The 13-year-old boy who was hit by a cab on Sunday afternoon at 108th street and Manhattan Avenue is on life support at Harlem Hospital, according to Captain Marlon Larin, commander of the 24th precinct. The boy suffered severe brain damage, but still has some brain activity, Larin said.

The family does not want to speak to the media, according to a Harlem Hospital spokesperson.

They are looking for recommendations for neurosurgeons they can go to for a second opinion, Larin said. If you know of anyone that you would send your own family member to, please email us at info@westsiderag.com and we’ll forward it through the captain to the family.

We’ll also keep you updated if we hear of other ways people can help.

Update: Thanks to everyone who sent in recommendations. Captain Larin forwarded them to the family. At this point, we probably don’t need more recommendations, but we’ll update everyone if there’s more that can be done.

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    1. Rebecca Elise says:

      Oh lord. Even as an atheist, God I pray for this teen.

    2. DogMomUWS says:

      Is there a fund to which we can donate to help with medical care? Regardless of whether this young person was wearing a helmet or running a red light, this is never something we would want to happen to anyone

    3. uwska says:

      A pediatrician living on the UWS here- It will be hard to get a neurosurgeon who does not have privileges at Harlem hospital to come in and give an independent second opinion. Perhaps this family should have a discussion with the doctors at harlem about transferring this child to either a children’s hospital (NYP Columbia – Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Pediatric ICU with the Pediatric Neurosurgery team at that institution) OR to Roosevelt Hospital’s Pediatric ICU, which is primarily a Neurosurgery ICU with some well regarded Neurosurgeons. A transfer to Columbia might be more feasible as Harlem Hospital and Columbia are affiliated institutions.

    4. Charlie says:

      Dr.Theodore Berenstein top neurologist in the country . My mother has an AVM which I similar to aneurysms . Had 5 brain embelizations done by him . Can thank him for her still being alive

    5. Guest says:

      Protected bike lanes everywhere would reduce these occurrences.

      We shouldn’t allow this to happen anymore.

      • Jeremy says:

        This particular accident would not have been prevented by a protected bike lane. However, I don’t think this thread should devolve into misplaced advocacy for one side or the other. Perhaps we should just let it serve its purpose.

    6. West Sider says:

      Captain Larin said Friday that the teenager was still alive. WSR.