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Hate crime investigators are looking for two women who they say beat up an Asian woman on the 1 train as it passed through the Upper West Side.

The incident occurred on June 26 around 7:30 p.m., according to NYPD. The two women got on the train at 86th street. Their victim, a 29-year-old woman, was with her parents on the train. “One of the females leaned towards the victim, screaming and shouting profanities. The females proceeded to pull the victim to the floor, punch her in the head while making anti-Asian statements.”

“The victim suffered bruising, swelling and pain to her head and torso as well as a concussion. She was treated and released at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.”

Police said the two women, shown in the surveillance video below, appear to be Hispanic and were wearing multi-colored Hawaiian leis.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      The perps look high in the video. They me not remember to remove the leis, so they should be easy to apprehend.

    2. Sam says:

      Hope this is prosecuted as a hate crime.

    3. Eln says:

      Just disgusting!

    4. Manhattan-Valley-PTA says:

      June 26 was the Pride parade and they have rainbow leis, so maybe there’s clearer footage of them entering the subway at 14th or Christopher St.

    5. AC says:

      Doubt these thugs live in the UWS. Regardless, I hope they get arrested for this senseless act. This act took place on the borderline , , , Don’t know if the 2-0 or the 2-4 is investigating this crime, but here is a tip: June 26, 2016 was Tropical Cocktails Day (a made up fun day). These clowns are wearing leis so there is a good chance a local bar was hosting such a celebration. I’d check bars along Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Ave; maybe a video in a bar? maybe one of them used a credit card?

      Good luck!

    6. Robert says:

      This is definitely a “hate crime” as the “racial slurs” attest too. It must be prosecuted as such…even if the Asian community or the individual wants to stay quiet about it. This must not stand.

    7. Lin says:

      No one tried to help her?

    8. SS says:

      Is there anything in the report to suggest that other riders came to her aid?

    9. uws-er says:

      This was at 7:30 pm on a Wednesday. The subway car must have had other passengers. What were they doing???

    10. Robin says:

      Absolutely Despicable!!!!
      How is it possible that no bystanders intervened? There must have been a relatively large crowd on train at 7:30pm???

      • dannyboy says:

        One explanation is that the bystanders were very self-serving. Seeing more of that.

    11. lynn says:

      I’ve seen this happen several times over the years on the street and in the subway, and never once witnessed a male or female intercede when it’s a group of women involved. You’re taken off guard because you don’t expect this behavior from girls/women, but they scream obscenities and attack like piranhas and can ‘beat down,’ a person in a matter of seconds. I was once pinned up against a building on Broadway and the girls laughed while they punched me in the face and said no one was going to help me, and they were right. It was a busy area near the subway, and dozens of men and women made eye contact with me and rushed away. When the police arrived they said I could look through mug shots but most likely an arrest ‘wouldn’t stick,’ and the girls would be right back out on the street. Since that time I’ve interceded once and those little (fill in blank) screamed right in my face that if I touched them I’d go to jail, lol.

      • dannyboy says:


        I am sorry to hear of your experience. Not all people act that way under the circumstances. One man said threatening things to me on the corner at WEA and was soon surrounded by 3 of my neighbors. Police were called and they investigated. Police returned later to double-check on the menacer. Trouble averted.

        Stay involved if we are a neighborhood and not just everyone for themself.

    12. Jane says:

      I have the same question: where were the other riders? Why did these women even have TIME to do this?

      • dannyboy says:

        Where is the video of the other riders? Shame on them.

        • BH says:

          people don’t want to get involved BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT PROTECTED once they get involved! their name and address become know in the police report, right, and they risk retaliation in the future. maybe i’m wrong on this. i’d be willing to get more personally involved if i knew i was going to be protected if i did.

          • dannyboy says:

            So you don’t help? Won’t help?

            • BH says:

              Dannyboy: i made a comment. my comment has only to do with a possible reason why people don’t want to get involved. if you have something to add to my comment or some criticism of it fine, but otherwise, i don’t have the patience for trolling type comments. Try adding to the conversation.

        • dannyboy says:

          @BH, I too “made a comment”. Mine was in reply to YOUR WORDS: “i’d be willing to get more personally involved if i knew i was going to be protected if i did.”

          So writing “trolling type comments. as if you were explaining others, is falsely attacking my exposure of your stated unwillingness “to get more personally involved”.

