the police.

          • Scott says:

            Why do people buy into such myths?

            Gee Bruce, could it be because the head of the NYC Board of Elections was caught on tape saying illegal immigrants are bused around the city to they can vote?

            And that their “municipal IDs” are part & parcel of the Democrat vote fraud scheme?

            Or could it be because Obama was caught on tape basically telling illegals they could vote, and wouldn’t be caught?

            And who are the people who fight hammer & tongs to prevent any sort of ID being required at the voting booth? Democrats.

            But heaven forbid we actually take these people at their word.

            Let’s just pretend everything is on the up and up at our polling stations, I guess.

            • dj says:

              Absolutely, Scott! Voter fraud is a huge problem, but Dems pretend otherwise because it benefits largely them. The Department of Investigation conducted a probe (link below) into 63 instances in which people remained on the voter rolls but who should have been removed (due to death, felony convictions, etc). Undercover agents impersonated those 63 individuals (easy to do when you don’t have to show any form of ID), and 61 were able to vote! It goes to show the extent of problems with the security of our voting system, and how easily illegals (and others) can easily scam the system – and thereby dilute the votes of legitimate voters.

              As they say, Democrats are the corrupt party (for obvious reasons), Republicans the stupid party — because they’re too stupid to recognize and fight the corruption of the Dems. But fortunately, Donald Trump is a different kind of Republican! I for one hope he makes good on his promise to fight voter fraud.


            • Mark says:

              You don’t provide a link that shows that voter fraud is actually happening on any relevant scale.
              As usual – lots of drama and “feelings” but no evidence.
              Do you work with Ms. Conway?

            • Scott says:

              DJ, I doubt the Carlos Slim Times or the Clown News Network will be interested in that story. Just repeat Vlad Putin 1000 times a day and that pesky voter fraud story should get buried alongside Jimmy Hoffa.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              i looked it up. your source on this is Breitbart and that guy O’Keefe, who has been discredited.

              if you want to believe that, i guess that is your right, but you are falling for right wing propaganda.

              you can examine registration lists. they are public domain. if people registered were undocumented, don’t you think it would be found out? you can go look at the named and addresses.

              and look at the voting result tables. heavily immigrant districts have tiny turnouts.

              finally, how could they bus people from one district to another to vote? that doesn’t make any sense. the people would not be registered in the districts where they are bused to.

            • Scott says:

              Discredited? By whom? Salon? Snopes?


              Two things:

              1) The guy’s on tape saying these things. This is what’s known as indisputable.

              2) De Blasio immediately called for his resignation.

              Now why would De Blasio do that if the tape was “fake news?”

              Also, why are you asking me to clarify the words of the head of the NYC Board of Elections? I don’t know the ins and outs of voter fraud. That’s the domain of leftist groups like ACORN. Why don’t you ask them?

        • Zulu says:

          “Let’s focus on getting inner city youth employed in meaningful jobs first.” -mc

          For the record, all the jobs listed in the table below are meaningful jobs. There is nothing preventing inner city youths from applying and getting these jobs. You’re argument is nothing more than a red herring.

          • mc says:

            Zulu, you don’t listen. Tens of millions of people who are willing to work for next to nothing DEPRESS WAGES and the people who get hurt the worst are people from the inner city, especially inner city youth. You can go on and on about how they really don’t want to work, but I’d bet anything, just based on your attitude, that they are harder workers than you. People with attitudes like yours often never work an honest day in their lives – hence the out of touch views.

            • Zulu says:

              I understand you’re upset, but your reprisal is misguided.

              Much like the coal miners getting upset about loosing their jobs, there is no sense in arguing about wage depression. Commercial demand for coal will never be the same as it was 30 years ago and minimum wage for dish cleaners will never happen. Even if illegal immigration is curtailed and the majority those here are deported, a restaurant owner would sooner be forced to close than he or she will be able to afford to pay his or her staff competitive wages. The industry will make a shift to adjust and a lot of restaurants will have to close and the jobs they provided will go with them. People will prepare more home cooked meals because eating out or ordering in will not be affordable any more. At that point wages may rise some but at the cost of many jobs.

              I don’t claim to fully understand the plight of inner city youths, but I can tell you that demonizing illegal immigrants will not do much to better their situation.

    4. mc says:

      I’m going to go to Japan tomorrow and live there and insist that I have a right to live there after my visa runs out. When the Japanese authorities try to deport me or detain me, I will stand up proudly and insist on my right to live there. Wish me luck. I always wanted to live in Japan.

