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A 13-year-old boy was hit by a taxicab on 108th street and Manhattan Avenue on Sunday, and went to the hospital in critical condition.

The teen was riding toward Central Park when he was hit, according to the Daily News.

“The teen was riding towards Central Park on W. 108th St. near Manhattan Ave. at about 3:04 p.m. when a minivan cab driven by a 51-year-old slammed into him.

The victim suffered severe head trauma, along with cuts to his arms and legs.”

Gothamist reported that NYPD’s initial investigation indicated the teen ran a red light and DNAinfo says he was not wearing a helmet.

The cab driver was not charged. The teen was listed in critical but stable condition and sent to Harlem Hospital.

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    1. Barbara says:

      Unlike most streets in the neighborhood, Manhattan runs both ways, which makes it especially dangerous.

    2. ELJ says:

      According to this article the teen ran a red light and was not wearing a helmet. I wish more people would value their life and health over how they look and put on a helmet when they ride.


    3. dave says:

      Of course the biased author left out the fact the kid ran a red light….we get it,you hate cars unless YOU need to use them…

      • Em Kay says:

        He’s 13, for chrissake. So he engaged in stupid 13 year-old behavior. There but for the grace of god and whatnot.

        Where are you seeing “bias” in this article? Who is taking sides here, except you, with some imaginary war against cars in which you somehow manage to make yourself a victim in a goddamn blog post reporting on a child almost getting killed?

        It’s like I’m reading the comments section for the Tuscaloosa Times. Total idiots who must politicize everything and anything in order to make sense of any kind of story. “Boy on a bike gets hit by a car” = OBAMA TAKIN’ AWAY OUR AUTO-MOBILES.

        Is this West Side Rag or FoxNews.com? Let me know if I’m in the wrong place.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          Amen, Em Kay.

        • Steve-o says:

          the only bias and anger I see in this post and the comments is from you, Em Kay.

        • Ana says:

          Em Kay, I think that before you say something like that you should know better what is going on, the boy died his parents are extremely sad. think about if you were one the parents how would you feel. regardless if he passed red light or not he was a human being.

        • pratt says:

          guys this is one of my close friends so don’t insult him he was really close to me n his cousin and family r in great pain so keep a positive attitude

        • krystal says:

          thank you Em Kay for clearing it up he was only 13 and he made a mistake. you cannot say it was “bias”. no one is choosing a side because it was only a mistake.

      • ShermCraig says:

        Either they’re biased, or you’re a dumb-dumb.

      • Guest says:

        I look both ways when I enter an intersection driving.

        A lot of drivers would avoid collisions if they took the time to do so.

        How fast was this cab traveling to maul this kid?

        NYC needs more pedestrianization, better signaling and re-engineered roads.

    4. Soxtory says:

      Yes, we all love the Tuscaloosa Times, if it exists,and especially fair and balanced Fox News. After all we are all broad minded Obama lovers here on the Upper West.

      Usually kids are more inclined to stop for red lights and nobody is required to wear a helmet in NYC anymore. If he lives, I suspect he learned something.

    5. Jose matias says:

      He died, I live two blocks away I came after the ambulance took him away. I saw pictures and he looked terrible , bleeding from ears, mouth and nose. I want to know what was his name because I do remember seeing that bike around my neighborhood

    6. harlem dave says:

      If you don’t know the boy shut up. You people comment like the boy is imaginary. He is a real boy with friends and family who don’t wanna hear dumb shit. Some Guy said ” I hope he learned a lesson.. “. Asshole! That’s not what matters. All you need to say is God bless. I hope he makes it. Send love to family. And that’s it! Any comment about what he should have done is and trying to place blame is insensitive . That’s my little man and to have to read people talk like he’s not real is infuriating. And if you guys had this happen to a kid in your life, I bet you wouldn’t be so quick to say some shit that would offended grieving loved ones!!!!

    7. sml says:

      RIP valding. He was one of my students. Fun kid to be around. A jokester.

    8. Marvin says:

      My Condolences to the family and friends of Valding Duran. God always takes the good ones first.

    9. Tyler says:

      Rest In Peace Vaulding.

    10. jh says:

      RIP Valding, he was a son’s class mate, we are sad for this horrible situation. Our condolenses are with his family…
      Please if you decide to post something don’t write anything negative, by this time what his family needs is love and comprehension. Doesn’t matter who’s fault it was… Is a human being who past away, so please show respect if you want to publish your post…

    11. Dominick says:

      this kid was in my class this year. No insults toward his actions please. Everybody in my class will deeply miss him. :'(

    12. Michael says:

      He has passed away. May he rest he peace.

    13. Ciara says:

      Sad To Say That Valding Did Infact Pass Out They Took Him Off Of Life Support Last Tuesday R.I.P Angel

    14. Carla Liranzo says:

      r.i.p chichi :'( we all miss you cuzzo but now your watching over us and we’ll be soon back together up in heaven

    15. Kelsay says:

      I’m a very close friend to this boy and he passed away he just graduated from my school may he rest in peace and as a fried may you please leave this subject alone it is very sensitive
      thank you,