Are there potheads hiding in those trees? Photo by Magnus Nordstrom.

It’s not Washington Square Park, but Central Park has been known to attract people looking to achieve more than just a fresh-air high. So far this year the city has been cracking down on drug use at an increasing rate, according to a report today.

Geoffrey Croft of NYC Parks Advocates reported on his blog A Walk in the Park that drug arrests in the park have jumped to 37 from 6 through the same period last year. Police statisticians did not break down the nature of the drug use — marijuana or cocaine for instance.

That doesn’t mean drug abuse is suddenly rampant. Based on the stats there have been fewer than two arrests a week.

Other crimes in the park are also up, with 38 major crimes reported this year versus 31 in the same time frame last year. In particular, the park appears to be having problems with theft. In 2012, 76 grand larcenies were recorded, which is more than in 2001 and equal to the total in 1998. This year, grand larcenies are up even more — so far 26 have been recorded, versus 22 at this time last year. There have also been 5 burglaries, whereas no burglaries had been reported last year. Police have been warning people not to leave their belongings out, and they city has added hooks where people can hang their bags up at basketball courts, Croft reported.

Check out the stats below. Click to enlarge. (Croft compiled the drug arrests from another source.)

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      I hoped the UWS would reclaim their hippie or at least junkie roots to join the Tea Party, alas they are Republicans.