Openings & Closings: PlantShed, Atlantic Grill, Blue Mercury, Chick Chick, Framing Store

PlantShed has soft-opened its new location at 723 Amsterdam Avenue between 95th and 96th Streets. This spot has plants for sale and a cafe. PlantShed has other locations at 209 West 96th and on Columbus Avenue and 87th Street. Thanks to Twilla for the tip.

Atlantic Grill restaurant at 49 West 64th Street has been closed for weeks with little explanation, and a liquor license had been pending for the space. But the 64th-67th Street Block Association noticed yesterday that there’s a new sign up at Atlantic Grill that says it’s coming back this summer. We reached out to its parent company but haven’t heard back.

Cosmetics and spa products chain Blue Mercury has closed its location at 2305 Broadway near 83rd Street. It still has another location nearby at 92nd and Broadway. Thanks to Robin for the tip.

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Chick Chick, a “Korean-inspired chicken” restaurant, has soft-opened at 618 Amsterdam Avenue, at 90th Street. Chick Chick has more than just chicken. There’s also ramen and side dishes like french fries. For now it’s open Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 9, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 9. One early Yelp review was ecstatic: “Ridiculously good Korean fried chicken. Far better than any other place I’ve ordered from over the pandemic; among the best I’ve ever had. Amazing breading, sweet and spicy with peanuts for texture; and the chicken inside was cooked to perfection, moist, succulent. Heaven!” Check out the menu here.

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A new art gallery and framing store is opening on Broadway between 89th and 90th Streets. Thanks to @uwssos for the tip.

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    1. BronxBoy says:

      Great news about Atlantic. It was pricey but impeccable.

      • Jan says:

        my fav place! Come back. Good bar too
        Remember the bar is the original from O’Neils

    2. Mark Moore says:

      There’s so much fried chicken and ramen on the UWS, why not put them in the same restaurant. No dumplings?

    3. ILuvPlants says:

      Another PlantShed location!!!!!!


      • Christine E says:

        Plant Shed is closing the 96th Street store. This new one is the replacement.

      • MaryC says:

        The original one, which is large, is literally one block away,why does the neighborhood need another one? I’m thrilled that the storefronts on Amsterdam finally have a tenant after like 5 years, but why Plant Shed?

      • Boris says:

        Don’t get too excited or you’ll wet your plants.

    4. Katherine Weber says:

      Slight correction: I believe the new art gallery and framing store is opening on Broadway between 90-91st Streets.

    5. Janis says:

      Has anyone heard whether Scarlatto will be opening again, on Amsterdam between 91st & 92nd? The food was delicious and very reasonable, and it would be a shame if it were closed for good.

      • carol says:

        Agree with Mark Moore: no dumplings? We want dumplings!

        • Sondra Weiner says:

          Very Good dumplings on UWS
          VANESSA. on Amsterdam
          And in Chinatown.

          • Mark Moore says:

            That’s the whole point — we’re inundated with fried chicken, ramen and dumplings. Chick Chick has 2 of the 3, it needs to catch up.

      • UWSmom says:

        It’s re-opening today (Friday)! And I can’t wait. Amazing food and great wine by the glass.

    6. Babs Winn says:

      FYI: Art Gallery and Framing store is simply relocating from across the street currently located on east side of Broadway between 91-92.

    7. FancyFoooood says:

      Looks like the #mchg on the sign of Atlantic Grill is referring an instagram account, Atlantic Grill’s account is tagged on a photo-

    8. Geoff says:

      I love having all these chicken places nearby. Such temptation! I so wish I had different standards.

      But I cannot bring myself to eat industrially raised chicken. Even The Guardian supports me, so I doubt I will be able to partake.

      You are what you eat. Can you imagine where all the chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and so forth wind up once YOU digest them?

      • Peter says:

        Where do you source non-industrially raised chicken?

      • nemo paradise says:

        I’m pretty sure I know where all the “chemicals, hormones “etc. wind up after I digest them. Don’t you?

      • ben says:

        That’s such a weird issue to take a strong stance on. You live in a building that’s industrially built, eating industrially grown vegetables, drink industrially bottled (or pumped) water, wearing industrially produced clothing. But hey, if you managed to cut all the aforementioned industry related products out of your life, then by all means, skip the chicken too! (And more power to you!)

    9. NYYgirl says:

      Hoping for more non-empty storefronts above 96th st too!

    10. Karen says:

      Plant shed location on W 96th is now closed. There is a notice on the closed gate to the effect, directing people to the new location on Amsterdam Avenue and 95th/96th street