A new bar called 78 Below has opened in the space formerly occupied by the P&G Bar on the corner of 78th Street and Columbus Avenue. And like P&G, the new spot is dedicated to playing lots of live music — every night, if possible.

78 Below is located in the basement of the building that houses the restaurant Gazala. It’s a very big bar — four full rooms, with a lounge space, a pool table, a big bar and a stage packed with nice equipment.

Owner Leslie Hutchinson told us that she’s excited to bring music back to the space after P&G closed last August. The space just opened last Tuesday, but they’ve already had lots of bands play. On Monday, 78 Below will start its open mic series, which will be run by cast members from the musical Hair. Blues Brother Johny Rosch takes the stage on Tuesday, and The Big Ed Sullivan Blues Jam is expected to play on Wednesday. Music continues throughout the week, and next Saturday singer Amy Coleman takes the stage.

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    1. Justin says:

      Live music is officially back on the UWS! I’ve already been here twice – once for the opening on Tuesday and again later this week with a few friends. An awesome space with great live music, an amazing beer selection and friendly staff. Looking forward to many more nights at 78 Below!

    2. thebassguy says:

      Hard Bargain performs this Friday 4/13, 10pm!

      Soul, funk, blues and general bad behavior all ’round. NO cover.

    3. marc glazer says:

      Congratulations and good luck to 78 Below. However, they are not the only Upper West venue that features live entertainment. Columbus72 features a live Salsa band every Friday at 10:00 PM

    4. My in-laws have a Hammond organ that has been in storage for years. Frank Beacham told me you were looking for one, and I promised them I would try to sell it. It might need work, but if you are interested, let me know. I will pull it out, clean it up, and plug it in. They live in Maywood, NJ, about 10-15 minutes over the GWB just off Route 4. I’m on FB as Skip Van Lenten

    5. glenn says:


    6. Beverly says:

      I like this place, and it’s a shame, because I dont know how they can stay around serving the audience they serve, which is the much older crowd, not big drinkers. There is very little difference between this and P&G’s, and P&Gs couldnt make it. Fingers crossed.

    7. Ted Mason says:

      First of the music is terrible. And no one is ever there! its a ghost town. Biggest deal they have is Johnny Rosh, lead singer of the Blues Brothers so rumor is (Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are the lead singers) who plays bad versions of Led Zeppelin, his favorite Whole Lot of Love written by Willie Dixon and stolen by a rather nasty bunch of English barbarians Led Zeppelin (and yes Willie Dixon did sue and he won against the band.) The deal is the owner makes band members buy drinks and she hires any half wit musician for no pay as long as they come in and jam and buy loads of drinks. If the owner is not willing to bring to the public good music, then she does not deserve to be in business. She is scrapping from the bottom of the barrel by allowing unseasoned musicians to live out their fantasy, play poorly, screw these poor fools by making sure they buy drinks and she is not doing anything to bring in the public, provide the public and interesting venue for fun, music, and ideas and well… all rather cynical to me.

    8. eric says:

      Keep me posted as to ur schedules