Purim Celebration Spills Into the Street, Then Back to Zoom

By Jeff Segall

To draw Ansche Chesed’s members away from their Zoom celebrations, Rabbi Kalmonofsky invited the membership to celebrate outside on West End Avenue and 100th Street with a partial reading of the Megillah.

Readers included members of the congregation, some members of the rabbinical leadership and the spirited singing of Purim songs by Cantor Natasha Hirschhorn.

Children and adults alike waved their noisemaking gragers after each mention of the abominable Haman’s name.

After almost an hour, everyone returned home to their Zoom screens to hear the congregation’s full reading of this year’s Megillat Esther.

Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky of Ansche Chesed.

Story and photographs by Jeff French Segall who is also a member of Ansche Chesed.

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    1. Ish Kabibble says:

      Nice to see the celebration and all the masks! Well done. Happy Purim all!