      • Independent says:

        Your point is most valid, though I am not sure why you chose Japan for your example. True, that nation is known for having a highly restrictive immigration policy– one that allows them to remain one of the most racially and ethnically homogeneous nations. But wouldn’t a better example to use for the point you were making have been Mexico or one of the middle eastern nations included in the President’s Executive Order? For, unlike Japan, those are nations that have been flooding us with immigrants, with impunity, an attitude of entitlement and contempt for our laws and sovereignty.

      • MQue says:

        I’m Japanese and I can’t even get a Japanese passport. I always use this as an example but people still dont get it. I will join you on this trip.

    5. mc says:

      I’d really like to see a real poll of how poor people, especially blacks, feel about statistics like 1/3 of construction workers in the city are here illegally. With such high unemployment among poor people in this city and among black youths, I can’t imagine that they are very excited about the prospect of continual and significant inflows of cheap labor from people outside of our country. Does anyone consider the impact on wages that illegals have on the depression of wages? We are told that illegals take jobs nobody wants, but perhaps if illegals were not in the country to take these jobs, these same jobs might actually pay more and become attractive?! I find it very hard to believe that black youths in this city wouldn’t be interested in a nice construction job. I know I would. We have large amounts of unemployed poor people in this city and we aren’t even allowed to discuss the impact of illegal immigration on wages. What is sad about our country is that this issue has totally become political, much like everything else. You can’t even discuss it – throughout this whole mess, nobody has ever even discussed the impacts of illegal immigrants on our country and our country’s poor. I’m all for immigration, but lets first make jobs readily available to people in our inner cities, is that too much to ask? Get inner city poor youth unemployment down to acceptable levels and provide some hope to those same people and THEN start thinking about allowing more people in the country from outside.

      • Zulu says:

        I get your point, now I’m going to state mine.

        Somebody that crossed the border under very dangerous conditions, without knowledge of the language, with no network to speak off, under educated, un skilled and no safety net can out perform inner city youths or any one else, it speaks volumes for what kind of people we have become.

      • John says:

        I totally agree but liberals do not like to talk about that issue

      • J says:

        Please watch a vice episode dedicated to this issue if you can. A small city in the south with farming-driven economy wanted to deport all the illegals. So they left to live else where. Now, the farmers thought they could replace them with cheap prison labor but guess what, these guys didn’t give a shit about working and farmers didn’t do very well that year (Surprise!) the city economy suffered bcz if this. It’s very simple.

        if the young youth wanted to work, they are more than welcome to get jobs that are done by “illegals” and will be able to keep them if they work hard. But let’s be honest–do you know of any of these guys who want to be janitors, dishwashers, bus boys? A lot of them think it’s below them.

      • Lisa says:

        I can not speak for all African Americans (blacks) but I can speak for myself. African Americans understand how it feels to run from oppression! Study Harriet Tubman. We understand that many of the brown people that are now benefiting from the civil rights struggles that we lost our lives for look down on us as under achievers. Unfortunately they are now experiencing what we have experienced for the last 400 years in this country. They are experiencing what the Hattian refuges have been experiencing for the last 30 years in our country and now in the Domincan Republic. We look at the murder and mass incarceration of our children for the last 20 years and it reminds me of something I read at the Holocust museum. ” First they came for the Socialist, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a Socialist.
        Then they came for the trade unionist , and I did not speak out-Because I was not a Trade Unionist. then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me , and there was no one left to speak for me.
        African Americans survived the Great Depression because we had nothing and no one cared. No one has cared about the genocide of the the last 20 years. All of the present madness started with African Americans and now it’s just moving on. To answer your question- My grandmother told me that during the Great Depression we had nothing so we missed nothing!

        • Independent says:

          “No one has cared about the genocide of the the last 20 years.”

          What genocide would that be?

          • Lisa says:

            Start with the documentary 13 on Netflix. Then read about the cdc and the MMR vaccination causing autism in African American boys and the research proved it and it was kept secret. After that read about the 88,000 children coming to NY public schools from homeless shelters everyday, then read about how HIV is consuming the African American communities and HIV patients are being left on the streets with no support. Then read about how African Americans are being killed in record rates by the authorities and nothing is being done. Read about how the psychological effects of stop and frisk on African American women in New York has shaped our response to the NYPD. As sad as it may seem the only thing Donald Trump has said that I understand is ” What do African Americans Have to lose” . I have never seen it so bad! When you finish looking at the genocide,let me know and I will send you the rest. The real problem is no ones cares until it is them. All Lives Matter!

