By Carol Tannenhauser

Before the business of approving or disapproving resolutions regarding such things as the replacement of windows in landmarked buildings, the awarding of liquor licenses, and the restoration of No Parking zones (seemingly small matters, but essential to maintaining the character and quality of life of the Upper West Side), Community Board (CB) 7 allows time for elected officials or their representatives to update their constituents on their activities. December’s Full Board Meeting, held Tuesday night at Fordham University, yielded reports from officials on the city, state, and federal levels. Here are some highlights:

City Council Member Helen Rosenthal spoke for herself: “Manhattan electeds were called together by the borough president this past Sunday,” she said. “We talked as city, state, and federal electeds about the possible impacts of the forthcoming Trump administration on New York City and what we can do to shore up our residents. My big push between now and January is to ask the city to double down on its resources for our safety net and our social service providers. With the possible impact to the state and federal budgets, we’re going to need those services…and we need to shore them up.”

Representing New York State Senator Brad Hoylman, Tara made an announcement that brought the house down: “We’re very excited to introduce new legislation,” she said. “It’s called – now, listen carefully – the ‘Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act’ – T.R.U.M.P – the TRUMP Act. What this would do is require anyone who wants to run for President or Vice President to release their tax returns to the state board of elections before being allowed to be listed on the ballot in New York State.”

“Woo Hoo!” was heard, followed by laughter and applause.

An aide to U.S. Congressman Jerrold Nadler communicated the congressman’s position: “[He] is deeply troubled by the results of the election and has spoken out repeatedly about some of the announcements and appointments we have seen coming out of the incoming administration. Congressman Nadler is a senior member of the judiciary committee, so he will be vigilant in the coming months and years, as he monitors any potential threats to citizens’ civil rights and civil liberties. He believes it is incredibly important that all of us remain engaged and are not quiet. Congressman Nadler will only be able to take strong positions on these matters knowing that the community has his back.”

Congressman Nadler is hosting a town hall meeting on December 19th at 6 p.m. at NYU, What to Expect Next: Preparing for the Trump Administration and the new Congress. Go to for further details.

Mayor de Blasio and other electeds will attend another town hall meeting, concerning the UWS, West Harlem, and Washington Heights, on Thursday, December 15th at 7 p.m. at the Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School, at 102nd street and Amsterdam Avenue. Space is limited. Go to for further information.

Finally, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer’s representative announced that applications for Manhattan Community Board membership are now being accepted. “Community boards are the most grassroots form of local government, each composed of 50 volunteers serving staggered two-year terms,” Brewer’s December newsletter reads. “The boards are pivotal in shaping their communities and work to enhance and preserve the character of their neighborhoods.” To apply, go to Applications are due by February 3, 2017.

To read the minutes and resolutions of CB 7’s December meeting, go to

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    1. Dept. of Reason says:

      how pathetic that we need to make laws requiring a person wishing to be the leader of the free world disclose what they earn and where their investments are positioned.

      How pathetic that Trump will be the leader of the free world and America has gone from highly respected to laughing stock in 1 election.

      I’m not a theist, but if I were, I’d be cursing your god every day.

      Let the fascism begin.

      (oh, and it’s Bill deBlasio’s fault—I was first!!)

      • geoff says:

        Addressing the situation more broadly, but comparably:

        Canada went through TEN years of relatively very conservative government before it was upended by a much more liberal government led by Justin Trudeau.

        During that time, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, Harper:
        scrapped gun regulations,
        scrapped the official census (!),
        restricted public speaking for government workers,
        barred government climate change scientists from speaking publicly, altogether,
        prorogued parliament TWICE,
        fought intensely for fossil fuels and a tar sands bitumen pipelines,
        refused to slow or stop asbestos mining,
        held only a few press conferences over ten years of power,
        threatened to buy dozens and dozens of F35 fighter jets from the United States (Which are ineffective in the Arctic) for more money than there might be in Canada.

        Canada fared comparatively well during the 2008 financial crisis because of regulations that Harper wanted to undo but had not yet undone.

        When re-elected as a member of parliament (but not as Prime Minister), he did not participate in a single debate and rarely attended sessions of parliament. Ten months later, he quit.

        So maybe there IS reason to hope.

    2. Scott says:

      “Shore up our residents.” Okay Helen. What a collection of clowns. I hope NYC loses federal funding over this sanctuary city nonsense.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        … yes, because we wouldn’t want the approx 500,000 undocumented in NYC — who do a lot of the work to keep this city running — to have any sense of safety.

        let’s recall that the Trump voters who will now post angry responses make up approx 10% of UWS voters. Please don’t portray yourselves as a majority, on the UWS, in NY State, or, in fact, in the US.

    3. Ben David says:

      There are muggings taking place in Central Park (West Side) and the UWS. During normal hours!
      But don’t worry — our mayor and elected politicians are worried about President Trump.

      • Bob Lamm says:

        What an absurd either/or! Yes, our elected officials should be concerned about crime in Central Park and everywhere else in New York City. But they should also be concerned about a horrible Republican president and Congress that can do lots of damage to New York City and everywhere else in the U.S.

    4. Paul RL says:

      Oh, give us a break CB7 & CM Rosenthal! Why don’t you do something more productive with your time, like figuring out ways to fix our declining quality of life, or helping attract business and investment to the Upper West Side? No, you’d rather jump on the “not my President!” bandwagon to appease the crybabies in your midst. Like him or not (and yes, he is rather unlikeable) you’d be better off figuring out how to work with him instead of trying to secede the UWS even further from the rest of the country.

    5. John says:

      These elected officials need to represent every one, not just Clinton supporters. There were many in CB 7 that voted for Trump so these swamp dwellers like Nadler need to retire if they can not represent everyone in their district.

    6. B.B. says:

      “ask the city to double down on its resources for our safety net and our social service providers”.

      New York City’s budget for “social services” is already greater than the entire budget for some small nations or local areas. Just how much more does Ms. Rosenthal want and more importantly where does she think the City is going find those funds?

      Middle class are fleeing (or rather being pushed out) of New York City already for several reasons including high taxes.

      Both New York State and City already practiced income redistribution on a grand scale, and the current mayoral administration along with city council as upped that game. All the while telling those from whom the various fees and rates are being extracted they should be “happy and honored to live in NYC at all”.

      Very few middle class families qualify for any of the “affordable” housing lottery schemes. Public schools in such areas where parents have fought hard and long to make their local a place of quality education are being busted in the name of “equality”

    7. JM Kass says:

      Gale Brewer’s website doesn’t say what the duties and responsibilities of a member of a community board are. Does anyone know? Share, please.

    8. sg says:

      Good use of your time…and Ibpay you for this!

    9. Carol Millsm says:

      What about all the Citi-bikes that have taken up all disability parking and regular parking. Impossible to park on the Upper Westside.