Openings & Closings (and a Move): Spaghetti Tavern, Street Taco, Lincoln Convenience; Orangetheory Fitness, Deciem, Janovic

The moose’s name is Willie and he’s friendly.

A new saloon called Spaghetti Tavern opened last Saturday, right next to Sarabeth’s, where Frank Mac’s used to be, on Amsterdam Avenue, between 80th and 81st Streets. Co-owner Jason described it as “a frontier-style bar,” where you can actually get great spaghetti. “Imagine a room packed to the rafters with taxidermy, old country records, beer that’s flavoured like beer, an extensive back bar split equally between American Whisky and Tequila, lots of stools to sit at the bar on lazy afternoons, ten types of fresh handmade spaghetti, our house dog George asleep in the corner, and two owners who can’t wait to welcome you inside our brains.” It will be a few weeks, however, before they can “kick open the saloon doors” and welcome you inside the place. Currently they are open for delivery and takeout only. Thanks to Jeff Bower, who gave us the tip and tried the food. “The spaghetti and garlic bread were very good. Can’t wait for the full open!” Here’s a link to the menu. Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm to 10pm.

Street Taco, Murray Hill. A Volkswagen van serves as the kitchen.

For four years, Street Taco, a casual corner bar with authentic Mexican food, has been flourishing in Murray Hill on the east side. “But we’ve always wanted to expand and the opportunity has now come,” a manager there told us. “Street Taco will be opening on the corner of 102nd and Broadway in the summertime.” It’s bringing its unique decor, featuring walls covered with curated street art. “It’s going to be the same as the Murray Hill location,” the manager said, “casual and bright, with a Volkswagon van that will serve as our kitchen. We’re looking forward to coming to the neighborhood!” Here’s a link to the menu.

An all-in-one neighborhood convenience store.”

Lincoln Convenience opened on Amsterdam between 70th and 71st Streets (next to McDonalds), Marcy let us know. “We opened a week ago, Monday,” Ronny, the owner, told us. “We are an all-in-one neighborhood convenience store.” Adam, a worker, filled in the details. “We carry all kinds of electronic smokes and CBD and Kratom, cigars, as well as all kinds of groceries, like chips and cookies, milk, and hummus, dog and cat food, and organic snacks and drinks. We’re open every day, seven days, 24 hours.”

With a successful studio on W. 72nd Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus, this chain is expanding uptown. Within six months, they are planning to open a new Orangetheory Fitness studio on Columbus Avenue, between 92nd and 93rd Streets. “This is very recent news,” Aleta, the manager of the 72nd Street studio told us. “It’s heart-rate-based training, so it’s all personalized off of your own heartbeat. It focuses on endurance, strength, and power. Starting Monday, we can go back to regular group fitness classes, and, just recently, we became covered by certain medical plans — Medicare, Medicaid — under our new Renew Active program.” More details as the opening draws near.


Deciem, the skin care company appears to have closed all of its locations, including the one at 194 Columbus Avenue, at West 69th Street, which opened two years ago next month. All phones are out of service. Thanks to Jacqueline for the tip.

A short walk to the new location.

Janovic Paint & Decorating Center is moving from West 102nd Street on the east side of Broadway, to between West 99th and West 100th Streets on the west side of Broadway, Karen informed us. “We’ll be at this location until the end of the month, and the moving process will begin at the beginning of April,” Chase, a sales associate said. “We should be fully moved in by mid-to-late April. The store we’re at right now will be fully operational until the new store is complete.” The reason for the move? “A better location — smaller, but better.”

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    1. LL says:

      What will Janovic be replacing?

    2. Otis says:

      It’s very unfortunate that Lincoln Convenience has opened. It’s basically a head shop.

      A bong store does not belong in this neighborhood.

      • UWS78 says:

        Feel free to relo to the suburbs if you’re offended – and this is coming from a non-smoker. People are allowed their preferences and shops open and survive based on market demand. Seems like there’s demand. Plus – 24 hour convenience shop! Most bodegas and delis in the west 70s close at 10 or 11 which is inconvenient.