      • Independent says:

        You raise a most salient and germane point, mc. In the past, both a number of prominent Black leaders as well as a number of prominent labor leaders recognized the detrimental effects that unchecked immigration had upon their constituencies and favored restrictionist immigration policies. Such figures include Barbara Jordan, Coretta Scott King and Samuel Gompers.

    6. Jane says:

      Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!

    7. Janet David says:

      Good for those stores that are closing. I’ll be sure to supporting them

    8. UWS-T says:

      Obama deported 3 million people. George W deported 2 million people. This is media hypocrisy at its height combined with scare tactics

      • Zulu says:

        Yes, but Obama deported mostly criminals and established a much needed deportation hierarchy that prevented families from being split up and streamed line the process. Hence the efficiency and numbers of people that got the boot out of here. It is for a reason he earned the term “Deporter in Chief”.

        What this administration is doing is indiscriminately raiding homes and businesses. Honest and hard working families are being ripped apart for no good reason.

        • Zeus says:

          In 2013 Obama deported more than 430,000
          Illegal – undocumented – immigrants.
          Are you saying that most were criminals?
          If so, there must still be hundreds of
          thousands of them here now, maybe more.
          The Trump administration deported fewer than a thousand.
          What is this massive cry all about?
          It was OK for the liberal Obama, but not for the so so conservative Trump?

    9. UWSSurfer says:

      Over 1/3 of our City are immigrants –the hardest working people I have ever seen.

      Please open your hearts and support our neighbors who are artists, writers, musicians,
      dancers, cab drivers, delivery guys, babysitters, housekeepers, health aides, performance artists, students, wise elders and the great cooks who make our takeaway.

      Pretty much everyone who doesn’t work on Wall Street.

      • homebrooks says:

        I hope that they aren’t cab drivers… illegal aliens aren’t allowed to have driver’s licenses. No license=no insurance.

    10. UWSHebrew says:

      I will be supporting those businesses who chose to stay open today. I will no longer give Silver Moon bakery or any Blue Ribbon location any funds for their food. So now, ALL of my pastries will come from La Toulousaine! Like others have posted previously, people are not including the word ILLEGAL when mentioning immigrants.

      • Jim says:

        Do you really think that because a restaurant doesn’t close today it doesn’t employ undocumented aliens?

        • UWSHebrew says:

          That is not the point Jim. By intentionally misleading the public that this is about “immigrants” instead of “illegal immigrants”, this is an affront and an insult to all people immigrated to this country legally. Like my mother. Who spent years and paid thousands of dollars to an attorney (this is 1971 dollars), to obtain citizenship. To state “undocumented workers” and not mention “illegal”, puts PRAVDA to shame.

          • adam says:

            So just to be clear here – you support businesses employing “illegal immigrants” only if they hide that fact. Gotcha.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              I said nothing of the sort Adam. Re-read my comments, I discuss the terminology of this “protest”, as it states “Immigrants”, when it has nothing to do with current immigrants that are legally here. Legal. I did not state a position one way or another regarding the hiring of illegal immigrants. So take your smug “gotcha” somewhere else.

    11. Mark says:

      Gotta love the Thought Police on the Right that decry political correctness while demanding that everyone use particular language.

      “If you don’t use my words I will boycott/punish/shun/shame you!!
      You must speak they way I demand or else!”

    12. John says:

      These Businesses will have to close if the illegals get a path to citizenship and they have to pay them minimum wage and SSI and tax’s. From my experience these folks are mostly paid under the table and no SSI or tax’s are paid on their wages. Illegal = cheap labor for NYC restaurants and other shady employers.

    13. Wijmlet says:


    14. Blanca says:

      Love the hypocrisy. Being a Hispanic woman who lives in the 80th. I hear the most resist things and also the most ignorant. However, all this families benefit from alt hose “illegals”. You hired them as nannies, maids, any low income job. Hispanics work hard.

      second- stop saying you are Irish, German and all that nonsense about your heritage and dismissed Hispanics and Blacks. So much racismt and hate

      • Mark says:

        Bianca – our friends and neighbors on the Right love to whine about undocumented immigrants. And you’re right, if they all went away they would whine even more at the loss of services and willing labor.
        There are news reports of pro-Trump farmers around the country who are now worried that they will lose their cheap workforce.
        People love to complain about things and then complain more when they get what they ask for.

