Dean’s Pizzeria on 85th street off of Broadway closed its doors this weekend. The brick-oven spot was considered by some to be one of the best pizza spots on the Upper West Side. It made an old-school square pie and a traditional round pie. The Dean’s owners, Mirene Angelis and Nick Tsoulos,¬†also own the Patsy’s pizza and pasta chain. The Dean’s website now says it will be “moving to Patsy’s on West 74th,” which our tipster Jeff said basically means they’ll be moving their delivery operations to Patsy’s. Jeff calls the closing “a BIG loss.” Thanks to Jeff and Shari for the tips.

Krik Krak Restaurant, a Creole spot on Amsterdam Avenue between 101st and 102nd, has closed, a tipster tells us. No one was picking up the restaurant’s phone on Monday night.

Insomnia Cookies is opening a new location, right next to the Hungarian Pastry Shop on Amsterdam and 111th street. Insomnia is known for delivering cookies until 3 a.m., which is good news for Columbia students who are “studying” until late into the night. Thanks to Nancy for the photo. Insomnia has another location on Amsterdam between 79th and 80th.


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    1. BILL says:

      “delivering cookies until 3am”……………the times soitenly are a changin

    2. sara says:

      pildes moved from broadway and 78 next to ATT store to old Grom location, Boce(name?) is gone too.. not sure what is replacing them.. Childrens place is south of the 2 consecutive empty store fronts and ATT on the north side.. hope neither of them is expanding!

    3. jerry says:

      Dean’s Pizza closing???? No big loss!!! Want a real old school pizza? Hie thee to Sal and Carmine’s on Broadway. It’s been around for decades and is now run by the grandsons – who do as good a job and their grandparents.

    4. Peter Rodriguez says:

      I wish Sal.& Carmines could deliver. They are missing outon huge opportunity

    5. Nikki says:

      Krik Krak?! Say it ain’t so! Where else will I get my haitian food fix.

    6. Jeff says:

      Krik Krak was legit – bummer to hear. Never been to Dean’s, but did notice that Patsy’s started delivering, so that’s good stuff.