A woman walking in Central Park Sunday night was assaulted and robbed by four men who appeared to be teenagers, an NYPD spokesman said. The woman was walking around 66th Street in Center Drive around 9:15 p.m. when she passed the four teens sitting on a bench.

They “proceeded to follow her, knocked her down and stole her purse,” the spokesman said. They made off with $500. The woman had minor injuries and refused medical attention, according to police.

Police said they do not have video or images to release. They said the teens were Black or Hispanic but did not have descriptions of their clothing. A Walk in the Park blog reported that the incident occurred near the Carousel and that the teens also stole her cell phone. Police “tracked her phone to 151st Street and the Grand Concourse in the Bronx where it was turned off.”

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      a woman in Riverside or Central Park after it is dark outside is a target. you are a target for robbery and rape. don’t blame the nypd or deblasio, just don’t go into either park when it is dark, unless you like taking chances with your life. women are no match for a physical confrontation with one man, let alone a gang of men.

      • Mark says:

        That’s the spirit!

      • Jen says:

        Given your logic, men should also walk in groups of at least 4 people?

      • Jay says:

        Your victim blaming is tiresome.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          @Jay — tough noogies.

          • Mark says:

            By his logic, I guess people who wear yarmulkes in public are asking to be victims of antisemitic violence.

            • Cato says:

              That’s exactly right, *if* you were walking through a neighborhood known to be (shall we say) unfriendly to Jews.

              The victim here wasn’t walking just any-old-where after dark; nothing wrong with walking on Broadway at nighttime. The victim was walking through the Park after dark. That was the no-no.

              No one is blaming the victim. The creeps who attacked her are still creeps (or worse). But walking through the park after dark invites the worst element to behave badly — and so would walking through a hostile neighborhood wearing a yarmulke.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              @ Mark — what a stupid comparison. Freedom of religion versus a woman walking in an area that criminals frequent to cause harm after dark.

            • Mark says:

              UWSHebrew – are you saying that women don’t have the freedom to walk alone?

          • isnt it all just gods will either way?? hmmmm

            You claim to be such a pious man…..so, ya know.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              @ SouthernGentleman — I claim to be pious? Maybe that’s your inferred anti-semitic “Good Ol’ Boy” upbringing because I DARE put the word HEBREW in my screen name, but I never claimed to be pious or say it is the will of a higher being. Go back to Stormfront.

            • When I said you claimed to be pious I was referring to your post the other day….you remember, the one where you were saying how reform jews aren’t real jews and that god didn’t really hears their prayers…something like that.

              You do believe that right?? Are you going to deny that you said something to that affect? That wouldn’t be very ethical if you were to lie. Isn’t that one of your commandments?

              And as far as “Stormfront”, I had to look that up…I am not a white man but I am a jew too. hahaha


            • Independent says:

              I’ve never seen “UWS Hebrew” claim to be religiously observant at all, much less “pious”.

              In fact, he’s made posts in which he mentioned patronizing non-kosher eateries and I recall one post of his in which, recounting an incident that had occurred to him while he was wearing a yarmulke, he noted that he does not normally sport such religious garb.

              “Southern Gentleman” seems to have some problem here, though it is not at all clear to me what it is. From what I have seen of his comments, I would sooner assume it to be a general snarkiness and a particular contempt for religion/G-d, then I would any ill disposition toward Jews, per se. (As a number of past comments of mine attest, I am an observant Jew myself who finds the charge of antisemitism to be overused and, in many cases, abused. Meanwhile, anti-Gentilism — particularly against white, Christian Gentiles– which I believe is a real societal ill today– is not even recognized.)

    2. Sherman says:

      I don’t understand why anyone – especially a woman – would go to CP at night.

      The Giuliani days are over. It’s DeBlasio time now. Criminals are no longer afraid.

      People need to exercise common sense.

      • Mark says:

        The parks were worse in the 90’s so I don’t know why you assume the Giuliani days were any better.

