Rats have always been unwelcome guests on the Upper West Side. But lately it seems like they’ve been multiplying at a faster rate, and committing strange and dastardly acts like drinking from dog bowls and landing on people’s chests while they’re sleeping.

The experts want to teach you how to get rid of them at a “Rat Academy” on Thursday. Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell’s office is holding the meeting with “the NYC Department of Health, CB7, Senator Perkins, Borough President Brewer, and Council Member Levine.”

“As you are probably aware, a persistent rat infestation has been causing problems for residents around 109th street for a long time now, so we are partnering with the Department of Health to work on this.

On Thursday we’ll be holding a free training session (“Rodent Academy”) to provide information for residents, superintendents, and landlords alike on how to deal with this problem. The event begins at 5:30pm at the Ascension Church Senior Center (221 West 107th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam). Every household that attends will also receive a free rat-resistant garbage can.”

RSVP to Justin Simmons at 212-866-3970 or simmonsj@assembly.state.ny.us.

Clip Art by redccshirt.

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    1. 92nd Street says:

      It’s not rocket science. Rodents are attracted to food and moisture.

    2. ryan says:

      The problem on 109th is significantly driven by the insanely terrible handling of the garbage outside PS165. It sits out for days, the rats have at it, when the collectors come garbage spills everywhere from the holes the rats have chewed and no one from the school even cleans it up. How is this not a serious health violation outside of a school???

    3. Lrahip says:

      Hooray for Assembly Member O’Donnell for putting this together. Rats to the rats.

    4. Michael says:

      Ryan: come to the meeting and tell Assemblymen O’Donnell in person. For what its worth, the 108th street side of PS 165 is also a mess. The janitors at that school need to up their game. I plan on attending the meeting and complaining about the 108th street side.

    5. urbanasparagus says:

      Rodents are repelled by citrus & peppermint scents, and bright lights. This can be a start, although I will accept that New York rats have evolved beyond the standard lab rodent’s likes and dislikes.