This week, we have lots of Upper West Side opening, reopening and closing news to report.

A new restaurant called Pitaya is opening at 239 West 105th street, the former home of Zen Palate, and it apparently serves Asian cuisine. Beyond that, details are sketchy. A pitaya is a dragonfruit, and it was supposed to be the next big thing a couple of years ago, or so said the New York Times. Thanks to Lisa for the tip and photo.

Monaco Restaurant on 80th and Amsterdam has apparently closed temporarily for renovations. Thanks to Eric for the tip.

Park West, the new restaurant on 70th street just West of Columbus Avenue (in the former home of Epices) that we first wrote about months ago, is getting ready to open on Saturday. DNAinfosays that owner “Peter Coundouris said his joint, located at West 70th Street and Columbus Avenue, will cater to the same sophisticated late-nighters as neighboring ventures Cafe Tallulah and the Dakota Bar — but he believes his spot will stand out with its food.” It will have a backyard and picklebacks: “a shot of whiskey or bourbon followed by juice from jalapeños and from house-made pickles.”

China Fun on Columbus between 71st and 72nd has finally reopened after being closed for a month due to a fire in the kitchen. As our tipster Susan wrote: “Yippeeeee!””

Aged Steakhouse on 88th and Broadway appears to be closed. The restaurant has been dark since last month with a sign on the door saying it will reopen on March 22 because of “unavoidable circumstances.” There is no phone message to explain what’s going on. Thanks to Michael, Angela and David for the tips. As one tipster said “They never really became a neighborhood place.”

Coffee and coffee supply store Oren’s Daily Roast just signed a lease for the L’Occitane shop on 83rd street and Broadway, and should open in the next two to three months, said realtor David Chkheidze.

A new unnamed restaurant is applying for a liquor license to operate in the space on 72nd street near Broadway currently occupied by Kumo Sushi. That doesn’t mean for certain that Kumo will close.

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    1. ELJ says:

      Nice to see a locally owned business like Oren’s moving in. They have great coffee and we don’t need anymore chains serving products of inconsistent quality. Yes I mean you Starbucks and CBTL.

    2. Mike says:

      I’m not sure where, but somewhere in the world the word “Goodbye” is pronounced “Closed for Renovations.” Oh, I know…it’s Manhattan.

      • Amy says:

        Why is that? are they legally obligated, for som reason, not to reveal that they are going out of business? only in NYC do restaurants do that, I agree…

    3. Scooter Stan says:

      Re: “Aged Steakhouse on 88th and Broadway appears to be closed….As one tipster said ‘They never really became a neighborhood place.’ ”

      DUHHH…of course NOT!!

      I mean, who of us in the “medicare-eligible” set or younger and still in his/her right mind (left mind?) would want to be seen entering or leaving a place under a huge sign reading “AGED”?

      I mean, I may be losing my faculties but I haven’t lost my pride….yet.

      P.S.: which reminds us of the Lonesome Lion … the one wno lost his pride.

    4. LULU says:

      Yupper, The Saigon Grill finally closed its doors a few weeks ago. All the contents have been removed, so it’s not another false alarm. They finally did themselves in due to greed. They were court ordered to pay back millions in damages to their former employees. CONGRATS TO ALL THE DEMONSTRATORS — YOU WON!!

    5. Liz says:

      If Monaco is closed for renovations — that means some other restaurant or boutique will be opening up there soon. Too bad. It had a nice old world charm and good food.

      Good news!! The Emerald Inn is not gone for good. They will be moving to 72nd Street between Broadway and West End. Hope it retains its Irish pub feel and doesn’t wind up being too Yuppie and expensive.