Verve, an accessories shop on Columbus between 73rd and 74th is in the process of closing out with a big liquidation sale. The shop, which also has a West Village location, sells jewelry, hats, watches and other items. One of our sources says that the shop had to leave because of a rent hike. Thanks to Geoff for the photo.

BÖC, the women’s clothing boutique, moved into the former home of Berkley Girl on Columbus between 79th and 80th streets. We initially reported that Korean designer Boyoung Kim would be moving into that space based on several media reports (Kim may be moving in next door, where the address is also 410 Columbus Avenue). Thanks to our commenters for straightening us out.

A new Parisian boutique called Sandro is moving into the former home of Variazioni (which had said it was closed for “renovations”) on Columbus between 68th and 69th. Check out the women’s fall/winter collection here.

Clearwire on the corner of 94th and Broadway closed recently. Sprint bought Clearwire in July, notes our tipster Ken. The store sold WiFi router boxes that you could plug into an electrical outlet at your home. That Clearwire store appears to be the last in Manhattan, he says.

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    1. Scooter Stan says:

      Re: Verve’s having “to leave because of a rent hike.”

      No Sir-eee Bob … or Barbara! It had to leave cause it didn’t develop nifty jim-dandy advertising slogans like:

      (akin to the classic “You’ll Rave / You’ll Save / With Burma-Shave!”

      or the edgy



    2. yoyo says:

      What’s going on with the old Lansky’s on West 71st/Col?
      Anyone? Anyone?
      Bueller? Bueller?

    3. James says:

      Looks like the Subway on 72nd bet. Columbus and Amsterdam has closed, too.

    4. Liz says:

      Sorry to see Verve go. They always had such neat stuff. What’s going to take its place — a bank or another branch of Duane Reade.

      Just an aside, talking about Duane Reade, a/k/a/ Duane Greed. Check the prices of items you buy. I have found that the price by the time I get to the register is always more than the price on the shelf. Also, many times discount priced items are rung up at full price. If you say something they get mad and make it like it’s your problem.

      Bought 5 items at the D/R on Bdwy and 75th St. last week. The clerk rang up the sale 3X and could not get the prices right — he kept overcharging on various items and then claimed he had to charge me for an item that was not included in the three prior attempts.

      Finally, I demanded that he cancel the transaction. The Mgr. intervened and resolved the matter. However, watch them like a hawk. They always overcharge you.