          Your directive to me is false. Here’s the truth: Stop trying to stop the conversation BH!

          • BH says:

            dannyboy: do you notice how often you are in conflict with others here at the WSR forums? Often, if not very often. And its not the healthy critical type of conflict, its the very opposite of that. Keep it up, if it makes you feel good. You sound very unhappy.

            • dannyboy says:

              I made an honest Comment here in response to your: “i’d be willing to get more personally involved if i knew i was going to be protected if i did.”; I asked if you “don’t help. Wouldn’t help” for clarification of your unimaginable statement (“i’d be willing to get more personally involved if i knew i was going to be protected if i did.”)

              Now you have tried to avoid responsibility for stating that “i’d be willing to get more personally involved if i knew i was going to be protected if i did.” by jiving about (1) you were talking about someone else, (2) calling me a troll (a real red flag that you were deflecting) and now (3) attacking with your smear about the Comment being unhealthy and “You sound very unhappy.”

              And you wonder why I am in conflict with your Comments? (1) you won’t take responsibility for your words, (2) you can’t clarify what you could have possibly meant, (3) you throw “troll” insults to stop the dialogue, (4) you hurl insults about unhealthy conflict and accusations about my being unhappy (as an aside, I do enjoy exposing these deceptions and it does leave me happier than if I just joined in it).

              And all this because you couldn’t cop to you own previous admission that “”i’d be willing to get more personally involved if i knew i was going to be protected if i did.”

            • DJp says:

              If somebody is in conflict with majority, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. If Trump is elected that means a lot of us are in conflict with majority.

              And I heartily agree with dannyboy that it is amazing how people feel it is ok not to help or even that they themselves shouldn’t help but somebody else should. Even some lame whiny comments about “not being protected” if they intervene. So not to help a defenseless young woman is totally ok? What’s next – not to help a child if they are beaten up by same sort of animals?

      • anon says:

        the other riders may have been concerned one of the attackers had a gun and/or were mentally ill. I’m a pregnant woman – the only way I’m getting involved in this is to jump off at the next stop and call 911 or quickly notify other emergency personnel. And I certainly wouldn’t want my husband getting involved in such a altercation and being shot/hurt. Wasn’t she with her parents? You’d think her own parents would have tried to put a stop to it.

        • dannyboy says:

          Her mother should have helped her, but not your husband?

          • Anon says:

            As far as I’m aware my husband is not her parent. He is under zero obligation to stupidly jump in between some crazy thugs who may or may not have a weapon and another adult. Her parents, on the other hand, would be expected to act more instinctively (even if it’s not rational) to defend their child.

            • dannyboy says:

              Really, Anon?

              Such sentiments on a “neighborhood/community blog.

              ‘Hope you never need your neighbors’ help. Good luck with that.

            • DJp says:

              Now anon’s comments show why the people on the train didn’t help. She thinks it is plain stupid. Especially for her. Especially for her hubby. What she says further about the victim’s parents is truly astounding. The whole comments is astounding and I hope not to be surrounded by people like her anywhere, be it a train or a supermarket in the area.

    13. Carly says:

      It’s NYC, the home of the thug. These girls will be found and they will get community service. Why do you think thugs do these things? If they went to jail for 5 years, THEY WOULD BEHAVE!

    14. Lou says:

      Why does everyone assume no one intervened? The article does not say that one way or the other.

      • dannyboy says:

        Lou, more interesting to me is the explainations being provided for why some people here wouldn’t help.

        I guess some can rationalize any of their own behaviors.

        • Vulnerable says:

          Dannyboy – again, you have to tell everyone else what they should do. I personally would not get involved physically since the one time I did in a similar sounding situation, I personally got beaten to a pulp, was in the hospital for 2 days, and still have physical issues 5 years later.

          I know you think it is simple for anyone to help, but unless ALL the people on the train got involved at the same time, one person helping is outnumbered.

          I was surprised the parents didn’t help (just the sheer emotion of it makes someone like a parent get involved) but chances are, if they did, they also would have been hurt badly too.

          I agree with BH and anon – and find your comments (again) unfair for your to determine that you are correct on how it should be handled and others can’t have a viewpoint or reasoning.

          • dannyboy says:

            You agree with BH: “dannyboy: do you notice how often you are in conflict with others here at the WSR forums? Often, if not very often. And its not the healthy critical type of conflict, its the very opposite of that. Keep it up, if it makes you feel good. You sound very unhappy.”

