Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul and Other Top Democrats Hold Big Verdi Square Rally to Get Out the Vote

Everybody came! (Though some didn’t stay for the photograph.) 

By Carol Tannenhauser

New York City Democrats held a rally on Sunday afternoon in Verdi Park, on West 73rd Street and Broadway, and virtually every important New York politician — federal, state, and local — came. The goal was to get out the vote for the November 2nd General Election. The organizer was Manhattan Borough President/City Council Candidate (again!) Gale Brewer.

Speakers included Governor Kathy Hochul, Brooklyn Borough President and Democratic Mayoral candidate Eric Adams, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Sen. Charles Schumer, Attorney General Letitia James, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, Councilmember and Manhattan Borough President candidate Mark Levine, Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, and many others. The crowd was large and enthusiastic. “Love Fest” is not an exaggeration.

Kathy Hochul.

Scott Stringer, Gale Brewer, and Eric Adams.

Eric Adams.

Charles Schumer, with Gale Brewer and a glimpse of Scott Stringer.

Jerry Nadler.

Brewer, Adams, and Verdi.

The crowd.

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    1. Chuck says:

      Group picture of incompetence. Vote for Sliwa and anyone else to oppose the poor leadership NYC has had over the past years.

      • Vincent Iadevaia says:

        While I agree with the incompetence, I wouldn’t trust Sliwa to run a dishwasher, let alone New York City.

    2. Papa Ra'Della says:

      The only sensible way to vote: AGAINST Sliwa and anything resembling a Republican!

      • nemo paradise says:

        Yay team. You sound like a cheerleader at a pep rally.

        • GG says:


          Have you seen a Trump rally? Or a Republican campaign event? the CPAC conference? etc.

          What do they sound like to you? I’d rather sound like a cheerleader than a hysterical fascistic mob.

          • Ed says:

            Progressives are fascists. They want government control over every aspect of your lives.

            • Ian Alterman says:

              You might want to take a history lesson or two, since you obviously do not understand what “fascism” actually is, and are throwing the word around because you think it sounds bad. In actuality, the GOP is practicing – and supports – more actual elements of fascism than the Dems.

    3. blacklikeu says:

      Kathy Hochul will run for governor.
      She will most likely lose in the primary.
      In case she wins the primary, she will lose the election.
      She is short of stature as well as short of sight and vision.
      When she was a congresswoman from upstate, she was a conservative, gaining an 85% approval from the NRA.
      Similar to our short blond senator.
      Once “elevated” to state wide office, an instant switch to the PC patrol side.
      Quite a disappointment, really.

      • Geez says:

        What is it you have against short people? When men run for office, do you comment on how tall they are as well or is it only women’s appearance that matters?

      • Irate Partisan says:

        Short stature has no bearing on her merit! Boo on you, blacklikeu

      • Iris says:

        Agree. No one ever heard of her till suddenly Cuomo was forced to step down. She was a no body. What you wrote and that person doesn’t’ understand is an idiom, a figure of speech. She has absolutely no presence, a dreadful public speaker ( something you must have as a successful politician), she lacks presence, knowledge and frankly she speaks like a child. She has no experience here and is totally incompetent. Who do we have though to challenge her. We need some now to come forward. I do think it was a bit of a mistake to have all these old timer politicians such as Ruth Messigner and Jerry Nadler whose time has come and gone and especially Ruth’ who makes the West Siders look liked bleeding heart liberals. We need new and fresh blood.

    4. Drew says:

      Were stuck again with the same people that got us to where we are now. Homelesness, crime false promises. Same crap all over again. Boy Gail Brewer must have a lot of political clout but what did she ever do for the Upper West Side? Why did she need all these heavyweights to weigh in on her agenda. Couldnt she stand alone on her wonderful accomplisihments.
      I believe a vote for her is a vote for the same BS we have now. Crime, Control of our lives. Now she owes Albany and Jerry anything they want to push thru. We need someone that cares about us not owe favors.

    5. JS says:

      Good article and pictures. I’m shocked that people would judge others by their height. Seems so stupid.
      Trump is very tall….. didn’t help him much IMO.
      Bloomberg is short…. Certainly didn’t hinder him.

    6. M! says:

      Eric Adams just appears robotic in his debates and extremely disingenuous. The Democrat policies just don’t work. Do you want more of Cuoumo & de Blasio’s horrendous policies? Those who vote for these incompetent career politicians keep asking to get sh*t on and they’re more than willing to oblige!!