Have you been to this 16 Handles place on Amsterdam Avenue between 75th and 76th Street? It always seems to be packed. I think it’s because they let people control their own froyo. The store lets you personally pump frozen yogurt into a cup or cone, mixing and matching the 16 flavors, swirling it or plopping it in whichever way you desire,  and then add toppings.

Sadly, some kids will stick their hands onto the dripping yogurt nozzle and then lick it off their fingers (c’mon kids, that’s gross!)

Now the frozen yogurt emporium is expanding North in the neighborhood.

By January, 16 handles expects to open a new store at 2600 Broadway between 98th and 99th Streets, Jessica, a general manager at the Amsterdam Avenue store told me. That spot used to house a Starbucks.

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Thanks to Daren for the tip.

Photo by roboppy via flickr.

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    1. Harriet says:

      I know 16 Handles yogurt is good, but I stopped going for exactly the reason this chain makes money. When I can serve myself, I always pump too much and it ends up costing an arm and a leg….to say nothing of 600-700 calories. Tastee-Delight controls my portion size. I like it that way.

    2. toolatekev says:

      Glad to hear something is taking that space, it’s been empty for several years now. The block also includes a downmarket liquor store and some kind of institutional residence, so this should spruce it up a bit.