        • John says:

          Mark have no need to hire an illegal I am will to pay more for my take out food in order to employee a legal citizen of our county. Again if they become legal we will have to pay them more and they will have to pay tax’s. So your argument that we wont have anyone to take advantage of fails and oh, its the liberals that depend on illegal’s to take advantage of and get their votes

          • Mark says:

            If you’re so insistent on strict standards of what it is to live in America, you should probably learn how to write a cogent, literate paragraph in the English language.

    15. Andy says:

      Over the last 8 years, the Obama Admin. deported over 2 million illegal immigrants and conducted dozens upon dozens of similar ICE raids. Where were the breathless editorials, protests and store closings then? The sheer hypocrisy of the left in America is astounding.

      • Mark says:

        You don’t see a difference between the blanket tactics Trump is using and what was done under Obama?

        • Freddy says:

          What difference? In both cases the vast majority of those targeted in the ICE raids have committed felonies. You need to do some research.

          • Mark says:

            As usual, don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to provide evidence. It’s apparent you rely more on feelings than on fact.

            • Toby says:

              Where is your proof, Mark? Prove that these Trump raids were random and swept up innocents and not felons. You’re a complete hypocrite.

    16. Sherman says:

      Many of these restaurant workers are likely undocumented – i.e. here illegally.

      However, I don’t see many American citizens willing to bus tables and wash dishes.

      • Independent says:

        However, I don’t see many American citizens willing to bus tables and wash dishes.

        Perhaps not for the wages that third-world immigrants are willing to work for. If, however, the glut of such immigrants did not exist*, wouldn’t employers would have no choice but to pay wages that Americans would be willing to work for?

        *I.e., if we were to implement and enforce a sane, non-suicidal patriotic immigration policy that put the interests of the American worker and the preservation of the defining demography of the historic American nation ahead of the interests of billionaire Globalists and self-righteous, ethnomasochist, preening scolds.

          • Independent says:


            I read the piece at the link you provided and do not see how it could possibly be interpreted as in any way refuting or countering the argument that I had presented. If anything, the author’s arguments could be applied in support of my position. Are you sure that you provided the link that you had intended to?

            The following is a link to much material that responds, in considerable detail, to the old “But immigrants do the work that Americans won’t do” argument that was made by Sherman:


            • Zulu says:

              The underlying idea from the article I linked is that the bottom line is what governs business practices.

              I’ll explain further. You proposed a scenario in which somehow the glut of immigrants willing to work for sub standard wages weren’t present and as a consequence, business owners would be forced to pay higher wages (perhaps minimum wages?) in which Americans would be willing to work for, consequently this would help people find more jobs and live a better life. That was your premise, correct?

              As a response, I linked an article that presents real life examples of your scenario by way of the implementation of the minimum wage law passed in 2016. As shown on the images, a number of restaurants and hotels decided to pass the additional burden onto the customer rather than allow it to affect their bottom line. As a protest to such law they made it clear that they were going to charge a tax as a direct result of that law. To be honest I didn’t know this was even legal, but that’s not the point in question.

              The author though shocked and indignant at the practice, figured that prices simply would go up. And even thought these businesses chose to be transparent or rather passive aggressive (if you ask me) about it how many restaurants are simply raising prices and moving on?

              So now on to my particularly labored point. How long before consumers aren’t willing or simply aren’t capable of paying an additional tax of 6% for goods and services? How long before businesses flounder and fail when the demand for their goods and services diminish? And subsequently, how long before there are less paying jobs, and less money to go around and the economy shrinks just a bit or maybe a lot?

              That was it. I hope I managed to get my point across.

              As far as your link is concerned, the CIS has been known for having a very heavy tilt against immigration and exaggerating the numbers of illegal immigration. Therefore, I don’t place a lot of weight on their articles.

          • Independent says:

            Thank you for taking the time to followup and clarify. The reason your point was not clear to me is that nowhere in the article (and I just read through it a second time to be sure) did I find the author to even so much as hint that he suspected that the increased costs created by the higher minimum wage jeopardized the future of any of the restaurants that he cited.

