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This edition of Upper West Side openings and closings has a French accent.

iro, the French clothing store,opened on Monday night at 71st street and Columbus Avenue in the former home of Harry’s Burritos. This location is just selling women’s clothes, according to an employee. Thanks to 212-721-2900


A new market called Albertina’s Fine Foods is setting up shop in the old Tani’s shoe store space on Broadway between 69th and 70th streets. We had heard several months ago that it would be a deli. Information about the store is scarce so far. Thanks to Maria, Gretchen and several others for the tips.

French wine bar Vin Sur Vingt is planning to open a new location at 66 West 84th street, and has applied to the Landmarks Preservation Commission “to replace the storefront and to install a retractable awning and a mini split system.” Here’s the wine and food menus at their other three locations. That address housed to be a laundry business.


A new business called Blo is opening in the former Zahra’s Threading Salon at 287 Amsterdam between 73rd and 74th. Blo, which has four other locations, offers washes and blow outs — no cuts — notes tipster Alicia. For history buffs, that address was also the location of the last sex shop on the UWS.)

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    1. Mark says:

      I noticed Store Closing signs on the Eastern Mountain Sports at 76 and Broadway.

    2. EllenS says:

      Vin sur Vingt is a great wine bar! Love the variety of by the glass selections. More reason to never leave the neighborhood!

    3. BMAC says:

      Ahh Vin Sur Vingt on my old block! I’m jealous. That would have been a go-to date place for me back in the day. Thank goodness something is finally going to replace that long-defunct dry cleaners other than an occasional pop-up rummage sale for PS 9.

      Cue people complaining about the Citibike rack right outside the location in 5…4…3..

    4. Tom says:

      Blo makes it an easy transition from the sex shop it used to be. I wonder if old customers of the sex shop will wander in thinking they just changed the name lmao

    5. Mark says:

      I miss that sex shop and the candle bar nearby. The gay and fringe culture that used to permeate the Upper West Side has been bleached out and replaced by vapid yuppie culture. “Some day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets”

    6. 2 Handicap says:

      It did. You’ve been left with the vapid, yuppie culture. Feel free to open your own sex shop and bar.

    7. Allison says:

      Ugh another ridiculous priced clothing store on 71st? Bring back the burritos!

    8. Boopsie says:

      Yeah, just the UWS needs – more overpriced boutiques. And Nail Salons.

    9. njfeds says:

      So will the old Duane Read on Bway and 83/84 just sit empty and be Spirit of Halloween every October? An amazing food store would kick ass there

    10. tom says:

      how about a Wendy’s in the old McDonalds on Broadway??

    11. TAD says:

      It seems that the “Reply” on WSR no longer shows replies to specific comments, only to the overall posting. Please fix!

    12. SA says:

      I say another requiem for my dearly departed, beloved Harry’s.

    13. Cato says:

      # 10 @tom said “how about a Wendy’s in the old McDonalds on Broadway??”

      I’ve thought it would be great if that old McDonalds could turn into a farm-fresh goods store.

      And on that farm they had some eggs……

    14. Wendy Poulis says:

      What about a Home Goods in the old Loehmanns location? UWS has limited discounted stores for the home!

    15. Sean says:

      How about a Bohack’s?

    16. Sean says:

      How about a store that sells stuff for babies?

    17. dannyboy says:

      Bohack’s on Amsterdam Ave near 86th St?

    18. Liz says:

      Want to talk about blowing your wad or a big blow in terms of big stores — heard/read Fairway is in big. It’s huge. Expansion idea was a bust.

      Losing $$ out the Wazoo. So if Fairway goes — what will take its place?

      OK yeah. Bring back the sex shop. Why should Greenwich Village be one only ones to have a sex shop.

      But remember what Ms. Travis (Spitzer’s honey) said: “Sex is Sex; but money is money.”

    19. W 67th St says:

      Agreed. I loved Harry’s Buritos!!! Who needs another designer clothing store?

    20. Sean says:

      There is a reason why you won’t find a Dress Barn on the UWS.