Sunday: A Memorial for Billy the Hawk Man

Billy Healey was a fixture in Riverside Park for years, taking care of animals, and befriending many others throughout the park. He died in January, and Upper West Siders helped his family raise money for a plaque to be placed on his favorite bench in the park around 74th Street.

On Sunday at 2, people will gather to remember Billy at the bench, and online. Details are below.

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    1. Marianne says:

      How wonderful that the money for a plaque was raised to commemorate Billy. We all miss him. Every time I pass his now empty bench I’m reminded of him Thank you for the great stories, your humanity and compassion , Billy!

    2. lp_nyc says:

      Thank you for letting us know! We will be there to honor and celebrate his life. RIP Billy.

    3. Michae and Charlie says:

      Very sorry to hear this. Used to see him and his bike every day during the spring, summer and fall. He used to point out the hawks to my son – now 8. Hope to be there on Sunday.

    4. Leslie Rupert says:

      Things like this are why the West Side is so wonderful.

    5. Christina clayton says:

      A lovely tribute to a lovely man. I will miss seeing him in his bike.

    6. Francesca says:

      Thank you for posting this!

    7. I’m still waiting to hear how I can send a donation for the bench plaque. Will be there on Sunday. This spring will not be the same in Riverside Park without him.

    8. Judy says:

      A plaque is so wonderful to honor Billy and a Memorial is a great gesture to celebrate his life.

    9. Farnham says:

      NYC is a ‘Wonderful” town…Thank you

    10. Jane says:

      How about referring to him with respect:
      “Mr. Healey” He was more than a roadside attraction. Or, was he? Like the stories of the – usually men – who sit by a street and wave at the passing drivers, and, after death, there are articles and stories about how much “whoever-he-was” is missed, and what a great contribution he made with his waving, and oh how he will be missed.