            You, on the other hand, clearly argue that you suspect that such would be the case eventually and go on to paint a rather grim picture of a series of reactions and consequences that would adversely affect the economy and the employment level. Suffice it to say that I am not at all convinced that the scenario would ultimately play-out as you suggest it would. I find it at least as plausible and probably more so that after some likely difficulties and disturbances over a period of transition and adjustment, people would adapt in various ways to the changes and the dust would settle onto a new reality that, on balance, would be one of considerable net improvement. Just off the bat, I can think of a number of additional factors that it does not appear to me that you took into account. Additionally, the actual surcharges that are reported in the article are, respectively, 6.5%; 3% ; and 1.9%. I may be way-off but I find it difficult to imagine even an increase as high as 6.5% being the determining factor that would ultimately cause someone who could afford a given restaurant in the first place to stop patronizing it or even to cut back severely on how often they did so. And certainly not for an increase of only 1.9%. (All of this, of course, assumes, as would seem entirely expected under the circumstances-in-question, that all restaurants would increase their prices at the same time.)

            “the CIS has been known for having a very heavy tilt against immigration and exaggerating the numbers of illegal immigration.”

            CIS is quite clear and straightforward about their position of favoring great reduction in immigration, while at the same respecting those immigrants who are already here. You claim that CIS “has been known for” “exaggerating the numbers of illegal immigration” but provide no source for this claim. I would urge you and anyone else with any interest in the matter to read the Open Letter to the New Yorker’s Jonathan Blitzer currently up at the CIS site, which is a detailed response to a smear piece against them that appeared in a recent edition of that vaunted publication.

            Finally, let me note that I appreciate your response to my lengthy post in which I pointed-out that spelling error in previous comments of yours. I am glad that you seemed to understand that my only reason for doing that was to call-out the individual that I did, along with far too many others, who appear to resort to blatantly selective attacks on the spelling and grammar of commenters they do not favor or approve of, in an attempt to discredit and embarrass them. As you seem to realize, this is a cheap trick that really only serves to discredit and disgrace the one leveling it. Poor spelling or grammar, while obviously less-than-desirable, does not invalidate a legitimate thought or argument. And even the most impeccable and exemplary spelling and grammar cannot make-up for a thought or argument whose substance lacks merit, validity or credibility.

    17. Larry Roberts says:

      Th fact is 80% of the people to be returned to the countries they arrived from illegally are convicted felons.

    18. Wendy says:

      I don’t see Trump talking about all the illegals coming in from…. Ireland. There is an entire section in The Irish Echo for au pair and nanny positions. Oh wait a minute, they’re white girls. And Trump had no problem nominating a Secretary of Labor who employed an illegal immigrant and didn’t pay employment taxes for her. Before you accuse everyone else, take a look at yourself. I wonder who’s cleaning up your dishes at your favorite local restaurant. who’s cooking your hamburger. Who’s watching your kids or your neighbor’s kids? Who is picking those $2.99 boxes of strawberries and your other cheap produce? Can you spell hypocrite? Rent “A Day Without A Mexican.” – you can get it from Amazon.

    19. not_evil_building_owner says:

      Here is a real world example.

      I own a small building in Queens and needed someone to do some part time janitor work for about 10 hours a week spread over 3 days.

      Placed an ad on craigslist describing the job, the location and that the person needs to be legally allowed to work in the US. Within a couple of hours I had to pull the ad off of craigslist because I received well over 100 responses.
      Responses came not just from Queens, but also from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Due to the price and hassle of commuting I personally didn’t expect any responses to come from further than the immediate area of the building for a part time job at $125-$150 a week.

      So from my experience there are plenty of people who are willing to work the so called dirty jobs if given the opportunity.

    20. Immigrant says:

      Imagine how unliveable your life must be, that you’d rather be rendered illegal on a different land?

    21. dj says:

      President Trump’s policies are aimed at criminal illegal aliens, not ‘immigrants.’ If you can’t see the difference, you are either blinded by ideology or just plain stupid. Maybe both.

      I will also point out that the same people who want the government to pass laws that force businesses to pay higher wages and provide more benefits now celebrate the businesses who flagrantly break those laws by hiring illegals who will work for less money and fewer benefits. It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to be on the political left these days.

    22. Wendy says:

      If ya don’t like it here , go home. Many of us are so disgusted with the Spanish language forced upon us. Say “illegal aliens”. Wish that my U.S.A., I shouldn’t’ve been kidnapped to, were as strict as Switzerland. Central Harlem’s an immigration nightmare. 10 languages I don’t want to hear. @ 1957, the immigration rules changed in U.S.A.. 8 amnesty-s in U.S.A. ? + for some Haitians.

