‘Field of Green’ at Lincoln Center To Be Removed After Labor Day; Catch The Last Events This Week

By Carol Tannenhauser

It sounded far out — and not in the good sense. “Reimagining” the iconic Lincoln Center plaza as a village green — made of soy, no less!

On May 7th, the Rag wrote, “Lincoln Center is preparing for weeks of outdoor concerts and performances in a program called Restart Stages, and artist Mimi Lien has covered the central Josie Robertson Plaza in a field of green.” By May 11th, we were calling it, “The hot new place to sit outside on the Upper West Side.”

Photograph by Stephen Harmon.

Now, the enormously successful installation called The GREEN is coming down, Lincoln Center announced in a press release on Monday. Summer is ending. But there is still time and reason to visit this week.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine and open-air performances on The GREEN this summer at Restart Stages! If you haven’t stopped by yet, here’s your last chance before the installation is taken down on Tuesday, September 7. Join us on Thursday, September 2 when award-winning performer and choreographer Preeti Vasudevan and her company Thresh Dance effortlessly blend contemporary and classical Indian dance in a site-specific performance that takes over the space. There will also be a Pop-Up Storytime for families and kids, with Hawaiian performers cultivating the spirit of aloha (love) on Tuesday, August 31 (and Saturday, September 4)

Here are some more pictures of The GREEN, taken over the summer.

Photograph by Stephen Harmon.

Photograph by Mindi.

Photograph by Sachyn Mital, courtesy of Lincoln Center.

Photograph by Sachyn Mital, courtesy of Lincoln Center.

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    1. Sarah says:

      Remember all the kvetching about this here? I do!

    2. MaryC says:

      I can’t wait until it’s dismantled. Then I’m back to hanging out in one of my favorite spots. I love public art but this left me cold.

      • EdNY says:

        I agree. It went completely against the character of the plaza.

        • Ponald J. Plump says:

          Lol – no matter what event, topic, installation, exhibit etc. is featured on this website I always look forward to seeing how many UWS residents will hate it and why.

          • Just Sayin says:

            It’s like clockwork. Pure comedy.

          • Huh says:

            No matter what event, topic, installation, exhibit etc. is featured on this website I always look forward to seeing how many UWS residents defend it to the point that no other opinions matter or should be allowed to exist.

            • Brandon says:

              Engaging with criticism is not the same thing as forbidding other viewpoints, but nice persecution complex you’ve got there.

        • Tom says:

          Cold and forbidding?

    3. Erica says:

      I loved it and went a few times with my kids there. Magical! Hope they do more “reimagining” of public spaces in the future.

      • NotImpressed says:

        I expected to hate it but ended up rather enjoying it.
        Occasionally I would pick up a library book and take it to the plaza and read. The “grass”-covered chairs were quite comfortable!

    4. peter s says:

      what’s happening to the chairs? I want one.

    5. grassman says:

      I tried to settle in once or twice to read but was always run off by children who insisted on sliding down the wall and landing on me without the slightest hint of concern by the parents.

    6. Jo says:

      I was skeptical, but it was actually kind of awesome. Hope they bring it back!

    7. Bonnie says:

      Thank goodness! It was all wrong for our neighborhood! Thanks

    8. JerryV says:

      Alas….It’s not easy being green.

    9. Ququi says:

      Guess all that liked this didnt see the dogs pooping on it or the Mommiess changing diapers & laying the used ones on the “lawn.”

    10. Carol says:

      Just personally, this might be more successful in winter when a pop of green would be welcome and I might be – still a big might – wearing some clothing that would insulate me from that horribly prickly material. I think you’d need like three pair of thick jeans to not feel jabbed.
      I did enjoy walking across ground that had a bit of sponginess. Just not comfy for sitting. Far too prickly.

    11. Miguel says:

      It sounded contrived but it turned out to be a great new summertime backyard (or front yard, depending on your perspective). The only blemish was keeping it friendly to animals who didn’t quite understand that art, however functional, isn’t meant to be peed on, especially when it means someone is going to be sitting on your recent toilet moments after you’re done.

      I hope to see it – or another similarly engaging installation – again next summer.