Jerry Nadler Brought a Zabar’s Bag Into the Impeachment Hearing; Here’s What Was In It

A blurry screenshot of a screenshot of C-Span shows the evidence.

Congressman Jerry Nadler is a leader in the latest impeachment of President Trump. And as he entered the House floor on Wednesday, he brought with him a piece of his Upper West Side home. Specifically, he brought a bag from Zabar’s.

Our question, of course, is what was in it.

So we reached out to Nadler’s people and a spokesman came back with the answer: “A babka and the constitution, what else?”

Also, the president was impeached.

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    1. Tracey Zabar says:


    2. M Reuter says:

      Babka or not. Thought all ‘plastic’ bags have been banned….for quite sometime now! (Organized investigation required!!)

    3. Mark Moore says:

      You have to pay for those bags, I reuse them too.

    4. Paul on W 67 says:

      I used to run into him at Fairway from time to time. Shortly before the first impeachment he was in the checkout in front of me, and was bagging the groceries himself. I thought to myself ‘The man who’s going to lead the impeachment of the President of The United States bags his own groceries? Shouldn’t he have people for that?

    5. Gretchen says:

      Well, at least it wasn’t a pile of lox!

    6. Willow says:

      Cinnamon or chocolate?

    7. JerryV says:

      So, Nadler got babka and Trump got bupkis! Well-deserved on both accounts.

    8. Joey says:

      Was it the chocolate babka?
      Did he eat the whole babka there?

    9. Leon says:

      He brought lox, as in “lox him up!”

    10. UWS Yummy Noise says:

      Mmmmmm. Lox, cream cheese with scallions between onion bagel. Best breakfast!
      Fresh ground coffee to wash it down.

    11. Robin solod says:

      jerry nadler is great! True New Yorker, Jerry has always been their for us! We love him on the UES! I’ve utilized every week instacart and use zabers all the time. Best stuffed cabbage and soup! As far as Babka Breads on uws has Babka you can die for! This cancer patient gets it from gold belly! Omg,,, fabulous!

      • REALNewYawker says:

        Really? Why? What has he done in the last ten years? He was awfully slow to join the first impeachment train. I seen him as very centrist establishment. Oh, right UES. He’s not a REAL UWSer. Give me AOC!

        • Ian Alterman says:

          Actually, he is a VERY real UWSer, having lived here for over 50 years, and served his constituents well as both an Assembly member and as a Congressman. That is why he is probably the most popular and beloved USWs rep that I have voted for in MY 50+ years on the UWS. I have worked with him on a couple of issues/projects here on the UWS during that time, and he has always been dedicated and serious about his representation. On what basis do you badmouth him?

    12. Andrew Elkins says:


    13. Marci says:

      This amused the heck out of me. 😀

    14. Rachel says:

      We need a follow-up article on this. Your reporter neglected to ask the most important question: “What kind of babka?”

      Chocolate? Cinnamon? We the people need to know! Do your job, reporters!

    15. Kenneth Sherrill says:

      I’ve known Jerry Nadler since 1973, when we both lived on W. 81 Street, just a few minutes from Zabar’s. It is, of course, a liberal citadel — befitting its being the heart and soul of our neighborhood.

      • nemo paradise says:

        “It is, of course, a liberal citidal.”

        Of course. And the Town Shop is the foundation of our democracy.

      • Suzanne Jacobson says:

        Knowing Jerry it was probably chocolate. The bag is not plastic. It costs 5 cents. And why shouldn’t Jerry have bagged his groceries? He is one of us. One of his greatest joys, when not as busy as now, was to talk to constituents on the sidewalks in his district.
        We are so fortunate.

    16. Ellen Freilich says:

      That’s what I call local color.

    17. ben says:

      lmao this is hilarious. also, good impeachment.

    18. UWS_lifer says:

      I like Presidents that DON’T get impeached…:)

    19. patricia m corsello says:


    20. RONALD SLUSKY says:

      Apparently babka is good for the constitution.

    21. Fendel says:

      Who really cares what Jerry Nadler brings anywhere. We have a lot more important things to concentrate on.

    22. say-moi says:

      Jerry Nadler’s a big fan of fabulous Zabars as so many of us are who’ve lived on the UWS for a long time! I’ve seen Mr. Nadler on line and waiting to enter the fabulous store twice! He has good taste!

    23. Norm Zinker says:

      Love it….Chocolate?

    24. Upper Best Side says:

      Cinnamon or chocolate?

    25. Melissa says:

      Those reusable bags are so nice, I don’t like to use them.

      …And, love the Jerry story.

    26. Jeff says:

      Absolutely iconic, Jerry has now achieved Upper West Side immortality.

      P.S. The quote and writing in this post are just *chef’s kiss*.

    27. jjb says:

      Lox him up

    28. Katherine Scanlon-Pon says:

      Go Jerry!

    29. Jeffrey Gershone says:

      Zabar’s is the only good thing about Jerry Nadler.

    30. Eric C Rose says:

      Which one did he pick up at ZABAR’s … the Constitution or the babka?… or both🤔

    31. Barbara says:

      Love it!!! A typical UWS response

    32. JR says:

      Best WSR post ever!

    33. stu rutkin says:

      Congress would be a lot better if they all had a babka and the Constitution.

    34. Marilyn says:

      Zabar’s doesn’t even Have good babka!

      • dh says:

        To Marilyn–Zabars has THE BEST chocolate babka!!!Glad you don’t like it, more for the rest of us.

    35. Marilyn says:

      I think those bags are free with a shipment from Zabar’s. As in if you live in DC and NEED Zabar’s. Wonder how I know about that?

    36. Merv Kaufman says:

      Come on, guys, this is nonsense. Please focus on issues that have real pith

    37. Susan Schwartz says:

      This is very funny, hilarious! Not only the photo, but the comment thread! Amid the turmoil, as least we UWSers haven’t lost our sense of humor!

    38. Joan Ostroff says:

      Good for Jerry! We need more of a hamischer attitude in Congress!

    39. Evan says:

      What – no Barney Greengrass? 🙂