        • Katherine says:

          Is every mild criticism of the neighborhood going to be met with the cheap, reductive retort of “Move to the suburbs then”?

          It’s like when liberals say “We need universal healthcare” and republicans go “FEEL FREE TO MOVE”. It’s stupid.

          We’re allowed to critique things without being told to move away.

      • Maryjane says:

        I’ve noticed quite a few head shops opening on the UWS in the last few months. Sign of the future?

        • Josh says:

          Two right across the street from each other at 94th and Amsterdam.

          • Huh says:

            There’s one on Amsterdam between 93 and 94 on the east side of the street. Where do you see another one?

        • Anthony says:

          Also a new one on Amsterdam between 85-86. it’s a “convenience shop” but the display window is just bongs and pipes, and there’s one down the block closer to 86 that’s been there for years which does seem to have more convenience items but istill sells bongs and pipes.

          to those complaining… this is what your neighbors are into. the stores don’t create demand, they cater to the existing demand. People will buy those anyway so why not bring money into the neighborhood instead of giving it to Jeff Bezos?

      • PastramiBliss says:

        See Otis, you’re the voice of reason. But you are drowned out by the “everybody can do whatever they want” crowd, which will help our area continue on it’s downward slide of quality of life. People like UWS78 revel in it. We deserve it by electing every woke/progressive in office. Welcome to 1975 NYC Redux.

        • Brandon says:

          It’s going to be rough for you when New York legalized marijuana, isn’t it? Better start laying in that supply of smelling salts now.

      • Mark Moore says:

        I don’t shop in any bodega that has bongs in the window. Put them on a shelf in the back.

      • jill says:

        I live on the mcdonald’s block and the last thing we need is a head shop. I guarantee it will be closed in 6 months

        • Helen says:

          I honestly don’t understand the opposition to the ‘head shop,’ and what does being next door to McDonald’s have to do with anything? There’s already so much pot smoking in the neighborhood that you can get high just walking around the block. Could someone please explain?

      • Not a smoker says:

        I understand why someone might feel this way about a smoke shop with bongs in the window. But at the same time, I find this view a bit perplexing in light of the many (many) liquor stores and their ostentatious advertisements on the UWS.

        It’s not time to bring back the temperance movement, I hope? 😉 We’re not quite out of this pandemic yet…

    3. KewlDood says:

      OrangeTheory – woo hoo! Glad to have one closer.

    4. Mike says:

      Excited to try spaghetti tavern!

    5. uwstoker says:

      I’m ok with people doing what they want, but hope the new “convenience store” follows age rules. Once high schools reopen, there are so many teenagers in this vicinity and I hope it doesn’t become an easy access spot. Also, put some of the cookies and chips in the window instead of just all the smoking paraphernalia.

      • Deb says:

        In my neighborhood, there is a store called “Cookies”, but they don’t sell any cookies. They sell cannabis, and call themselves a “provisioning center”.

    6. UWSer says:

      We don’t need this many smoke shops and we certainly don’t need multiple per block. There are now 2 on the block of Amsterdam berween 85 and 86. From what I have seen, none of the so called “convenience” stores are following age laws. Please NYPD make enforcement.

    7. Citygirl says:

      Lincoln Convenience…. a disgusting and disgraceful store. If this place does well in my neighborhood, it’s enough to make me consider leaving. I can’t believe I just said that. No one loves this neighborhood more than I do. How dare you come in and destroy. Disgusting.

      • UWS-er says:

        How does someone opening a business that sells legal products destroy the neighborhood? Get a grip.

    8. J from West 90th Street says:

      Would that co-owner Jason of Spaghetti Tavern be the same Jason who operated the Bourbon Street Bar on Columbus Avenue around 81-82nd Street a few years back? If so, this new tavern is bound to be a rockin’ place. I loved hangin’ out back then.

    9. Ella Lasky says:

      Does anyone have an update on Body Strength Fitness. The cause of the fire? Whether they plan to reopen?

