We’re just saying that Tuesday’s sunset was particularly magical.

sunset feb 16
Photo by Nicholas Noyes from 104th and Riverside Drive.

sunset2 feb 16
Photo by Scott Matthews from 106th street.

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    1. My office on the 5th floor of a West 14th Street building looks south, and I have a nice-but-nothing-to-write-home-about view of Freedom Tower.

      Yet, after Sunday’s chill and the early week warming, and yesterday’s torrent and wind, the sunset was indeed particularly magical, if not for visual reasons than simply because it followed all the winter weather.

    2. Lucien says:

      Great photos, nice color to them!

    3. Jerry says:

      Either this is a sunrise looking east or if it is sunset then the caption cannot be accurate, since it shows buildings and there are not any looking west from Riverside Drive ???

    4. Roz says:

      Look again!

    5. Terry says:

      A sunset’s colors are not just seen in the west. Light from the setting sun reflects off clouds (as well as buildings and treetops) in other directions, often producing beautiful rosy tones, especially shortly after the actual sunset. Yesterday, there were indeed dramatic pink and purplish clouds lighting up the northern and eastern skies, with the quarter moon appearing in breaks of blue. Gorgeous!

      Great photos!

    6. Anne says:

      Thank you for the spectacular image!!!

    7. chris martens says:

      beautiful! love seeing all the UWS photos, new and old!

    8. Jeremy says:

      Nice pictures. I think I will start taking photos, and make them more beautiful, and submit pictures to WSR also. Very nice.

    9. lynn says:

      Are you saying they’re Photo Shopped? I have some pics with the same colors from Maine (pre digital camera and/or PS). Maybe we just have some excellent photographers here.

    10. manhattan mark says:

      The photo from 104th street is absolutely looking EAST!
      Seen are the westside of 898 WEA, south side of 905 and 915
      WEA…. and onto the roof of the Regent (formally a hotel) on
      104th street and Broadway. Also seen is 900 WEA and the
      south side of 245 W. 104th street.

    11. msd says:

      Yes, Tuesday’s sunset was astonishing! Thanks for posting the photos.