Pupper West Side: Gobi Is An Ivy League Alumnus With a ‘Fullbark Fellowship’

Name: Gobi

Age: 7 years old.

Breed: Labradoodle

Profile/history: When my Dad was turning 60, Mom asked if he’d like a party for his birthday and he responded that what he really wanted was a dog. Growing up, Dad had an Afghan Hound named Sahara and so he, my mom, and my three sisters agreed that their next dog should also have a desert name. They agreed that Gobi seemed like the perfect fit for me.

Daily routine: Our routine has changed a lot during Covid. I used to spend most days at AKC Canine Retreat on W. 72nd Street while my parents were at work. Nowadays, their colleagues might see my fluffy ears and bushy eyebrows creeping up on the Zoom screen as my parents take virtual meetings. In the mornings, Dad and I will take a walk and play fetch for about an hour. I am completely obsessed with the ball.  If I had to choose between the ball and food….hmmm…yep, I’d definitely choose the ball. No question! I’m also a strong advocate for doggy volunteerism. I have had the pleasure of visiting hospital patients through The Good Dog Foundation and I’ve also participated in scientific research studies (nothing harmful, of course!) at Yale’s Canine Cognition Center. The center conducts research to try to better understand how dog’s think. Do dogs make conscious decisions about what is good and what is bad? Do they respond to human cues? In one study, I got to sit and watch a puppet show. I listened very attentively, but I didn’t like everything I saw. One puppet was mean and one was very sweet. At the end of the show, I made sure to give a gruff bark at the mean puppet and then I went over to the sweet one and gave it a lick, wagging my tail. Apparently the researchers told my parents afterward that I had impressive powers of concentration and it was exceptional to see me pay such close attention and understand the dynamics between to the two puppets. I’ve even been awarded a “Fullbark Fellowship” diploma for my scholarly endeavors!

Loves: Ball-playing and my three sisters who refer to me as the family’s “favorite son”.

Does not love: Things that startle me like skateboarders and frogs. Yikes!

Favorite store/business: I love stopping in to the local Eileen Fisher and Patagonia stores in the neighborhood since they’re so pet-friendly.

Favorite treat:  Chicken tenders and Wagatha’s Peanut Butter Banana Dog Biscuits.

Favorite park spot: I enjoy romping around any of the open fields on the Upper West Side. Sometimes Dad and I will get into a game of soccer. I’ll play goalie and make sure he can’t get the ball past me.

How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving on the Upper West Side? My prediction is that the day will include a vigorous round of ball-playing with Dad in Central Park in the morning, followed by some Thanksgiving lounging in front of the 2020 National Dog Show on NBC. I love watching it every year! Remember how I told you about my high IQ? Well, it comes in handy when it’s time to take opportunistic swipes of Thanksgiving food that has been absent-mindedly left on countertops or tables within my reach. Heh! Can’t wait to sneak some licks of pumpkin pie, roasted turkey, and mashed potatoes.

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    1. G says:

      Gobi is the greatest brother ever! The UWS is lucky to have such an accomplished athlete and intellectual.

    2. kaylord says:

      I love him! (and all the Pupper West Side dogs.)

    3. Jana Goldin says:

      I look forward to reading these stories each week; but the focus seem to be on pure-bred dogs. How about featuring some of the UWS mixed-breed rescue dogs?

      • A. Campbell says:

        Pupper West Side reporter, here! 😉 I wanted to chime in and say that ALL dogs (and their humans) are welcome to be interviewed. There are absolutely no stipulations about pure breed vs. mixed-breed rescues. (It’s also worth keeping in mind that sometimes a pure breed pup can also be a rescue.) If you or a friend/family member would like to be interviewed for Pupper West Side, please feel free to send an email to westsiderag@gmail.com Thank you for your interest and support!

        • Charly says:

          The distinction isn’t between pure breeds and mixed-breeds, but rather rescue vs. non-rescues pups. Gobi and the rest of the oodles of doodles aren’t pure breeds, but rather “hybrid” or “designer dogs.” (Google them and you can see the plethora of issues associated with their breeding, and that the creator of the Labradoodle says their creation is his life’s biggest regret.) Because the Rag’s articles now gloss over how a dog was obtained, if it doesn’t specify that the dog was rescued, you can assume that it was from either a reputable breeder, of which there aren’t many, or more likely a puppy mill or backyard breeder (non-reputable).

    4. Nancy Wight says:

      My dog died 22 years ago. He was adopted at an elderly age, but I had him for eight years. I still miss old “Baby” Ariel every day.

    5. The Roche Family says:

      Gobi, you always were the smartest and cutest. Seaver says hello and hopes you get some of that turkey left on the counter this year

    6. Liz Henderson says:

      The fabulous dogs of the UWS. I love them all, and read and re-read all of their stories.