Gotham, a TV series that attempts to portray Gotham City before the arrival of Batman, was filming on West 73rd street near Broadway on Tuesday. The Ansonia was a stand-in for a building called The Woodward, which was located at 27 Garden Avenue, and there were lots of fake cops walking around wearing jackets with Gotham City Police Department badges.

This isn’t the first time the Ansonia was used as a stand-in for another building.



Photos below on West End around 70th street by Kara Glover Billhardt.



Photo below by Bette Kerr.


Photo below by Logan.


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    1. DMH says:

      Oh – nice! The Ansonia used to guest-star on How I Met Your Mother once in a while too… on the show, they called it the Alberta (?) and Ted the architect would rave about its details while his friends just rolled their eyes. I love to track Ansonia on the screen.

      Maybe I’m the only one who was bummed that NBC canceled last year’s Michael J Fox show? Amazing cast (Betsy Brandt, Katie Finneran) and nice UWS scenes.

      • Harriet says:

        I watched The Michael J. Fox show because I loved seeing our neighborhood AND I have a lot of respect for Michael J. Fox. But, after a few months I realized it was “Father Knows Best” with Parkinson’s Disease….ultimately just too cute and saccharine for my tastes.

    2. Batman says:

      They should film at the 95th Street homeless shelter for some real-life-caliber crime drama! “Who fired those shots? We haven’t begun filming yet.” LOL!

    3. webot says:

      Didn’t watch MJ Fox show, but always sorry to hear about an NYC based show cancelled – Great jobs for all, especially our working actors.

      Ansonia – also the home of one of “The Sunshine Boys” in the original movie.

      Also, the Ansonia was the star of a show a couple of years ago – 666 Park Avenue – yes a stand in for Park avenue, staring Vanessa Williams ,about rich evil Wall Street devils.
      They should have been real estate developers !

      that was a joke for all my readers 🙂

    4. james says:

      Krysten Ritter did a show called Gravity that ran for two seasons and was filmed all around the neighborhood. Lots of shots on 72nd, including a takeover of the Off Off Broadway shop. awful shop – just terrible.

    5. Doug says:

      Key scene in “3 Days of the Condor” at Ansonia if I’m not mistaken

    6. Ed says:

      They filmed on West 70 St on Tuesday.

    7. Bruce Bernstein says:

      there should be a large plaque OUTSIDE the Ansonia marking it as Babe Ruth’s home. There is a cabinet INSIDE but nothing outside. There also should be a LARGE plaque outside 110 Riverside (I think that is the address — it might be 100 RSD), where the Babe spent the last 15 or more years of his life. There is now a tiny plaque that noone can see.

      • David S says:

        And this is a good idea because the people that live at these addresses want tourists wandering into their lobbies or congregating in front of their homes? Take a stroll past The Dakota on a weekend afternoon and see what you get what a residence becomes a tourist attraction.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          huh? you’re against a plaque on the building? haven’t you noticed there are these types of historical plaques all over the West Side? they don’t attract crowds of tourists.

    8. Cyn says:

      Logan?! I know him!