A crafts store that’s been around for 40 years is closing soon, as new restaurants come to the Upper West Side.

Himalayan Crafts at 2007 Broadway between 68th and 69th is closing after being around since 1975. The store will close sometime this fall, according to the Lincoln Square BID.

Naruto Ramen is getting ready to open at 2634 Broadway on Broadway between 99th and 100th streets, the former home of Ruby Fragrances. The menu includes a wide range of ramen dishes, and other appetizers. The restaurant plans to open in about two weeks, they told our tipster Sasha.

TLVHummus Kitchen at 80th street and Amsterdam closed suddenly this week and reopened as TLV Mediterranean Bistro. The restaurant is under new management but is still Kosher and is on Seamless, according to our tipster Holly.

sweetgreen, which sells healthy prepared foods, is opening at 115th street and Broadway where there used to be a deli. Thanks to Adam for the tip. We had also heard a sweetgreen could move into the former Fusha space at 75th and Amsterdam, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Elite Home appears to have pulled out of plans to open inside The Aire at 67th street and Amsterdam Avenue. The sign is down from the building and the location no longer appears on its website. Thanks to Andrew for the tip.

Lucy’s Hair Studio has opened at 711 Amsterdam Avenue, between 94th and 95th street. “She’s a fabulous colorist and cuts hair for women, men and children!” writes Jan.

Several liquor license applications are on the agenda for the Community Board’s business committee meeting next month, including one for Sugar Factory in the old Ollie’s space on Broadway and 67th street. Sugar Factory is a glitzy candy emporium and restaurant with other locations in the city. We reported on this possibility earlier, but Sugar Factory postponed the initial hearing. The full list of liquor license applications, which wil go before the boar don Sept. 9, is below.

1.    2170-2178 Broadway (West 77th Street) OTA Partners II LLC, d/b/a To be Determined.
2.    998 Amsterdam Avenue (West 109th Street) Tannadice LLC, d/b/a To be Determined.
3.    427 Amsterdam Avenue (West 80th Street) Tai Kai Inc., d/b/a Momoya Upper West.
4.    2636 Broadway (West 100th Street) Spectru Restaurants, d/b/a d/b/a To be Determined.
5.    1991 Broadway (West 67th Street) Sugar Factory Broadway LLC, d/b/a Sugar Factory.
6.    80 Riverside Drive (West 80th Street) Cosmopolitan Broadcasting Corporation d/b/a Riverside Tower Hotel.

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    1. -A says:

      So Excited for Sugar Factory, they need a larger Manhattan location

    2. Carolyn says:

      Himalayan Crafts: B’way /68th-69th ; I don’t think it existed before 1990 under that name. I was selling ads for The Westside TV Shopper from about 1978-1988. That being my sales territory : from Columbus to B’way and 60’s to 80’s; I couldn’t have missed it for 10 years, could I?

      • m.pipik says:

        Right Carolyn,
        Himalayan Crafts has been there maybe 20 years. It is not a crafts shop but mostly a clothing and accessory store. I’ve been wonder how it has managed to survive so long.

      • dannyboy says:

        I guess that WSR just assumed 40 years because Crafts stores are so 1975s.

    3. BMAC says:

      I used to frequent the Naruto Ramen on the UES, and I’m completely stoked to see that it’s opening here as well. Just in time for a cold winter!

    4. D.R. says:

      The Himalayan Crafts store had the most impeccable, the most gorgeous men’s trapper’s hats.

      Was it a proposed new lease that pushed them out?

      • Sean says:

        Nothing says old UWS hippie like this store.

      • UWS-er says:

        From DNAInfo:

        Owner Shozo Miyahara, 72, said it wasn’t a rent increase or any external factor that had pushed him out, but that it was simply time to go.

        “We have been here too many years,” he said. “We are getting old.”

    5. pasta p says:

      All I can think of when I read about the Himalayan Crafts store is the Seinfeld episode…

    6. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “d/b/a To be Determined.”

      Gee, “To be Determined” is NOT a particularly great name for a restaurant, especially when it seems, according to the story, that there will be 3 restaurants with that name !

      Of course, naming restaurants can be difficult. Take the example of the former AGED. One was never sure if that name referred to the clientele, the wait-staff, or the food.


      • grandmasterbeta says:

        don’t quit your day job 😉

      • Young Sally says:

        I think there is/was a bar on the LES that is called dba

        • DenMark says:

          The owner of d.b.a. was killed while riding his bicycle a few years back. He had two locations, I believe the Williamsburg one has closed, but the East Village one is still around. Great spot, sad back story.

      • Stop The Madness says:

        Sorry SS,

        DBA is NOT “To Be Determined”. It stands for “Doing Bussiness As. Which is a very common abbreviation when listing a business name.

    7. w. neff says:

      It’s interesting that the 80 Riverside drive location is seeking a liquor license. Perhaps they are expanding the RSD cafe space.

      Having a location on Riverside that’s not the dreaded boat basin cafe would be most welcome.

    8. Des says:

      So excited about Naruto Ramen

    9. Marci says:

      I don’t remember seeing a notice that Tezao Hair on Amsterdam between 90th and 91st closed – but it’s reopening under a new name with most of the same staff. They’re shooting to be back shortly after Labor Day.

    10. IF says:

      Am I the only one who thinks Himalayan Crafts closing is a major bummer?! They have the coolest gifts in there at such reasonable prices. Beautiful boxes from India for under $20! I also got my mom a gorgeous alpaca scarf for x-mas last year for $75! I hope I get there again before they close!

    11. Barb says:

      It’s not only Columvus Ave with store closing..
      More than 10 stores within a 2 block area on Amsterdam avenue (upper 70’s) have ‘For Rent” signs..