Floral Heart Placed in Central Park to Remember Covid Victims

Photo by @travellieng.

It has been difficult to memorialize people who died from Covid-19, in part because of the restrictions on gathering. But some projects have been created to help everyone mourn.

The floral heart project is one of those projects. Artist Kristina Libby has been setting up hearts made of flowers throughout the city. She calls it “my small steps towards creating a memorial, to having a larger cultural conversation about dying and to knitting us closer together as a community.” To learn more about it or to create your own floral heart, check out the website.

This past week someone created a floral heart on the Mall in Central Park. Instagram user @travellieng sent us the photo of it above.

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    1. Good humor says:

      Very nice.

    2. Thank you for sharing my project!

    3. Parkerj says:

      A lovely tribute.