The owners of the Alamo Drafthouse Theater, the moviehouse coming to the former Metro Theater at 2626 Broadway (100th Street) next year, are applying for a permit to expand their lobby into the adjacent building at 2628 Broadway known as the Ariel East.

The Drafthouse, a Texas company, is cramming quite a few screens and a kitchen into a building that once housed just one single grand movie screen (maybe not so grand during the sad stint when it was a porn theater). They expect to show movies on five screens in the building — the company president told us in an interview last year that “We’re going to use every possible nook and cranny of the space.”

The five movie screens will still be located entirely inside the old Metro Theater, but the condo tower next door will hold part of the lobby, a Drafthouse rep told us. The renovations are still dependent on city approval.

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Thanks to Meg for the tip and Malcolm for the photo.

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    1. Nick P says:

      Best news I’ve heard all day. Get a better theater and finally get the empty storefront in the Ariel East filled.

    2. Tony D says:

      five screens? the metro had only two and while the upstairs, formerly the balcony, was serviceable, the lower floor was a terrible space. i’m glad i got to go when it was first renovated and a single theatre showing revivals, but with five screens it’s difficult to be anything but skeptical.

    3. Kay W. says:

      I’m thrilled to see something coming in there! It’s been empty for so long. I love the idea of 5 theaters…lots of choices. Will probably check out the drafthouse, too, if they serve food