This vey strong woman was working out in the lululemon window on Broadway during the Winter’s Eve festival on Monday night. One woman who walked by said “Is she real?”

November 27, 2012 Weather: Rain/snow, High of 36 Degrees.

Free concerts and readings, and a planetarium event are on our calendar.

Check out an early list of city Hannukah events from Mommy Poppins here. Another local event “Judy and The Maccabees” is scheduled for December 9 at the Kaufman Center.

Two men swindled a deliveryman out of cash and his iPhone at a building on West 61st last week by pretending to be cops and then robbing him. “A man greeted him at the building’s front door and asked him to step inside the lobby. The deliveryman refused, and a second man emerged and flashed a badge that was hanging around his neck. “I’m a cop, come inside,’ he said, and told the deliverer to put his hands on the lobby’s wall. As the deliverer complied, the two impostors reached inside his pockets and removed $400 and a new iPhone.” (NY Press)

Starrett Corp, the owner of the rental building at 733 Amsterdam Avenue (96th Street), is facing a $55 million foreclosure suit brought by lenders who said the company defaulted on its loans. The owners had hoped to convert rent-stabilized apartments into market-rate units, but the plan doesn’t appear to be working out. The debt could be refinanced, or the lenders could push for the building to be sold. (The Real Deal)

How Landmark West helped clean up the 72nd street retail corridor. “Was it magic that wrought this transformation? No. It took the perseverance of a team of local residents, property owners, merchants, elected officials and city agencies all working towards a single goal – to support local businesses by improving the appearance of this pre-eminent urban ‘Main Street.'” (Landmark West)

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    1. ann says:

      Now, if only they would put garbage cans mid-block on 72nd Street. Such a filthy street, people just toss their garbage anywhere.