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Manhattan Children’s Center, a school for children with autism, is set to open at 100 West 93rd street, the new retail development at the bottom of The Leader House, a condo building on Columbus Avenue between 92nd and 93rd streets.

Real Estate Weekly reported that the school, now headquartered on West 95th, will be able to consolidate its three locations and expand. The school is set to open there in Spring 2016.

“RKF announced that it has arranged the $16.5 million sale of the 19,008 s/f commercial condominium on behalf of the buyer Coltown Properties, a privately held, New York-based real estate company founded by Israel Weinberger, Steven Neuman and Jonathan Weinberger.

The brokerage subsequently arranged a lease at the property for MCC.”

While nearby residents may continue to pine for a Trader Joe’s at this location, it looks like the school will be taking most if not all of the remaining space. Last we checked, there were about 23,000 square foot remaining to be leased after Party City took 13,000 square feet.

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    1. Christina says:

      I, for one, am glad it’s going to be a school for children with autism. We certainly need that more than a Trader Joe’s, bank, drugstore, clothing store, bar, restaurant, specialty store or any number of consumer stores. There’s enough of them around.

    2. Carol says:

      Yes school for autism is a good thing BUT unless you are a one percent-er i would not poo poo Trader Joe’s …. Have a nice day!

    3. drg says:

      It seems odd that this “prime” retail space would be rented to a school. One would think that a school wouldn’t want to pay the premium attached to street level major avenue location. The small schools here on the UWS are almost universally on the side streets, if not occupying single or neighboring brownstones.

      Unfortunately, I think one can infer that the landlord found that potential retail lessees were sparse and/or nonexistent, other than Party City.
      Which bodes ill for the upper 90’s. Look at the Key Food at 92 and Amsterdam, now closing. Look at Food City at 95th, closed for 3 years with a still empty prime retail location.
      I disagree with the above comment. I think the more retail stores, the better, as far as fostering street traffic and increased safety. The problem with these 60’s urban renewal apartment buildings was the lack of street level retail, resulting in a long neighborhood “dead zone”. My hope for this new development has been severely disappointed with this news.

      • Drew says:

        Agreed. A school in this location doesn’t seem to make ANY sense at all. Either for the building to lure buyers or for a school to pay top dollar to be in a retail location without a benefit.

        I spoke to the agent last week and he said the negotiations were between a school, apparel store, coffee shop and gym. Doesn’t make ANY sense.

        Agreed that it is bad for the area as we had high hopes and wound up getting NOTHING for the masses to use and added no nighttime foot traffic for safety purposes.

        Re: Key Foods comment….that’s a TOTALLY different story. It’s owned by LeFrak and isn’t even for rent! Who knows what the heck the story is there. He did the same with the small storefront on 95th and Columbus. Kicked out tenant just to board it up and do nothing with it? Maybe it’s a tax write-off?

      • Gershon says:

        I disagree with your reasoning because this space was sold to the school. Not rented.

        • drg says:

          According to the link, the school did NOT purchase the condo space. Coltown Properties bought the space and are leasing it to the school. The seller was Starrett Development. They probably retained the expansion rights when it went condo, and are now cashing in. I guess 16.5 million upfront is better than leasing it themselves. Coltown Properties is a private real estate company… seems like an odd purchase for them, financially. I wonder if there is any charitable tax writeoff going on here.

          In any case, good for the school to consolidate and grow, but its a dissapointing outcome from the neighborhoods point of vie, IMO.

    4. maryjane says:

      any news on whats gonna be at the retail site on 96th & amst

    5. Ellie Steinman says:

      I think that Trader Joe’s should look at almost vacated space on Amsterdam Avenue and 90th Street. The Key Food that is currently in that location looks like it will be closing at any time now and TJ’s would definitely be a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

    6. Janice says:

      It is sad that these comments do not recognize the alarming need for these schools for children and families dealing with autism.
      It might create a shopping inconvenience for you, but this is a lifeline for all those dealing with this tragic diagnosis.

    7. TheResident says:

      Before you all continue saying it’s great that it’s not a Trader Joes… The School isn’t taking the retail space on Columbus Ave. It’s entrances will be on 92nd and 93rd streets, occupying the community facility spaces on the Ground and Second floor (above party city). The Retail spaces along the Avenue are still being negotiated on with Retailers

    8. John says:

      Brilliant!!!!! This is at the opposite end of my block!!!!!! A school for autistic kids is a much better use of space then another CVS and helps us all to retain a sense of community! Thrilling!!!!!!!

    9. Eliza says:

      . I don’t think it would be a wise idea to place a school for autistic children, in the midst of a heavily trafficked area. These children need continual guidance and supervision, Will there be enough personnel to assure that. And then there is the cost. Is this the best way to spend what must be limited funds? In line with other respondents, I can only guess that it is a tax break for a major real estate corporation or very likely, some heavy weight politico has an autistic child and would like it at a school nearby. We will find out eventually, but too late. Too bad for the constituents, right?

      • Christina says:

        There’s one on 17th St. and 6th ave. No one has had a problem with that location, and that’s a lot more heavily trafficked than 92/93rd and Columbus.