Cathedral-henge on June 23.

We are all familiar with Manhattanhenge, the twice-a-year event when the sun aligns with Manhattan’s street grid. But Scott Matthews has begun to track Cathedral-henge, the twice-a-year event when the sun aligns with the statue of the Archangel Gabriel at the top of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Cathedral-henge, however, is harder for the whole city to enjoy at once. Scott explains:

“This happens twice a year: once at around May 17, as the sun is working its way north for the summer solstice. Then the sun turns around, starts heading south for winter, and aligns again at around July 23. But those dates really only apply to my particular vantage (even my next door neighbor would have different dates).”

These shots were taken at sunrise.

Cathedral-henge on June 24.

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    1. Nancy Wight says:

      Magnificent photos. Thank you! Hope you will display them at the Cathedral.

    2. suki says:

      What will these beautiful shots look like when the new building is imposed in our landscape? Thank you for those beautiful and dramatic photos. A huge halo!

    3. UWSEd says:

      Extraordinary. Thank you!!!

    4. Joan Paylo says:

      For more than 20 years, I had a great view of that angel from my window at 104th & RSD, and I would seek him/her out every morning as I learned to do my morning centering meditation. Then the new apartment building came up at 107th & Bway, and I could see her no more. But I know she’s there in spirit, for there is also power in the unseen.

    5. Pedestrian says:

      Lovely pictures. However, the sun does not “turn around and move south”! The sun does not move rather the earth does. The alignments we see are a function of the earth’s orbit around the sun.

    6. pjrod830 says:

      VERY cool! Thanks