Lou Reed Out of Doors 2016 Courtesy of the Lou Reed Archive

Starting with Tai Chi and ending with a movie, Lincoln Center will pay tribute to Lou Reed with a daylong extravaganza Saturday in Damrosch Park, on the South end of the Lincoln Center plaza.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.55.50 AMCurated by two of Reed’s closest collaborators, musician and wife Laurie Anderson and friend and producer Hal Willner, The Bells offers revelers the chance to join a 360-degree Lou Reed experience. Begin the day as Reed would have, with an open class led by Reed’s tai chi instructor, Master Ren GuangYi, who will also offer an advanced weapon demonstration later in the afternoon. The commemoration then continues with live performances of Reed’s music by notable bands, an immersive installation of his six-guitar drone music, and readings of his lyrics by noted authors and actors.

When night falls, friends and admirers come together for a set of Reed’s love songs, given fresh voice by a cross-genre cast of musicians who are keen to pay tribute to this visionary solo artist and founding member of The Velvet Underground. To close out the evening, grab a pair of headphones for a late-night screening of Julian Schnabel’s Berlin, a critically acclaimed film documenting Reed’s 2006 performances at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn.

See more information here and the schedule below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.49.56 AM

Image of Lou Reed courtesy of the Lou Reed Archive.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Tak a Walk on the Wild Side

    2. WombatNYC says:

      doot , do , doot , da , doot …

    3. UWS_lifer says:

      Back in 80’s my best friend used to live at the West River House on WEA and 81st.

      Lou Reed used to live there for a while and parked this big, shiny beautiful motorcycle right out front and the doorman used to watch it for him. I used to run into him once in a while in the elevator. Super talented guy with a really serious drug habit. Sad. I was always amazed that he lasted as long as he did. This guy could have put Keith Richards under the table.

      Also Robin Givens lived there while she was married to Mike Tyson (1987 or 1988 I think) and he used to be around all the time. I remember being so scared of him but he was so nice and couldn’t have been cooler to us. Love you, Iron Mike!!

      Sorry for the trip down memory lane, I’m sure it is boring for some of you but I love hearing stories about the UWS back in the old days. Anybody have any other stories/memories??

      I saw Steve Martin a few weeks ago riding a Citibike north bound on CPW (in the bike lane) at 73rd Street.

      • dannyboy says:

        Used to drink coffee on the porch of the Springs General Store. Fresh air is palliative for drug users.

        • Cato says:

          That was when you could get a seat on the porch (or even a parking space) at the Springs General Store. The bankers and their bunnies have overrun it, too.

          Jackson must be turning in his grave.