      • Mark says:

        Help us all and please let us know exactly in what language you wrote this response.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        Wow, I don’t even know what to say about this one.:)

        Why am I fascinated by this person? I remember her comment from a week or so ago. Equally as unforgettable as this one.

        I think I want to read a whole novel written by this person. I think if I took enough acid it might not only make sense but be one of the most transcendent experiences of my life. Or my brain would implode and I would end up in a coma or something.

        Sounds like a win-win to me. We should gofundme this project.:)

    23. Mark says:

      It’s rather remarkable that most of the anti-immigrant posts here are written by people who don’t understand English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or syntax.

      • Scott says:

        Maybe the solution, Mark, is to bring in more undocumented workers to serve as NYC public school teachers. I mean, can’t get much worse right?

        Oh that’s right I forgot — public schools are the one sector of the economy where Democrats engage in fierce protectionism. If we had undocumented, non-union social studies teachers you’d see Democrats rioting in the streets.

        • Zulu says:

          “Maybe the solution, Mark, is to bring in more undocumented workers to serve as NYC public school teachers. I mean, can’t get much worse right?” -Scott

          Did you see Wendy’s comment above? I think it is worse.

        • Mark says:

          I work with many immigrants from countries where Spanish, Haitian-Creole, and Arabic work. Their English writing skills are far superior to what I see from our fellow posters from the Right.
          It’s hard to take complaints about immigrants seriously when made by Americans who are unable to express their thoughts in standard English.

          • Scott says:

            Uh the issue is illegal immigration, not immigration, Mr. Funk & Wagnalls.

            Also, your first sentence is nonsensical. Languages cannot work. They are not capable of labor. When immigration anarchists write like this it certainly undermines their credibility, wouldn’t you agree?

            • Mark says:

              I acknowledge that I made an error in my first sentence. But it’s clear from my posting history that I know how to write and speak English.
              Sadly one can’t make the same assertion from our neighbors on the Right.

    24. Crusher says:

      I think Mark needs a job. Maybe he lost his last one to an Illegal Immigrant ? : )

      • Mark says:

        Funny, but your logic is off.
        If I were bitter about losing a job to an illegal immigrant I would be taking the opposite position. 🙂

        • UWS_lifer says:

          It’s so funny. These guys don’t even understand the issue…or just basic logic.

          Sort of explains it all and actually makes me feel a little better. It’s like trying to have an argument with a child.

    25. Scott says:

      I personally don’t believe 1/3 of construction workers in NYC are undocumented. If they are, that needs to stop. There are many, many American construction workers who are out of work. This is not one of those jobs “no American will do.” Americans apprentice for years to learn the skills needed to be a qualified welder or master plumber. Employers who hire illegals are doing it for the very worst reason possible — to shave labor costs. They’re also compromising public safety. They need to be fined heavily.

      • Zulu says:

        Union labor will not have any illegals of course, unless it’s just the random sweeper here or there but even so, that’s very unlikely.

        However, there are a lot of non union construction sites in the city and that’s where a lot of the illegal immigrants will find work. The employer will set up a dog and pony show for the Dept. of Labor making it look like they’re paying their employees with checks but as soon as they leave the site, they get those checks back and these workers only get paid a small fraction of their prevailing wages. It’s wrong from every angle and it also represents a safety concern on a lot of sites. These guys are treated like their just another tool or consumable. They’re not properly trained or offered adequate Personal Protective Equipment. Injury rates are rampant and a lot of them develop breathing disorders likes silicosis for cutting cementitious materials with out proper respiratory equipment.

        I can absolutely see how a 1/3 of the construction workers in NYC are illegal immigrants. In non union states it’s likely closer to 50% or 60%.

    26. Independent says:

      Apropos a number of comments in this thread:

      Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote

      • dj says:

        Thank you for the link, Independent! And this number is based on the illegals who actually admit to registering to vote – so if anything 2 million is an underestimation. Good for the Washington Times to call attention to the problem. The rest of the (dishonest) media would like us to believe that the millions of people who break our immigration laws all abide by our voter registration laws!

        Anyone who casts a vote legally and respects the integrity of our elections should be outraged. Maybe now with President Trump in the White House, something will finally be done about the problem.