Even the Sunflowers are Shivering — But Spring is Just Around the Corner

The “real feel” temperature in NYC this morning is 2 degrees below zero, so here is a small photo bouquet of flowers to cheer us up, from photographer Stephen Harmon. “These days will come again,” he wrote. Thanks Steve!

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    1. Christina Johansson says:

      L O V E L Y !

      Thank you very much!

    2. Ellen says:

      So beautiful.

    3. Lyla Ward says:

      Steve Harmon– I’m so happy to see examples of your wondeful photography again–I miss the photos you used to post on Growing Up on the Old Upper West Side–But I will be looking for you from now on in The West Side Rag.

    4. “…But Spring is Just Around the Corner”

      No it’s not! Winter just began a couple weeks ago; can’t we just enjoy it for awhile before wishing furiously for the return of mosquito, hurricane, sweat & flooding basement apartment weather?

      Jeez, nothing like waking up to a mosquito in one ear, a jackhammer in the other and crying infants in both, through those wide open windows.

      You can keep your summers, thank you very much, and the overpowering stench of eau de old fruit and fecal garbage that invariably accompanies it.

      Let’s also, while we’re at it, let the extreme cold whittle away some small part of the burgeoning rat population, which the city refuses to address or even acknowledge.

      There’s a lot to like about winter- mostly because it’s not summer.

    5. Kathleen says:

      oooooooooooooooo How beautiful!!

    6. Alan Flacks says:

      . . . Ah, nice “political commentary”: NONE!
      Finally a pleasant & pretty story devoid of politics–unless you don’t like flowers. . . .
      Thanks to photog Harmon. P.s. And to Braverman infra., Bye Bye Braverman.