        • EricaC says:

          You know exactly why. You are just too polite to say so.

        • Sarah says:

          It’s really amazing how just *seeing* some more of the already existing homeless population (because they’re less afraid of harassment for having the nerve to exist where well-off people can see them) has triggered bizarre crime fantasies in some people. How many times does it have to be said that violent crimes are down generally in NYC? There’s rarely been a significantly safer time in the city in living memory.

      • UWSdoglady says:

        NYC in 2016 has the lowest crime in recorded history. Central Park is as safe as it’s ever been, but it’s never ever been safe if you’re traveling alone after dark.

    3. Alison says:

      Whoa. A description of the perps’ race. This is new.

      Not surprising.

      • Independent says:

        In fairness, while I certainly have my problems with WSR and their editorial positions and practices, I am not aware of any evidence that when reporting on crime, they have ever intentionally omitted or obscured the racial identity of an alleged perpetrator. As far as I have seen, it would appear that any omissions of such details from WSR reporting have been on the part of whatever source(s) that WSR was relying upon. Admittedly, I have not observed or examined this matter too closely. But if my observations are accurate and if they are indicative of the whole, then I must say that in the matter of honesty vs. politically correct piety when reporting crime, WSR would appear to be considerably better than the average or typical mainstream, “respectable” media outlet.

        NOTE: After writing the above, I realized that there would not appear to be anything in “Alison’s” post to suggest that her comment was particularly directed at WSR.

    4. Claire says:

      One should always be careful in the park. After dark it’s just not safe to carry anything valuable or to carry lots of money. One should ideally be safe at any hour of the day, but please, let’s be realistic, this is New York City and the parks have always been dangerous. Stay safe everyone.

    5. jimbo says:

      People—take it from a retied NYPD cop————-==stay out of ANY park after dark unless you are with a group(PERIOD)….

    6. WestSide_Mimi says:

      As New Yorkers know, it is not safe to be in any deserted area at night, especially in any park.

      This woman may have been a tourist!

      Just stay calm folks – and exercise caution. These are anxious times,

    7. John says:

      I’m surprised law enforcement has hasn’t had an easier time apprehending the suspects. The MO in almost all these attacks is the same. A roving band of male teens attacking after dark on major thoroughfares.

    8. Neighbor says:

      How late was it? It just says Sunday night…big difference between 8pm and say 1am.
      Some of the more resent crime in the park have not been late night.

      • the_the says:

        Article says 9:15PM, so about 4 hours after the sun has set.

        It has never been a good idea to stroll through Central or Riverside parks at night.

        Creeps like these spoil the nice things for everybody.

      • Independent says:

        Second sentence in the article:

        The woman was walking around 66th Street in Center Drive around 9:15 p.m. when she passed the four teens sitting on a bench.

        (bold-text emphasis mine- Ind.)

        Perhaps the article was edited after you posted to add that info?

      • Jim says:

        Read it again.

    9. UWSHebrew says:

      @ SouthernGentleman — are you on drugs? Like, medication? I HAVE NEVER said what you stated I did: “reform jews aren’t real jews and that god didn’t really hears their prayers…something like that”. And to again quote you: “You do believe that right?? Are you going to deny that you said something to that affect? That wouldn’t be very ethical if you were to lie. Isn’t that one of your commandments?” — YES, I DENY I SAID THAT. 100%. I AM NOT LYING. You either read that somewhere else entirely or someone did say that on WestSideRag and you have confused me with that someone else. I happen to NOT wear a yarmulke in every day life, and I do not judge ANYONE for their religious observance, no matter what their religion. THIS IS AMERICA JACK, that’s the whole point! Freedom of worship to how you see fit! As long as you don’t hurt someone else…

      • EricaC says:

        Freedom of worship is certainly a constitutional right, but so is the right to bodily safety. Even for women.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          @ EricaC of course bodily safety for women is a right. But sadly, this is not reality. This is 2016 New York City, which harbors criminal elements of all types, looking to prey on the weak. I’m a 6″ tall man who played football + basketball in college, and I don’t walk in Riverside or Central Park when it is dark, because I am a target, simply because it is dark outside. I would have no chance against being “sucker-punched” from behind, let alone attacked by a gang of four teenagers as this poor woman was. But these “in-the-park-after-dark” criminals view WOMEN as much “easier” to beat and rob from, then lets say, a man. They have no honor, values, or morals against hitting a woman. If I was attacked by these four, just because of my strength and size, I would put up more of a fight than most women, and criminals are cowards who do not want to get hurt, so they attacking me, which is of course entirely plausible, is nonetheless “riskier”, than attacking a woman. This is all obvious and should not be worth stating, but sadly, some women just do not “get it”. Maybe they are not from New York originally, maybe they are tourists, but anyone alone in either park after dark is dangerously naive, especially women, who are also targets for rape.

      • Mark says:

        If you calm down and take a deep breath you might find that your grammar improves.

    10. jimbo says:

      The facts clearly state 9:15pm…………..

    11. Mina says:

      This is one of the most populated areas in the park. It was 9pm, not 1 am. Anyone should be able to walk here at that time. It is enough. When is the mayor going to acknowledge that the city is getting worse and that he needs to do something?

    12. John says:

      That’s why single women in NYC need to get a conceal carry permit and just apply their own justice 🙂

    13. Lisa says:

      I’m the first one to say it’s smarter not to be in the park after dark. I generally stay away from the park after dark myself. The few exceptions I have made have been when it was not too late, and there were a lot of other people around, and I only stay on those well-populated paths (and I’m with my husband, so not alone). Having said that, I do not remember hearing about this level of crime in the park until this last year or so. It definitely feels like things are deteriorating.

    14. Ellen says:

      The lower quadrant of Central Park is not known to be ‘dangerous’ and perhaps born and raised New Yorkers and city dwellers know to be cautious when walking in quieter areas. But perhaps the victim here was a tourist, as lower CPk is surrounded by hotels, and thought it was safe to cross or pass thru the park going east to west? Just consider that if you were in London, UK and thought to cross Russell Square, you wouldn’t expect or fear being accosted. Awareness yes, but there are cities, great cities, where one isn’t attacked at 9 PM crossing a park space.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        @ Ellen. What a silly statement re “Russell Square in London”. Our park criminals do not live on West 85th and CPW. They come from areas that are a subway or long walk away…you know this. What exactly is the NYPD supposed to do? Their resources are stretched far enough with normal city crime, not to mention anti-terrorism and now, protecting Trump Tower (which will hopefully end by Jan 20). You mention “other great cities”, as being safe… Cologne, Germany WAS a great city, but because of their immigration policy, 1,200 women were assaulted by men on New Years Eve 2016. Sweden is now THE RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WEST, with half of Swedish women stating that after dark, they do not go out for fear of being raped. That is the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Sweden! Keep your comparisons in perspective.

        • Ellen says:

          When people are touring away from home they sometimes are unaware of precautions locals may be aware to take or not. Reference to ‘Russell Square’ was a quick example of how people walk through the area at all times of night, and many are tourists without being assaulted. Great cities yes there are some free of this type of assault: see Every major city in Canada are safe cities and very few people are accosted at night or day.

        • UWS_lifer says:

          WOW!!! You are the one that needs to “go back to Stormfront” with that “data”…

          or maybe just Brietbart.

          Do you believe everything you read on the internet??:)

    15. Always in bottom place says:

      I am always surprizes by the large number of dogwalkera in the park after dark. Meanwhile the NYPD has to devote manhours to Mr Trump, who refuses to move to DC, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rock Center Tree lighting and every other cash cow for some profit-making enterprise while leaving the citizens of this city who just go about their lives unprotected.

