Restaurant Updates: Milk Bar, Patsy’s, Tavern on the Green, Chick Chick

Milk Bar on Columbus and 87th Street is closed for construction. Thanks to Samantha for the tip.

Popular Italian restaurant Patsy’s Pizzeria at 61 West 74th Street is closed until further notice because of a gas leak in the building. Their website will have updates.

Tavern on the Green just reopened and now its takeout window is open too. They recommend making a reservation.


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New Korean restaurant Chick Chick at 618 Amsterdam Avenue near 90th Street is getting strong reviews right off the bat. It just opened about a month ago, and both Eater and Gothamist have weighed in.

Eater’s review is lengthy, and includes descriptions of various chicken sandwiches and wings. The Nashville chicken sandwich is not as spicy as some other versions of that sandwich, but it’s got some unique twists, for instance. And the chicken is hormone-free and vegetarian-fed, making it stand out from some other chicken restaurants, reviewer Ryan Sutton notes. The one negative in the review is that the outdoor dining setup is a little too enclosed, but the owner plans to open it up more as the weather warms.

Gothamist also liked the chicken, but highlighted other dishes too. “As much as we enjoyed all of the above, the best thing on our table may have been Park’s Kimchi Fried Rice, a big pile of chewy grains in a fiery sauce, studded with bits of chicken sausage, funked up with tobiko, and nicely complemented by a runny egg. This is a terrific dish, definitely get it to share no matter what else you ordered. The fries are very good as well, and come in a generously-portioned cone,” reviewer Scott Lynch wrote.

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    1. your_neighbor says:

      I hope Patsy’s reopens soon, they are pretty much an institution in the neighborhood. Unfortunately I’ve known people with gas leaks in their buildings and in these old buildings it sometimes takes close to a year to get everything fixed up, signed off and switched back on.
      On another note, that Korean fried chicken looks mighty tasty.

      • Irena says:

        It took 14 months in our 64-unit building to get the gas back. We’re in the 90s on WEA. And it’s a co-op, meaning people were very much pushing for sooner than later.

        I’ve heard even longer for similar buildings in our part of the UWS.

    2. ben says:

      Chick Chick is legit great. Y’all missing out if you haven’t tried.

    3. StevenCinNYC says:

      Something is missing here “but it’s got some unique twists, for instance.” Was it supposed to be “For instance, …”?

    4. EBarbara Hariton says:

      About 6 months ago a few WS ers complained in the Rag about dirty tasting water. I was one of them. The Rag checked it out and said it would be fixed in a few months. Well, it still tastes dirty. HELP I can’t drink the water unless I purify it.
      I tried complaining to a gov’t authority but I don’t think the gov’t exists. It’s just a website.

      • Wild West Side says:

        Same dirty water taste here too (near Lincoln Center). My water filter doesn’t get rid of the muddy taste, so I’ve been buying bottled water, which shouldn’t be necessary in the city with (ordinarily) the best tap water.
        I hope the Rag can get further info on when this will be fixed. Thanks!

      • Deb says:

        Please explain why your comment about dirty tasting water in your residence belongs in an article about restaurant openings and closings.

    5. metromade says:

      Chick Chick was awful. I threw the chicken in the garbage.

    6. Steve B says:

      The Milk Bar at 87th and Columbus has reopened. Last night (May 4) my wife and I went in and bough a slice of cake and some soft-serve. The renovation reconfigured the counter area and added more plastic shielding.