Private Preschool Opening Second Location in the Ansonia

Goddard School Manhattan, photo:

By Caitlyn Brady

This September, The Goddard School — a private, franchised preschool not related to the nonprofit Goddard Riverside Community Center — is opening a second location at the Ansonia on West 73rd Street and Broadway. Currently under construction, the new location will have space for 120 children, from infants to four-year-olds.

“We present ourselves as a preschool, not a daycare center,” said Bill Swan, the owner of the new school, as well as of the original location on 93rd and Broadway. “Our goals are cognitive development and socialization skills.”

According to Swan, the program is not funded by the Department of Education, but paid for and supported by the tuition the school receives from parents.

“Tuition rates vary by the age of the child and the number of days per week of attendance,” he said. “The range is $1,400 to $3,300 per month. Tuition decreases as children transition to older classrooms.”

“For those families that want to come in September there’s no waiting list, they can enroll now,” said Swan. “And if they need coverage before September, they can reside at the 93rd street location until September [when the new school opens.]”

“We have faith in New York,” he concluded. “We see families coming and we want to serve their children.”

The Goddard School has more than 500 locations in 38 states. For more information, you can call them locally at 212-712-2727.

    1. Mark Moore says:

      Meanwhile the Dwight school extension in the old Food City on Columbus was supposed to open in February and looks like it’s not close to opening.

    2. ml says:

      Wondering what sort of outside play space the school is planning?
      Riverside Park?

    3. The Day School at Christ & Saint Stephen’s, a non-parochial pre-school for students 2 to 5, remains open on West 69th Street, between Columbus and Broadway. We are in our eleventh year of helping young people learn to love learning.

    4. Johnny says:

      Boy, that basement has come a long way! If you catch my drift…