      • John says:

        It would be nice if we could clone Bernhard Goetz and put the clones in CP to protect visitors.

        • C says:

          That’s disgusting, you are advocating murder? Think about what you are saying. You people are going off the deep end, it is two muggings, my god.

    16. Sue says:

      Can a city like new york AFFORD TO PUT QUALITY CAMERAS IN THE PARK so that:

      1. Thugs are A LOT LESS LIKELY to waltz into the park and rob people, as they do all the time (we hear of only a small fraction)?

      2. So that people can see the thugs on video and be identified, like maybe on a NYPD website that would show such videos?

      Is this all too complicated for you deblasio? GET CAMERAS IN THE CITY’S PARKS AND CRIME WILL SLOW TO A CRAWL. PUT THE VIDEOS OF THE THUGS ONLINE SO PEOPLE CAN IDENTIFY THEM. Maybe even throw a little reward in there to sweeten the pot.

      OR, we can just accept this kind of thing happening all the time and pray that when its you, you do not get beaten or stabbed that badly.

      • dannyboy says:

        Hey Sue,

        I just read your comment about how I should be ignored on this site. Is that because you want to pass off this totalitarian comment without challenge”

        1. Why refer to these perps as “thugs”.Got any ethnicity in mind?

        2.What’s with the surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE? Are you further promoting spying on U.S. citizens as your best idea?

        3. Why promote monetary rewards? Are you all for vigilantism?

        4. Why blame the Mayor for not instituting your ideas? Is there something about his going public with his support of NYers to protect them from random acts of government that you object to?

        I know you won’t respond, but know that I will call you out and that you cannot get real New Yorkers to all ignore others in debate.

        It’s un-American.


        • Hmmmm….well, let’s see Dannyboy. I guess this is my patriotic duty then….

          1)thug is not a racial or ethnic term. You are the one making this about race. No one else mentioned it. You can’t project that on other people without being called out for it. Enough of these hair trigger responses of racism.

          2) It is well decided law, State and Federal, that one does not have any expectation of privacy in public spaces such as city streets and parks. Even in your car if you want to get specific. You want privacy? you better stay at home…maybe get under the covers.

          3)rewards = vigilantism ? really? this is a common tool used by law enforcement for decades with much success. Your theory? well, let’s just say that’s a new one. You certainly are creative…or maybe just to many Charles Bronson movies

          4)Why blame the Mayor? He is the boss isn’t he? Doesn’t the buck stop there eventually?And aren’t you the one on here always sounding off on these politicians?? They let real estate developers run amok…they do the bidding of their wealthy donors while ignoring parents, neighbors, old people, the handicapped, the poor working class etc. That’s all we hear from you. So…ya know.

          If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to ask at any time. I will always serve my country and take the time to educate my fellow citizens. God bless you and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

          • dannyboy says:

            Hey Monk, aren’t you the same guy who, less than 3 hours ago, pledged not to reply to my comments? Now we know what your words mean.

            As for comments like: “You want privacy? you better stay at home.” clearly indicate the dystopian nightmare you propose we live in. Again, I am sympathetic to your repeated “upstate visits” and hope you receive the help you seek, but do not personally wish to live the life that you do.

            Again, the vision of constant surveillance of citizens, combined with telecasting these on dedicated channels, with monetary rewards, is not the world I choose.

            Good luck to you.

      • B.B. says:

        There are cameras in Central Park.


        For one thing is how NYPD can “see” who enters the park during overnight/closed hours. People who enter say on CPW and find NYPD waiting for them on Fifth Avenue (if they aren’t intercepted before) find this out quickly.

        Also in case you missed it in many of the recent crimes in or around CP NYPD has released camera footage.

    17. Sue says:

      between dannyboy and uwshebrew, every conversation here gets co-opted into some kind of troll type situation. let’s just stop responding to them, and do us all a favor.

      • sooooooo true!!!

        Good observation.