      • Lifter says:

        I miss BodyStrength, but my strong suspicion is that they are finished. If they planned to reopen, they might have done so in September, which I believe is when gyms were permitted to reopen in NYC. I have also had no communication from them despite having been paid up a few months beyond the point they closed. I don’t begrudge them for this, it’s a sad situation all around.

    10. DrM says:

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OK, boomers. Just that fact that you’re using the term “head shop” like it’s still 1975 speaks volumes. As does the obvious presumption that people who patronize these shops are all drug addicts. It’s also clear you’ve made your snap judgement without having set foot in the place. I for one am thrilled about this shop. It’s about time a nearby bodega returned to NYC real time of 24/7 hours, the place is immaculate and well stocked, the staff is always gracious and helpful and they have EVERYTHING. Welcome, Lincoln Convenience!

      • Mike M says:

        I checked Lincoln Convenience out when it first opened. Nice place, nice people. I’m not in the market for bongs and such, but it’s still a nice place. Will be good to have an active business with attentive managers in that kind of squalid block.

      • NYYgirl says:

        Hey DrM,
        Def not a boomer, not even close, but have said ‘head shop’ my whole life…bc those of us who grew up here say it, duh. But, 24/7, nice staff, fully stocked? I’m in.
        PS (not to DrM) Why do people complain that storefronts are empty and then complain when something opens? That’s NYC. Happy to see an opened business, especially these days! They deserve a shot, just like others. Wishing them well!

    11. Pucci says:

      So….Pastramibliss and Otis,
      I’ll tell you what contributed to the “downfall” of our neighborhood:
      Astronomical commercial rents that drove small businesses out of our neighborhood. Columbus Ave used to be bustling with bars, restaurants, 24 hour convenience stores. After 10pm it is a ghost town. Useless, VERY expensive clothing stores that all look alike yet no where to buy a paper or quart of milk.
      The convenience store on my corner (that had been there serving the community with drinks, ice cream, milk, yes: cigarettes, food, etc.) closed down after 20 years because their rent tripled. That shop saved my dogs life when she had an allergic reaction at 2:00 am one night because I was able to buy Benadryl!
      Lighten up and live and let live!

    12. UWS guy says:

      Orangetheory on W. 72nd Street says that classes are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, only by United Health. That’s disappointing news because it would be great if the new Orangetheory that slated to open on Columbus between 92-93rd Streets could have classes for seniors covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

      • lynn says:

        The article states: “…just recently, we became covered by certain medical plans — Medicare, Medicaid — under our new Renew Active program.” 🙂

    13. Explain please says:

      I hope that Spagetti Tavern’s house dog George is a service animal or even a virtual one. Where did they get the idea that dogs are allowed in food places?

    14. Tom D. says:

      So where at Broadways and 102 is Street Taco planning to open? There are two large corner spaces at that intersection begging for an open business. Hell, one of those spots has been empty for six (6!) years.

      • Al says:

        I read somewhere it’s replacing the existing Mexican restaurant

        • Tom D. says:

          Oooh, good guess. I hope so. That corner has been Mexican food as long as I can remember, even though that means 3-4 restaurants.

          OTOH, that corner has got a serious scaffolding problem right now, so if they have to do exterior work, oh, my. Good luck to them.

          If this goes in, and the wrap place is going in across where Xian used to be, it would really help this stretch of a couple blocks food-wise.

          • Tom D. says:

            And BTW, the NW corner of B’way and 102, which was an HSBC and before that Starbucks, has now been vacant for 6 years and 3 months. I get excited whenever I pass by and see window signage change or indications that workers have been doing something inside, but always… nada.

    15. Craig Slosberg says:

      Lincoln Convenience. Do we really need another place to buy pipes and bongs? How many bongs do we really need?

    16. Kevin says:

      If memory serves, the soon-to-be-vacated 102nd location for Janovic followed on the heels of a major protest (for the UWS anyway) against a mega-pharmacy chain that took over a beloved Associated.

      This has to be late 90s, early aughts? Ahead of their time, UWSers came out in droves to picket the new pharmacy. It shuttered within its first year or so – 100% due to protest. Janovic moved in soon after, and you’d have thought world hunger had been solved based on the local reaction. 🙂