This fall has been filled with restaurant openings, and three more restaurants recently came across our radar.

Park West: Pomodoro owner Peter Coundouris plans to open a new “American” restaurant in the former home of Mediterranean restaurant Epices at 103 West 70th Street next month. The restaurant will have a bar, a lounge and a backyard seating area,” says DNAinfo. “He plans on having “wine and cheese” and beer nights in the space, which is about 800 square feet with a 400-square-foot patio…Small plates will be available as well as classic American choices like filet mignon and hamburgers.”

Amsterdam Burger Co.: The old Mike’s Pizzeria 654 Amsterdam Avenue (near 92nd Street).  has been transformed into a new Kosher burger spot. A long discussion about the new place erupted recently on Chowhound, with some complaining that they only cook burgers medium-well but others calling the burgers “fantastic.” There is also some mention of “bacon,” which must be fake, right? Or have the Kosher rules changed (kidding!). See the menu here.

Andanada 141: After chef Jesus Nunez left Gastroarte a couple of months ago, the restaurant at 141 West 69th Street closed down. But it’s recently reopened with a new hotshot Spanish chef named Manuel Berganza, who has led restaurants to 2 Michelin stars in the past, according to DNAinfo. “The menu at Andanada 141, which opened three weeks ago, includes Pate de Cabracho, a scorpion fish flan served with cauliflower foam and eggplant caviar, and Arroz Con Leche, rice pudding topped with cinnamon ice cream and crispy fried rice.” See the full menu here.

For more recent openings and closings, click here.

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    1. Scooter Stan says:

      Re: “The menu at Andanada 141, … and Arroz Con Leche, rice pudding topped with cinnamon ice cream and crispy fried rice.”

      Wowee!! Cinammon ice cream with fried rice! What’s next, Moo-Shu-Hot-Fudge-Sundaes ?? General Tzo’s Potato Latkes?

      And what the heck is “Cauliflower Foam”??

    2. Mireia says:

      I must say Andanada 141 is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. It’s a pretty place, the staff are really nice and the food is awesome. You should definitely go there!

      • Catalina says:

        Take a look Mireia,The people don´t think that food is awesome.Are you working there?

        • Mireia says:

          I don’t work there, I just had dinner in Andanada a month ago. I’m from Spain and I was in NYC because of the marathon (which was cancelled). I think they’re doing a really good job because they are innovative and they know how to make traditional Spanish dishes so different without losing their “essence” (despite the arroz con leche, which I didn’t like).

          It’s just my point of view 🙂 And I’m sorry, my English isn’t really good haha

    3. Phil says:

      What a shame about Epices. I went there a couple of times and it was great. I’m surprised a Mediterranean restaurant didn’t do well. I guess it’s not the flavour of the month.
      And yeah, cauliflower foam? Regrettably, the fact that molecular gastronomy exists doesn’t mean you have to foam the crap out of everything. By the way, Arroz con Leche, a traditional latin american dessert should not be topped with anything. People might think it sounds exotic because there’s eccentric sounding crap on it but it would be like someone taking a classic American slice of apple pie and and destroying it by putting crispy fried rice on it as well. And don’t pretend that you’d like that because you know perfectly well that your reaction would be, “ugh, disgusting”. Foreign words and exotic sounding culinary pairings don’t make good cuisine.