        • dannyboy says:

          Why doesn’t it surprise me that a call for police state tactics is, within minutes, followed my a call for the suppression of dissenters?

      • dannyboy says:


        you recruited Monk Monkstein.

        a brilliant Movement you got going

        • you know you missed me….I’m back from, well let’s just say a little visit upstate.

          Don’t worry i missed you too but they don’t let you use the internet where I was. Anyway, looks like nothing has changed around here. Still riling up all these nice folks I see…..

          Plus ca change, indeed

      • Independent says:

        Trolling, by definition, is to post with the purpose merely to incite conflict and controversy and then sit back and enjoy the show as the fur flies. One who honestly posts sincerely held views, no matter how offensive or unwelcome some may consider them, is not a troll.

        Are you suggesting that “UWS Hebrew” and “dannyboy” are not sincere in the views that they express? Or that they post them only to be incendiary?

        • Mark says:

          Haven’t received a reply from Sue yet? I wonder why?

          Perhaps it is because she intentionally hurled the accusation of “troll” at dannyboy WITHIN FIVE MINUTES of her posting her call for the establishment of a police state to replace our beautiful park.

          5 minutes later, she calls for all Commenters to cut dannyboy out of the discussion, knowing full well that he would respond in opposition to her call for the surveillance state.

          That’s what sue was doing.

    18. zeus says:

      A woman in the park at night, A Jew in an anti Jewish ‘hood, listen people, who gives a flying f–k?
      The only way to get rid of maggots accosting
      people is to punish them – BIG TIME!
      10 years in the slammer with no early parole to start with.
      Humiliation in public will help too.
      These are maggots, and maggots are needed to get rid of.
      Enough with PC. It’s killing us.
      Piunish the criminals – save the innocent.

      • sg says:

        Cut off government handouts too…it’s high time we stop generations of unproductive (and often criminal) people from living off of hard working tax payers.

      • Neighbor says:

        Today a women with a small child was mugged on 86 and cpw according to eyewitnesses news. They pushed her to the ground but thankfully neither or her baby were hurt.
        The 3 teenagers were caught and arrested.

    19. With all due respect, those of you who are worried about the uptick in crime, feeling unsafe, etc….you would not have lasted a week here in the 1970’s or 1980’s. This recent stuff is nothing.

      You should have seen Central Park back then….don’t even get me started about Riverside. Some of you remember what I am talking about.

      Even the subways after dark were hazardous not just the parks. Every NY’er that was here back then has a least one story of being robbed, assaulted, etc. unfortunately. I couldn’t even go to Central Park to play basketball (over by the Great Lawn) as a little white kid without getting beaten up and robbed. I remember spending my birthday in a police station all day identifying perps and filling out paperwork. Nice childhood memory.:)

      Anyway, im just saying keep it all in perspective and stop with the hysteria. Many of you know not of what you speak. This is not and will never be a gated community…no matter how many millions you paid for your condo, co-op, cond-op, etc.

      And by all means, Stay Safe! Remember street smarts? I don’t hear that term enough anymore.

      • Neighbor says:

        Why when we have a honest criticism of crime and quality of life issues we have to hear a lecture about the 70’s and 80’s.
        Different standards for different times.

        • True but it’s still NYC, one of the biggest and most amazing cities in the world.

          That isn’t going to change for you. Learn your history so as not to repeat the bad stuff…or something like that.

          If you need something real to worry and freak out about…focus on terrorism not crime. Now that is something we should ALL be concerned about.

        • Sorry, one more thing….

          “honest” criticism is by definition a subjective matter. Let’s focus on accurate criticism, factual stuff, not whether or not some people feel a certain way.

          If you feel unsafe that is on you, sorry. Maybe stop watching all the awful fear-stoking media (not the UWS Rag of course:))

          The facts are that we are practically living in Disney World compared to just a few years ago. Hence, the calls to stop complaining. Just because some of you recently got here doesn’t mean the story just started.