Check out some more colorful photos of the Upper West Side in the 1980’s by Stephen Harmon.

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    1. Franconia Gent says:

      Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

    2. kaylord says:

      Love these!

    3. Lois says:

      Love this. Did he photograph any other decades?

    4. Sean says:

      I knew the woman in green in the first photo. She was from Italy and a fixture in the W70s. I cannot remember her name.

    5. Stuart says:

      I remember the Embassy Theater. I remember lots of movie theaters (and supermarkets) in the neighborhood, and now they’re all gone (sigh)

    6. Sherman says:

      That woman with the red jacket and the 1980s hairstyle brings up horrible memories of high school for me.

    7. Terry Rosen says:

      LOVE These! Thanks–

    8. Eln says:

      Absolutely love these photos! Thank you!

    9. Kenneth says:

      Once a fixture, you don’t see stacks of the Sunday NYT like that any more.

    10. Ruth says:

      the woman with the pushcart was there what seemed 24/7….I still look for her.
      Stephen’s photos are so wonderful . More please.

    11. Gina says:

      Don’t see a big change you have
      folks who are “Stuck” in the 1980s
      and still look like that today.
      Now 1960 may be a different look.

    12. Stephanie says:

      The saddest photo for me was the last one, with the NYT stacked up nice and tall, ready to be purchased on Saturday. I hardly ever see a pile of The Times in front of a newsstand anymore. Now especially since Mohammad had to close his Newsstand February 1st on Broadway and 100th Street. The rent was $25,000 a month and he just couldn’t hack it anymore after over 20 years. Another sad day on the UWS. Another fond neighbor, gone.

    13. Cat says:

      The young couple, guy with sunglasses and girl with purple knit hat, look familiar. I’m almost positive that he’s an actor from the Sopranos (among other things).

    14. Sean says:

      It’s a photo shoot. They’re models.