A new map from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign shows where pedestrians were hit and killed by vehicles from 2010 to 2012. The map, linked here and pasted below, indicates that fatal crashes were spread throughout the neighborhood over that period.

Three years is a small sample size, so it’s hard to find clear patterns, given that there were nine fatal crashes during that period. Another map of collisions created using NYPD crash data shows pedestrian danger zones around several intersections, including 86th street and Amsterdam Avenue, 100th street and Columbus, and on several avenues around 96th street. Safety advocates have asked the DOT and NYPD for more comprehensive data so they can spot trends. Without accurate data, it will be difficult to pinpoint the most at-risk locations and make the right changes.

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Community Board 7 came up with a list of four of the most dangerous intersections in the neighborhood and sent it to Gale Brewer, who is attempting to catalog streets that need safety improvements. (The criteria for “most dangerous” isn’t clear, because Brewer left it open to each board. These intersections have been on the board’s radar for several years.

The full citywide list is linked here and Brewer’s letter to the mayor about the intersections is here. She notes they are not a comprehensive list but more of a starting point). “This list is not meant to be exhaustive or definitive, and was not voted on by the Borough Board, but represents community input to help inform the Task Force work ahead.”

The intersections are:
1. West 96th Street and Broadway
2. Riverside Drive and West 79th Street
3. Broadway/Columbus Avenue and West 65th Street
4. Southeast corner of 110th Street Broadway
On February 11, a community board committee will meet to discuss potential improvements to 72nd street and Riverside Drive and 79th street and Riverside Drive. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and will take place at 250 West 87th street.

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    1. NikFromNYC says:

      Last night walking acrossed 96th going downtown on the left side, I was sort of shocked to see over a dozen boringly black coat clad pedestrians casually crossing mostly towards me during the red don’t walk signal, and when the signal did turn it was confusing since a vehicle that had been thus blocked from passing was now stuck in cross traffic suddenly facing their own red signal. Only one gal even hesitated before entering into active traffic with the pace of the crowd. It was as if the crowd was in fact asserting itself in defiance of the red signal and of traffic by acting in a gang effort, successfully, making lawful pedestrians then face panicked drivers trying to get out of Broadway traffic when it started up again.

    2. C.H. says:

      Okay, it’s not officially the UWS but Columbus Circle is a nightmare as well! Thus the Circle.

    3. Sr says:

      At 79th & riverside , out of state drivers ( NJ of course )
      Often speed through the light into the cross walk and are annoyed when bikes, people and strollers get in their way . Don’t we know how important they all are???
      Enough to mow someone down apparently
      More enforcement of no left from uptown R Drive direction would be a start

      • jsdon says:

        The whole thing is a mess due to too many cars coming in from New Jersey. No manners. Blowing their horns all the time, not once but like we should be glad to see them.. Awful.

    4. Wags says:

      Much of the traffic congestion at 79th street is caused by the buses that park between RSD and the West Side Highway. This often causes traffic to back up onto the south bound WSH particularly during PM rush. Frustrated drivers then try and blow through the RSD lights to get out I of the mess. Get rid of the bus parking lot would be a good start.

    5. MaryJo says:

      I’m glad to see W 79th on this list. In 2005, I was mowed down by a group of VA girls who were running late to their Lincoln Center event to kick off their girls’ weekend. Unfortunately , in their haste , they got off at Riverside and 79th and tuned uptown on Broadway by mistake, and ignoring traffic signals, caught me in the crosswalk. The irony is that, for once, I was obeying the walk/don’t walk sign. I’ve seen countless “near misses” at the same intersection.

    6. kc says:

      Is there discussion of speed bumbs on streets like West 96 and 97 going from Broadway toward Riverside? That might be a way to show traffic that ends up speeding down those hills.

    7. Darrell says:

      How about around 70 St. where it merges with Broadway and Amsterdam? Can be very dangerous it you don’t pay attention to the merging traffic, going in different directions.

    8. juli says:

      The DOT has extended the time pedestrians have to wait for the ‘red’ light to change. People are impatient and want to get going. Everything today is structured to aide cars… Pouring into the City in ever increasing numbers.

    9. Sherry Harris says:

      Crossing Columbus Ave between 77 and 81 is a hazard.
      The ice between the bike lane and the road is as slippery as could be.

    10. JKM says:

      It is stunning that 97th and WEA, where Cooper Stock was killed, is not on this list. If you look at crash data even from before that tragedy occurred, 97th and West End is incredibly dangerous. Shame on CB7 for failing to include it or to amend it after Cooper’s death.

    11. mark ozer says:

      97th and West End needs to be on the list of intersections to review.

      Fatal accidents. Injuries in other incidents and many near misses.

      Need a left turn signal there for all the traffic heading west from east side with west side highway traffic and busses adding to the mayhem.

    12. ER says:

      what about 96th and west end?! i live nearby and cross here multiple times per day. the irony is that even when pedestrians obey the walk/don’t walk signals, they are in danger because cars turning right never yield at this intersection (this goes for turning right from we south onto 96th, turning right from 96th going east onto west end, turning right from we north on 96th and from 96th heading west onto we.) all aspects of this intersection are awful and the crosswalks here should really be fully protected (ie no cars have green lights when pedestrians are crossing).

    13. Freddie Rivera says:

      97 st. And 96 st. Has very dangerous cross walks and becomes a challenges for all us that live in the neighborhood. Specially patents with kids walking to and back from school.
      But 97 st. And west end avenue needs to be added to this most dangerous list. Our neighbor cooper lost his life at this corner and many pedestrian has being hit by cars before this precious little boy lost his life.
      Restriction should be added on this corner traffic light, no left turn in the morning and afternoons rush hours for traffic turning from 97 st. Into west end avenue.

    14. This morning as I crossed Broadway I noticed that the woman walking slowly in front of me was doing so because she was so busy texting or emailing. Instead of paying attention to crossing the street. She’s not the first person I’ve seen doing this. I would assert that in addition to tangible changes to traffic patterns, speed bumps, light synchronizations, etc. that are being reviewed and recommended that a public awareness campaign for pedestrians should also be underway reminding people that their only job when crossing the street is crossing the street.