The locations of crashes in the 20th precinct during the week from Nov. 21-27.

The NYPD released a new website today that allows the public to track crashes in their neighborhood.

The TrafficStat site has data on how many crashes have occurred in the most recent week, and the accompanying map allows users to see the precise locations. The site also tracks the number of injuries and fatalities. For the year, there have been 1,711 crashes in the 20th precinct, down from 1,782 during the same time span in 2015. But those crashes have resulted in 236 injuries, up from 190 in 2015. That’s a 24% increase. Collisions with injuries were also up 12.5% in the 24th precinct.

The NYPD has been releasing more data on crashes as the mayor pursues his Vision Zero campaign, but the data hasn’t always been presented in the most useful ways, so that policy-makers on the local level can track crashes and decide where changes in street design or traffic flow are necessary.

Check it out here. It takes some fiddling to figure out exactly how to bring up the information. The easiest way to start, we’ve found, is to first click on the relevant patrol borough (Manhattan North) and precinct (the 20th or 24th for the UWS) in the upper left corner.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      quick look at the 24 and WE’RE UP IN EVERY CATEGORY THIS month & week. (except fatalities).

      not good

    2. AJ says:

      Interesting to see that on 100th street next to the police station there are 150 collisions reported since start of last year. Bdwy and 96th street intersection has only 40. I assume that means that there’s a huge underreport in of collisions other than outside the police station because it makes no sense that an otherwise quiet block on 100th between Amsterdam and Columbus would have more accidents than a major intersection!

      • UWScientist says:

        Maybe there would be less accidents on 100th street if there would be cars “parked” all over the place? Just saying…

    3. Spence Halperin says:

      My block, W 79th Street is deadly because people speed downhill to the West Side Highway entrance. Thank-you to the NYPD for patrolling and ticketing.

    4. Nathan says:

      Damn bikers.

    5. SV says:

      Just yesterday in the rain I was almost hit by cars rushing to make a turn twice. Both times I was crossing at a walk. I am always extremely cautious, but these guys sped up out of nowhere. Both were cars with taxi plates but no medallions. Be careful everyone.

    6. Mark says:

      Whenever possible I avoid crossing avenues at major intersections. I always try to cross at a side street.
      Doesn’t reduce my risk to 0% but I think, given the evidence, it does reduce it by something.

    7. Noreaster says:

      Thumbs up to WSR for referring to these as crashes, not accidents! #crashnotaccident


    8. Madd Donna says:

      I’ve noticed that many Uber drivers don’t care if they run people over. I’ve come close a few times and every time it’s an Uber car!! I’ve had to scream at them to “slow the f*** down” when they turn fast at a corner. They’re worse than the yellow taxi drivers!

    9. C says:

      60th & Columbus! I have almost seen children being hit since that light blinks with a yellow arrow. I wrote in to Westside Rag but got no response…they are too busy writing about bagel shops closing…