            I don’t know where to start. But I will.

            These 2 monsters are PREDATORS. They need to be STOPPED. But you don’t seem to think so. But I do. I am sorry that position is in conflict with the “MAJORITY”, but that does not make it so. Your position is untenable. You must know right from wrong, but chose not to apply that if it means something off your back. Well sometimes you have to sacrifice to help another. I am just sorry that you don’t get that. So I’ll lay it out for you:

            Predators COUNT on others not intervening. In this case they attacked a sole woman AND THE GROUP STOOD BY AND DID NOTHING! Unconscionable. Each person rationalized their cowardice by saying only they could not have made a difference. TOGETHER THEY COULD HAVE, it would only take one getting involved.

            But no one want to “get involved”. Every excuse that has been offered here is just that, an excuse.

            You should research “Kitty Genovese” to see where you are headed.

    15. Malik says:

      One has to wonder what the comments would have been like if the two women were black or if this article had appeared elsewhere on social media.

      • Gil says:

        bad behavior is bad behavior malik, no matter who does it. i personally don’t know a single person who would feel any different depending on the color of the thug OR the victim. but please don’t let reality step on your victim narrative.

    16. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      This is horrible, and I hope that the perps are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

      It is disappointing that no one came to this poor woman’s defense.

      • dannyboy says:

        Also “disappointing” is the fact that so many Commenters here indicate that they too wouldn’t get involved.

    17. Sam says:

      I think we can say that the media is partly to blame for this sad state of affairs, almost always painting white and sometimes Asians as bad people and black and latinos as “minority” (hate that term !) “victims”, people who are mistreated. If I were an impressionable young black/latino person I can see how media reports might insight me to white hate or at least dislike. I am a 77 year-old white man. A couple of years ago I was attacked by two latino teenaged girls in the subway after the Puerto Day “Pride” parade. As I climbed the subway stairs , they shoved the sharp pointer of a Puerto Rican flag into my anus and it was very painful. When I confronted them, they told me to go fuck myself. Yes, these people feel they have total immunity from censure and behavior control. I don’t like Donald Trump at all but this is why he might win the election.

      • dannyboy says:

        Your anus experience is leaning you towards voting for Trump? That wasn’t clear.

        • Sam says:

          NO, couldn’t vote for him under any circumstances. I guess I am just saying that people want a bit more law and order and for older people like me who feel vulnerable a feeling of some security when we walk the streets and pay high taxes.

          • dannyboy says:

            Sam, you are The Man!

            Vote against the devisive rhetoric that is pitting races against each other (and more).

    18. West Ender says:

      Saw this on the evening new last night. They mentioned one of the perp dropped her photo ID at the scene. It’s only a matter of time…

      • sam says:

        But even if caught, these horrible characters will get a slap on the wrist at the most and sent to “sensitivity” training or some such innocuous exercise.

      • garn says:

        “its only a matter of time”? for what, $10,000 of “work” of our lazy government officials doing this and doing that, and in the end, offering this thug 6 mos of probation or community service at our expense? this city is rotting.

        • dannyboy says:

          That should motivate our criminal justice sytem.

          Citizens, you are creating a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy with this narritive (look it up, if needed).

    19. lynn says:

      It does appear to be on social media and the mother said she screamed for help and no one intervened. Here’s the link to the video and story:

      • dannyboy says:

        Remember Kitty Genovese!

      • 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

        In the NBC news video, they mention that one of the suspects dropped her New Jersey ID when she got off at the 110th & Broadway stop. So it is probably just a matter of time before they catch her.

        • Sean says:

          We need to seal the border with New Jersey. People from there have been a plague for years. It’s time.

    20. Zoro says:

      Proves the fact that not all racists are white.

    21. Michele says:

      As an Asian American woman living on the UWS, this is truly terrifying to me. Please keep us updated on this case. And this is not the first time that people of Asian descent have been targeted in NYC (see and I’m so disappointed that this happens in NYC.

      • dannyboy says:

        Dear Michele,

        Stay safe.I know you have a good heart when you write: “I’m so disappointed that this happens in NYC.”, but please be careful (even if it means having to be a little less hopeful).

        I do feel your Comment. I too am disappointed, but am coming to be more clear-eyed about “some” New Yorkers. Things have changed, so take care!