Curbside Composting is Coming Back This Fall; Where to Drop Food Scraps Until Then

A popular composting program that was cut from the city budget is coming back, but people will have to opt-in to bring it to their buildings. The curbside composting service that picks up food scrap waste from brown bins at buildings will resume in October, and buildings can opt in starting in August, according to the Department of Sanitation. Nonprofits and agencies can also sign up for service, and schools that previously had the service can opt back in.

Until then, there are sites that will accept food scraps throughout the city. The user-generated map below shows the sites, with information on when they accept scraps. They include the 77th and 97th Street greenmarkets.

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    1. West Side Bard says:

      Hi WSR! Do you have any update on when the poetry contest results will be announced from two weeks ago? Thanks!

    2. tim says:

      WSR, thank you for the update on restarting this great program!