Not to be outdone by Lowe’s nifty new store, Bed, Bath & Beyond has devised a scheme to get Columbia students to stock up at its store on 65th and Broadway — free transportation!

As the new Columbians reported for school this week, the store sent a shuttle bus outside the dorms. Peter Lattman shot the photo below:

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    1. K8 says:

      I had thought when I was a student that it would have been a good idea for Ikea Paramus to offer the same service to students…and the UWS community at large. Come on, Ikea, get on it!

    2. jb says:

      FWIW, they have been doing this for years

    3. Nelson says:

      Smart move, BBB! Schlepping the big items can keep you from going to the store. (Hint: free shipping on their website if you spend $49+)

    4. Khaila Nicole says:

      Smart idea!

    5. Doralynn Pines says:

      Bed Bath and Beyond has done this for several years.

    6. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      It brings back memories of starting a new year at school. I wish I could go back. Though at that time we generally went to University Hardware, which is actually still there.

    7. Ted says:

      I’m not sure too many Columbia students are going to be sourcing remodeling projects or new high end appliances at the new Lowe’s store. Pretty sure BBB will be fine as will Gracious Home. The Lowe’s sadly is pretty underwhelming. It made a better Food Emporium.