They’re already putting up holiday snowflake decorations on Upper West Side lampposts.

November 14, 2012 Weather: Mostly Sunny, High of 46 Degrees.

Upper West Side events today include a work-from-home meetup at the Dead Poet and a free poetry slam at Lincoln Center, among others.

Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell is cosponsoring a free Flu Shot Clinic with the William F. Ryan Center this Friday, November 16th. Shots will be available between 10 AM and 1 PM. Readers interested in reserving a shot can call the office at 212-866-3970 or send an email to

A community board committee approved a proposal last night to expand bike racks in 91 new spots in the neighborhood, and a proposal to create a bike “corral” near Henry’s restaurant on 105th, which would eliminate a parking space. The full board will vote on the proposals in December. (Columbia Spectator)

Danny Meyer’s company is opening a cafe in the Equinox on 76th and Amsterdam called Creative Juice in December. (NY Times, fourth-to-last item)

Meeting Philip Roth at an unnamed Upper West Side deli, a young author serves him breakfast and hands him his book. “I served Philip Roth his usual nova, eggs, and onions (egg whites only); a bialy (hold the cream cheese and butter); and a large, fresh-squeezed orange juice. He was once a more regular patron, but I hadn’t seen Roth at the deli for nearly a year—he does reside in Connecticut—and during the last two months I’d been looking forward to his arrival with heightened anticipation.” (Paris Review)

A friend followed every hip “trend” the New York Times styles section identified for a year. “In the interest of science, I looked at every New York Times trend story published since January and identified the ones that could best be used as instruction guides for fabulous living. My mission: become the trendiest guy in New York City.” (Slate)

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    1. Liz says:

      Bike racks – more unnecessary street furniture. Bikes and bike racks — bah humbug. Want to ride a bike do it in Central Park — not on the streets of New York.